Matchday 08: FSV Frankfurt – FC Sankt Pauli 3-3…

Posted: September 29, 2014 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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In the end…all cool!

Matchday 8 was our time to raid to the Northern suburbs and visit the ‘München Erichs Beer and Wurst Bar’ at Melissia, for a game which under other circumstances could be considered a definite win but after this year’s downhill, all results seem possible. Sausages, beer and good company were the elements to the scenery before and during the game.


The first half started with all the omens on our side. Early on 11’ Verhoek (he is getting wild I’m tellin ya) manages to take advantage of a distant cross from Kringe but unfortunately gets caught off side (something like 4 days ahead). SP kept pushing  but the same did FSV, which managed to threaten SP box for first time in 26’ with Grifo. Luckily Tschauni sent the ball over the upper pole. SP seemed to control the game and caused confusion in FSV defensive lines. This pressure results in Beugeldijk’s elbow in Sobiech’s face and of course a rightly won penalty for SP. Nöthe took the liberty of executing and opened the score on 32’. SP seemed unstoppable. On 35’ Rzatkowski attacks from the right after a long pass from Daube , and doubles the goals for Sankt Pauli by cleverly pinching the ball just before the opponent defensive cut his attack. So the first half apparently set off on the right foot with a result better than we expected , and it all seemed finished. FSV seemed hopeless as all their attacks got swept away by our defensives which looked like for the first time they had a plan they could follow. Unfortunately this didn’t last long as Kauko  on 44’ manages to find a gap in our line and shoots a really edgy shot which manages to hit Tschauner’s right pole and end inside the nets. Whistle sound and the board shows 1:2. Could be better but again…not bad at all.


Rzatkowski making it 0-2

Second half starts with early action as FSV complaints on a possible penalty not whistled on 50’ when Thy improperly (so they say…apparently it could be or it couldn’t big deal. We’ve been there, in more obvious occasions. Deal with it!!!) takes the ball from Roshi. Anyway in the beginning SP didn’t look so willing to score a third one, and FSV looked like they wanted to make it even.  A counter from Rzatkowski failed to find Verhoek but the opposite side had better luck. On 58’ Huber opens a big one and accidentally finds Ziereis’s chest who manages to even the score on FSV’s behalf. Bad moment or whatever….you name it. SP’s defensive breakdown was supposed to be postponed by Alushi and Maier which replaced Kringe and Nöthe on 60’. Still our defensives seemed to be dazed. On 62’ Grifo takes advantage of a ball miscarriage and fires a well balanced shot to Tschauner’s left. 3:2 for FSV and what started to look as an easy walk had started to look like a nightmare. Grifo’s goal seemed to fire SP’s will though which started to take the center of the field again. On 68’ Kurt receives a rightly won gelbe for acting in FSV’s box (nice try Kid but you had it coming). Maier seemed unable to find the target and kept aiming higher than ever. On 75’ coach Meggle decides to use Budimir in Kurt’s place. SP kept pushing. The pressure turned fertile and Daube on 86’ takes a through ball from Maier and scores the 3rd goal of Sankt Pauli. And this is where all the fun ended. After two minutes of extra time the whistle blew for the last time.


Daube restoring somehow our hearts in place on 86′

So the team seems to be gaining back a part of the self confidence needed to do this, but there really is a looooooong way ahead full of ups and downs. The only person not responsible is definitely coach Meggle. All the weight of the world on his shoulders and of course the time Vrabec had in the friendlies, for Meggle is a luxury. Whoever though, saw one of our first games and tries to compare it with the latest, will spot one major difference. This SP, winning or losing is back to her fighting spirit and attitude we want! We’ve said again that our main goal is not victory here. We are SP fans for more important reasons than football. What we want from our team is to be a nightmare to any opponent even in its defeat. To be able to bite again even if this does not mean killing. Meggle seems to inspire that on the players, and this of course reflects upon the fans. We want Meggle and we definitely like to see him behind our bench. Even if we do not understand some of his choices (why did Rzatkowski had to regain his place in the basic 11,why is  Kringe back on the basic team and why  Budimir is still a substitute player????). We have no reason to argue here. The coach knows better and we fully support. The 3-3 tonight was not the result that would make us tear our panties apart from joy, neither the one to make us loose our sleep. It is a result that proves evolution to the better combined with our previous win. Next Saturday it is Union Berlin’s time to try Millerntor. Let’s see.

Match goals:

0:1 Nöthe (32′, Right foot penalty)

0:2 Rzatkowski (35′, Left foot shot, Daube)

1:2 Kauko (44′, Leftt foot shot, Roshi)

2:2 Ziereis (58′, og by stomach(!), Huber)

3:2 Grifo (62′, Right foot shot)

3:3 Daube (86′, Leftt foot shot, Maier)

Spectators: 8106

Sankt Pauli cards: Kurt(1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Brief highlights and goals (excuse the trendy soundtrack, not ours 🙂 )

Further reading:


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