Matchday 09: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Union Berlin 3-0!

Posted: October 5, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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Like a lie 🙂

AndyChristos’ words, moments after Verhoek’s closing goal makes the perfect header title for this one. Yes, after all we have been through all this season, watching our beloved brown white crew easily prevailing with 3 goals over ANY opponent (the Annual Bierhaus Summer Massacres DON’T count) seemed almost unreal. Easy (!) day for FCSP, comfortable 3-0 win over Union Berlin and a real deep breath this time for everyone carrying the FCSP virus in his (her) blood 🙂


Great day for football in Hamburg, great day in Athens as well. First one to enter the venue, greeted joyfully with an “Oooh, the Germans are here!” from the big table facing the door, consisted at least at 80% by pensioners 🙂 The usual cozy Atmosphere, accompanied by local tsipouro and snacks (unfortunately, weed not allowed inside 😀 ), everything in place and off to Millerntor (thankfully, with a more decent commentator this time) full of positive vibes 😉 Squad entrance, with an USP choreo in memory of Oz (anybody doesn’t knowing him and already been in Hamburg, should better take a closer look at the city’s walls next time…) and game on for one of the hottest games so far in this season.

RIP Oz...


Vivid game from the beginning with both squads showing their intentions for offensive play (both of them needing the points hard) and Union looking more in control during the opening minutes, having the first opportunity in the game with a 20m Kreilach shot ending up some 1m by Tschauner’s left post. Response by FCSP on 7′, with a Νöthe (incoming furious!) 9m header, following some serious confusion in the Union box, also wide. The game could turn towards a completely different direction on 17′, if Kreilach was a little more careful when the ball came towards his way, after a familar scene of corner-kick-chaos in our box, but the Union captain got there BEFORE the ball, kicked the air and lost Union’s only real chance getting something out of the match… 4′ later, DOOM for the guests (21′) with a penalty awarded to FCSP and Jopek taking his marching steps at the same time, leaving them down to 10 men. The penalty was a correct call but the red card was a fucked up decision, coming from a guy who, for the biggest part of the game, was behaving more like a prison warden instead of a referee and probably condemned the guests at this point… Penalty was converted to goal by Νöthe on 23′ and things started looking “a little” easier, if this word is applicable to us (remember 0-2 last week?). Lively game, GOOD chance for Union (27′) with a 22m Kreilach (again) free kick ending up JUST by Tschauner’s left post this time and another one for FCSP (33′) with Budimir and Sobiech fighting all alone in front of the Union net for the header – Budimir won the fight but lost the chance 🙂 As we were approaching towards the end of the half, the outnumbering disadvantage started showing in the field with FCSP taking advantage of the situations and the guests running to close the gaps. Another good chance for FCSP with a Daube shot, just out of the box and without any kind of pressure, (33′) ending up just over Haas’ crossbar. Remaining time passed with FCSP in control but without beeing extremely dangerous and the outnumbered guests trying to hold on.

Score has just opened (image source:

Score has just opened (image source:

Game resumed in the 2nd half from the exact point it had stopped with FCSP controlling the pace, Union trying to stay alive and claim their chances of getting something from the game and not very much happening inside the pitch. First occason for FCSP with the clock showing 1 hour into the game and Budimir charging in from the right into the box, result of good teamwork but his final weak shot presenting no problems for Haas. Some more boring minutes, another Sobiech header over the crossbar on 70′ and GAME OVER on 73′: quick FCSP attack, complete mess inside the guest box and finally ball to Rzatkowski, 3m in from the line, who got stopped twice by heroic Parensen but managed to push the ball in with the 3rd attempt while lying on the ground! EPIC 2-0 and this time the game couldn’t be lost! Union had one last chance for the compensation goal with a Brandy shot flying just over Tschauner’s crossbar (78′) and we had one more goal 🙂 It came on 88′, result of an FCSP counter attack, finished brilliantly by Verhoek with a killer shot (outside the box, facing the net) that left no options to Haas. Full time whistle, almost without any injury time, sparing the guests from further torment and giving the opportunity to the crowd (full house today) to start celebrating a little earlier 🙂

Rzatkowski 2-0 and it's all over! (image source:

Rzatkowski 2-0 and it’s all over! (image source:

Big win, deep breath but let’s hold our horses a little here. The final score looks a little unreal, we deserved to win today but this fucker referee made it a little easier for us with his red card decision on 21′. On the other hand, our opponents were weak, seems that they’re into more trouble than us and they will have a hard time this season (more on this towards the end). Still, this FCSP was looking like a squad that you can trust, serious into the game, some good ideas forward and a defensive line slightly more solid than we are used to. Of course, all these mean nothing yet, this squad is highly unstable but there’s one thing that is always there for the past month: PASSION! Something has changed here, if we keep walking on this path, things will get really better sooner or later 🙂 Well done everybody and thank you finally for the first really relaxed afternoon of the season 😀

Next week, we’re going Düsseldorf for a game vs local Fortuna and yes, this brings back good memories 🙂 Of course anything can happen there, if you take a look at the statistics, this could be anybody’s game. It’s a game that in theory we can afford to lose but if we manage to escape with something from there, this could be a really good push out of the danger zone, driving away all this stress, result of living close to the relegation zone and helping us start looking the future with a different perspective! Let’s go, let’s rob the house and make Monday worth all the effort for the heroes that will take the weekday trip to help and support!

Well done, once more!

Match goals:

1:0 Νöthe (23′, Right foot penalty)

2:0 Rzatkowski (73′, Left foot shot)

3:0 Verhoek (88′, Right foot shot, Alushi)

Spectators: 29063 (sold-out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Kurt(2), Ziereis(4), Budimir(3), Sobiech(3), Alushi(1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Match highlights

Oz choreo

Further reading:


A few words about UnionWhile celebrating Verhoek’s goal with the Scum bunch there was a little part of me feeling sad for these guys. Seems that this season will be a tough and maybe long one for them… Thanks to FCSP and my involvement with German football during the last years, I have personally learned to seriously respect Union Berlin. We’re talking about a special club, a club with really big bonds with it’s fanbase, a club consistent to it’s values. a club that even provided us with the good example in one or two occassions during the last years (for example “Sicheres Stadionerlebnis“). This club doesn’t deserve the Hell of Liga 3, I sincerely hope that they will find their way along the way and secure their presence in Liga 2, get well people 🙂

  1. Ofielacht says:

    My last day in Psakoudia is passing by. Near the left Finger. First time in greece after 46 years. Nice fucking country. I loved.
    Even giros, Tsatskiki und dazu Salat….
    .a former Skins.chant.
    Didn’t that there was a greek communty oft 1910ers like this. Walk in.

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