Matchday 12: FC Nürnberg – FC Sankt Pauli 2-2

Posted: November 2, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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A small step is still a step

Ackkk!!! FCSP had a fistful of chances to leave the game victorious and with 3 extremely valuable points in their baggages, the Boys in Brown didn’t grab them and finally got punished by FC Nürnberg for it, leaving Grundig Stadion not empty handed but still with much less than the progress of the match allowed them (and us) to expect. Still, this was a much much better spectacle than last week’s tragedy and Tuesday’s submission, these boys showed that deserve more than the danger zone…which actually is the exact place that we’re currently at (17th place) after today’s results…


Consistency rewarded in the face of me and St. John, the only ones in time for the kick off that witnessed FCSP’s opening goal in the very first minute of the match, a Rzatkowski header, result of a big gap in the heart of FCN defense. “This looks like a very good morning” I thought, a thought that wasn’t quite supported by squad’s actions during the rest of the 1st half but proved quite right after 20′ or some with the appearance of “Pretty Boy” Johnny, our Scum comrade, surprisingly arriving from Ioannina for a month or so – welcome back brother 😀 Back to the game, the shower advantage provided FCSP with a lot of momentum and the Boys in Brown, could really lock the game in the opening quarter while the, still dizzy, FCN guys were still trying to find their steps in the pitch… BIG chance for 0-2 after only 3′ but Maier, all alone in front of Rakovsky (not Rzatkowski!) after a very good combination right in the heart of the host box, delayed a little, almost clashed with Nehrig – his final shot was repelled by Rakovsky. Constant pressure from FCSP, total domination, FCN in the box and another good chance for FCSP (9′) with Rzatkowski getting caught a little by surpise, all alone in front of his distant relative and losing the chance 🙂 Same motive until 15′ where things started chilling a bit and (guess what?) the equalizer for Nürnberg at their first onslaught towards the FCSP side (actually result of an FCSP fuck up, that I prefer not to discuss any further…) with Sylvestr getting in from the right and finishing the counter attack on 18’…We immediately had strong doubts regarding the validity of Sylvestr position, a very marginal decision but after his 2nd, absolutely valid goal in a copy-paste situation (minus the fuck up), that was called off by the assistant referee (go home) only 3′ later (21′) subject is considered closed 😀 Still, 1-1 and a balanced but low quality game for the rest of the half with top moment Sylvestr’s chance for FCN on 42′ (he was doing whatever he liked with our defense yesterday!) who charged, from the left this time, got in all by himself but in a tight angle, tried anyway the shot since no help had filled the box to the right but Tschauner saved the day. Half time, FCN 1 – FCSP 1 with mixed feelings regarding what happened during the 1st half 🙂

The Timy Demon has just done it, 0-1 for FCSP!

The Timy Demon has just done it, 0-1 for FCSP!

2nd half did not start in the explosive way the 1st did, but it became obvious from the very beginning that nobody is willing to settle with the draw, especially FCSP! First occurence for FCSP on 49′ with a Schachten (good to have you back 🙂 ) 6m header, following a corner kick, ending up safely in Rakovsky’s grasp. FCN asked for the penalty on 50′ (Gonther on Schöpf) but to me seems a little more like the penalty that the attacker tries to force… New, BIG ONE this time, chance for FCSP on 53′, with Budimir cashing in an excellent long vertical ball from the defense (I think Schachten but not sure), dribbling even Rakovsky but moving too much too the left and with a bad body position – as result, ball ended wide off Rakovsky’s right post… 3rd visit was deadly! Good ball transfer for FCSP, with ball ending up at Maier’s feet at the edge of the box to the left – he instantly moved inwards and found target between 3 FCN defenders (reminds me something 🙂 ) and managed to pass the ball through the eye of the needle, all the way to Rakovsky’s low right corner! Goal for FCSP, 1-2 on 59′ and seemed like it was our turn this afternoon 🙂 Looked anything but easy but the Boys in Brown were looking persuasive enough in the field. Still anybody’s game and, a good Rzatkowski shot on 74′ safely controlled by Rakovsky and again a big chance for FCSP to lock again the game on 75′ (even though no game is considered safe for FCSP!) with Daube breaking the offside trap, charging forward with momentum and passing the ball over Rakovsky (already at the edge of his penalty area) – ball ended up to Rakovsky’s upper right post before deflecting to safety… Passionate game, nerves in the field (coach again involved 🙂 ), a Schachten header, following a Daube corner wide over the bar somewhere around 80′ and into the dying minutes looking at our watches (Greek Pay TV probably doesn’t pay statistical data and they don’t get any, still they are too lazy bastards to plant one clock at the top left (or right, we’re equally happy!) corner of the screen). Recalling myself saying “5′ fuckin minutes”, shaking glasses with the others, looking one more the clock and then…2-2. Moment of punishment 87′, thanks again to Sylvestr who this time sneaked right in the heart of our poorly defended box to finish a nice cooperation with Füllkrug and score the equalizer… Closing stages of the game were quite intensive with FCN putting additional pressure and making us consider a little better the value of the 1pt that we finally managed to take with us for the road…Full time, FCN 2 – FCSP 2 and everybody happy, with the hosts apparently happier 🙂

Maier's big moment on 59' (source:

Maier’s big moment on 59′ (source:

Oooh man, this time we really deserved more… OK, not a the strongest opponent (worse news approaching towards the end of the round) but still an opponent theoretically and in number tougher than us, needing the points as bad as we did and playing at home to get them. The boys stood well in the pitch, scored two away goals after a relative drought, lost some more, came very close to get a totaly unexpected win (according to the last results but these never count when coming to FCSP) and finally got a point that we (at least me personally) would be completely satisfied with, if asked before the game. Unfortunately, numbers are much more harsh comparing to the Scum approach. In simple words, this means 17th place for FCSP after today’s fixtures… This will be tough all the way to the end, still, at this stage of the league with so many squads squeezed together (5 squads on 12 pts), this is not necessary a disaster…as long as we keep improving and don’t make next week two steps backs instead of the one ahead we made yesterday. Next ones are the hillbilly commandos of FC Heidenheim, coming ambitious with momentum from Liga 3, occupying so far the flattering 7th place and carrying a much more attractive than ours performance record. This looks like a serious shit and the Millerntor is looking like a cheese with holes lately, however this squad on a good day has the ability, to create problems to an average opponent, we did it with Braunschweig, we can do it again. The only problem is that from now on we have to repeat this a little more often, Saturday represents an excellent kick start, let’s do this…

Match goals:

0:1 Rzatkowski (1′, Header(!), Maier)

1:1 Sylvestr (18′, Left foot shot)

1:2 Maier (59′, Right foot shot, Daube)

2:2 Sylvestr (87′, Left foot shot, Füllkrug)

Spectators: 37033

Sankt Pauli cards: Maier(1), Alushi(3)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Match highlights

Further reading:


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