Matchday 11: FC Sankt Pauli – Karlsruher SC 0-4!!!

Posted: October 26, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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Like a lie II (the other way around…)


FCSP crucified (term “inspired” from Hennings’ religious gesture above, after scoring the 2nd) at Millerntor yesterday…0-4 (fuck man, 0-4!!!) defeat vs Karlsruher SC and, in a bizarre way, this seems almost like the feeling two weeks ago, it feels like a lie or an illusion, the only difference is that we faced a complete different (and grim) reality this time…


This is one from the rare awkward moments, when you must write down something and not only you don’t have the slightest clue what the fuck you will write but you don’t even want to open the shitty laptop in the first place… Finally managed to open the laptop and ended up at the (always special) Metalust & Diskurse Reloaded blog where I thought I found the solution:

“As well as the smalltalk with Kleiner Tod, after the game at the Domschänke. ”Will you blog something about it?” he asked. I recommended him to just write about anything. Anything we find beautiful, anything that brings fun, hope and joy.”

I finally decided not to go this way, keep this for the future as a last resort solution in case worse times come and “take it like a man” ( 😀 ) for now, stay “consistent” and just be brief with the gory game details. Now I have the positive attitude, I can start moving 🙂



FCSP got actually with momentum in the early stages of the game, dominating space against a well prepared and concentrated at it’s defending tasks Karslruher SC. First chance ours, a looong tricky Rzatkowski free kick, saved to corner by Orlishausen on 4′ who saved his team once more on 9′ when, last man standing, he stopped Thy, coming in with fury into the box from our left flank. Euporia state for the mixed bunch of Scum and Athens Club guys, watching the game together at the Locomotiva Bar, ended prematurely after 18′ of play, thanks to the first offensive gesture of the guests which (no surprise) ended up to 0-1 with Yamada getting the ball in the box, unattended as usual, taking all his time, aiming, and finally executing Tschauner with some of our guys watching… Lights out for FCSP and after 13′ of nothingness, Doom arrived in the form of the ex-Paulianer Rouwen Hennings who just took the gift from our non-existent defense and killed us on the counter attack. FCSP 0 – KSC 2 on 31′ and, believe it or not, nothing further until the end of the half…

0-1 on 18' and the party on our expense can begin...

0-1 on 18′ and the party on our expense can begin…

Regardless of the disheartening 1st half, the 2nd one started under full support by the (excellent yesterday!) home crowd and on 53′ (out of the blue, don’t imagine any Hell in the KSC box) we had the brown-white highlight of the match with a tremendous bicycle kick from Verhoek (capable for the best and the worst 🙂 ) ending up goal but being (correctly) called of as offside – Ackkkk! We could get lucky but it didn’t happen on 59′ when Hennings almost returned us the 1st half goal with an own goal but ball after his header licked Orlishausen’s low right post before it passes away to safety (for them). But all these were just lucky breaks, it was obvious that KSC didn’t have any serious issues defending, facing an FCSP that just couldn’t handle the situation. Last chance to get back into the game, Budimir’s diving header on 70′ after a fast attack and a good Rzatkowski cross from the left which unfortunately ended up not even close…Burial on 80′ with the 3rd one by Alibaz who had no problem finishing on of the rare attacks for KSC (basically they scored WHENEVER they decided to) between a disorganized FCSP “defense” and a slight feeling of shame on 89′, watching Yamada making the 0-4 while been encircled by a bunch of walking dead in white outfits…

Torture is over, we can go home now... (source:

Torture is over, we can go home now… (source:

Can still feel my back of the neck a little numb, still red from the worst slap suffered the last months… And now I will stick with the advise from the Metalust & Diskurse Reloaded blog… Instead of keeping the feeling of the buried anger, trying unsuccesfully to break out, while watching some of our  boys WALKING inside the pitch, moments before the 4th (didn’t ask you to win, asked you to give your best and walking due to “low pschycology” is NOT anybody’s best…) yesterday, I will choose to stick with the goosebumps that the sound of YNWA, coming from the Millerntor terraces, right after full time whistle, inflicted to my spine… Unconditional support, this is what love is about… STILL ( 😀 ), a few things have to be done soon… Two lessons from yesterday: a) our defensive line is irrevokably the laughing stock of Liga 2. We are the defense that this year’s H$V could seasily score on a bad day against, that concludes the issue… Winter break approaching, maybe some reinforcement considerations should be made but then again this is really not our business… b) Really disheartening the spectacle of the squad after 0-3, disheartening to the limits of indignity… Young and promising lads wearing the FCSP jersey, on your way to become real and big pros, as we are sure that most of you aspire, first of all you need to be fighters – throwing the towel in the ring every time a fight seems lost will not get you very far not only at the highest levels of professional football that you wish to play at a later stage in your lives but not even here… To us it makes no difference, we will always supporting FCSP, we have never been into this for the pleasure of winning…

What’s done is done, NOW VAST FIELDS OF GLORY LIE ONCE MORE AHEAD 😀 Name of the game is DFB Pokal. Opponent? The alive and kicking in Europe but peripatetic troupe so far within the borders, main sponsor of H$V on their quest for surviving Bundesliga during the last year, Borusssiaaa Doooooooortmund!!! As I was also reading earlier at the St. Pauli NU blog, “I’m optimistic this week – and with no ambitions”!  You can’t seriously expect anything after such a slap but Pokal is the tournament of surprises and playing late October there is, thanks to our recent history, a rare pleasure to enjoy. Add the horrible shape that our opponents are currently in, the magic of a passionate Millerntor crowd (will not affect them but it may well help us!) and you have an extremely spicy recipe! In case the normal happens and we lose small or big, no damage done… But in the case of an upset…. Haaaaaaa, I don’t ever dare to think 😀 😀 😀

C’mon you couch slouch FCSP squad, let’s drive our glorious way to Europe, wake up and get them boys 😀

Match goals:

0:1 Yamada (18′, Left foot shot, Kempe)

0:2 Hennings (31′, Left foot shot, Kempe)

0:3 Alibaz (80′, Left foot shot, Hennings)

0:4 Yamada (89′, Left foot shot)

Spectators: 28029

Sankt Pauli cards: Sobiech(5, misses next), Rzatkowski(2)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Chronicle Of Horror (highlights)


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