DFB Pokal, Round 2: FC Sankt Pauli – Borussia Dortmund 0-3

Posted: October 29, 2014 by AndyChristos in 2014-15
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Could be Better…Could be Worse!

Tuesday with a heavy head and mid week, we started to take the road to Cargo café for our share of glory to the game of Sankt Pauli with Borussia Dortmund for the DFB-Pokal. The memories from Saturday still wet on our shoulders and of course the constant talk was on how many would we get this time. Borussia might be sucking ass in Bundesliga, but it still is a whole class above us, and of course ourselves can’t brag on being competitive on our own Liga. So heads down but always having way back on our minds that thought that maybe the boys in Millerntor would make a ‘’loose from the worst and win the best’’ miracle they’re so keen of doing. With the company of two lads from Athens club, the match starts.


Borussia managed to make this class difference obvious very early in the game. The way they unfolded their game, and managed to scatter our defense was remarkable.  Early on 9’ Kagawa misses a left footed shot and sends it way above SP’s box. On 13’ Subotic tries a through ball but Immobile gets caught offside, and a little later on 15’ Tschauner saves a good right foot shot from Hummels. SP seemed helpless and unable to react as Dortmund had us nailed to our box and kept hammering. On 18’ Immobile gets caught offside again on an attempt from Papastathopoulos for a through ball. On 20’ Kevin Großkreutz sends a right footed shot a little above our box and on 22’ Tschauni saves a shot on target  from Mkhitaryan. On 33’ Kagawa misses a nice one again, but on the same minute he takes advantage of Sankt Pauli’s defensive incompetence and opens a nice through ball to Immobile who opens the score for Dortmund.  On 37’ the same player attempts a left footed shot but Tschauner says no once again. The first actual attempt on Sankt Pauli’s behalf came on 39’ from Dennis Daube but got blocked by Langerak. Same luck in Gonther’s header a little later. On 42’ Tschauner repels a shot from Reus and leads Borussia in a three series corner. All three repelled one way or another, something that did not happen on 44’ when Marco Reus shoots with the right and doubles the goals for Borussia Dortmund. No fuzz on xtra time and the whistle of the reff signing the end of the first half sounded like a big relief.

Reus 0-2, 44', it's all over... (source: www.espnfc.com)

Reus 0-2, 44′, it’s all over… (source: http://www.espnfc.com)

The second half starts with player substitutions on Sankt Pauli’s behalf, which kind of brings stability to the game. Either that or Borussia lost the will for another goal as things seemed pretty fixed on who would win. On 46’ Kalla takes Startsev’s place and a little later Verhoek succeeds a really good header but gets repelled by Langerak. Kringe’s shot on 48’ has the same luck. On 50’ John Verhoek gets hit a bit nasty (but unwillingly) by Langerak and this leads to his substitution with Maier on 55’. On 56’ and 57’ both teams loose great opportunities. Borussia with Mkhitaryan on 56′ and Pauli with Daube on 57’. Sankt Pauli really looked like they got over the shock from the first half and showed improvement on transferring the ball while Borussia seemed unwilling to press things. On 57’ nice through ball from Daube but Kalla gets caught offside. On 67’ Immobile attempts a right footed shot but sends it high above the box. Daube answers on 68’ but his shot gets blocked. It was obvious that SP had found its step on the game and managed to threaten on every chance they got. Maybe if Borussia had a more unstable goalkeeper, the score would be different but Langerak seemed to be in the day of the century as nothing seemed to get passed his watch. And of course he had no mood in making presents. Unlike Tschauni who on 86’ sent the ball right to Kagawa’s feet and of course he said thank you very much and scored the third goal on Borussia’s behalf. An attempt from Thy a little later and from Rzatkowski had the same ending as all the previous ones til the end of the game. Whistle blew for the last time and the summary showed the difference between the two teams. Sankt Pauli-Borussia Dortmund: 0-3.

Kagawa, quite happy after the 3rd one (image source: www.dailymail.co.uk)

Kagawa, quite happy after the 3rd one (image source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk)

Result might be bad but the awkward thing is that this defeat didn’t hurt as bad as the previous one. We stood proud against the team of Bundesliga and although on the first half they owned the game, the second half was definitely ours. Sometimes a result doesn’t show exactly what happened in the game. Something we all had to say during the game is that no matter results, what one could clearly say about the game is that the fans never lost their spirit. Always by the team supporting every effort, and this is something that needs a lot whole lot more than a defeat to take away. The black spots have been mentioned over and over again. The defensive holes that seem impossible to close, or some player’s instability, or even the malfunctions in transferring the ball. All have been marked and notified. So heads down and work is all it takes. This Saturday we play away with FC Nürnberg. Let’s see how this one ends.

Match goals:

0:1 Immobile (33′, Right foot shot, Kagawa)

0:2 Reus (44′, Right foot shot, Immobile)

0:3 Kagawa (86′, Right foot shot)

Spectators: 29063 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Gonther(1), Maier(1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit: http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/dfbpokal/spielrunde/dfb-pokal/2014-15/2/2788813/spielbericht_fc-st-pauli-18_borussia-dortmund-17.html

Match highlights


Football is cool 🙂

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