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Posted: November 2, 2014 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in News
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This came to our attention late yesterday, thanks to the brothers of the Athens Club. This banner was lifted last Tuesday, at the DFB Pokal game vs Dortmund, during the half time break. Contains slightly offensive content in Greek (translated in Greek as “Worms, you don’t exist – ONLY AEK FC“), a directly insulting comment for the fans of Aris FC (one of the traditional Thessaloniki football teams), “targeting” actually the fans of BVB, who have a “state of friendship” with the fans of the Aris, coming from FCSP fans who have a…”state of friendship” with the fans of the AEK… Yes, you’ ve heard right, Greek football rivalry at the Millerntor terraces…In the 3 years or so that we exist as a club and this blog exists, we have never made a single mention to anything regarding Greek football, we may be Greek but we are dedicated FC Sankt Pauli fans and this is our main concern.  However, we feel that this time we need to say a few words, we just hope that this is the very last time that we will have to do this…


When we decided to start this, back in June 2011, one of the common things we all had, was the fact that almost all of us had either being long retired or never dealt at all with Greek football. The reason was pretty simple, there was nothing for us in the Greek football scene – violence, corruption, immorality expressed through a “win at any cost and in any way” approach, etc, that were and still are dominating the game, had already driven all of us out. We had already found in FCSP, most of us already for a few years, a different kind of thinking and got to know a different kind of football, a football that we have never experienced here in Greece and some good reasons to become again football fans. In terms of or relation with Greek football, Scum includes people that used to support almost all Greek big football squads and not only. Never cared to discuss Greek football neither in the Scum nor in our old (for some of us) club, the Athens Club, which actually featured (and still does) active Greek football scene fans as well – FC Sankt Pauli was, and still is, always more important. We (as Scum) are rejecting Greek professional football at it’s entirety, we disrespect the people behind, not the fans…

We have been enough in Hamburg during the late years and we have a good knowledge of the issue. We are also aware of and respect the special connections that exist for years between FCSP and AEK fans, bonds that actually begin before the first of us ever sets foot in Hamburg. Still, we’re talking about FC Sankt Pauli here, a club whose, not unique anymore but pioneer, football culture united and still unites millions of fans around the globe. In this respect, such issues like local hate rivalries have no place in the FCSP world, a world which is uniting not dividing… This is what makes us different…

We’re in a position to know the circumstances by now, and we are aware of the fact that this supposed to be something completely different than a direct insult to the Aris Fans. Still, making a public statement always carries responsibility and this statement is deprived from any responsible thinking. Except the obvious, discussed above, this is a stament of disrespect from FCSP fans towards not only a club that they have never met and have something against (and actually know little about) but to all FCSP fans in Greece that follow Aris either for a local hobby or as a true love. Nobody has the foreign FCSP franchisee rights and all FCSP fans, as long as they respect the basic values, should be treated as equal…

If this ain’t enough, you can add the security issues that the members of the St. Pauli Thessaloniki Club (γεια χαρά σύντροφοι!) have already started facing, especially those who are hanging around Aris stadium,, a stadium which according to rumours, an ANTI-ST.PAULI FLAG (yes!) is expected probably to show (we hope not) in one of the forthcoming games, some 2.500 Km from Millerntor…

We wish that we would have the authority to correct this as Greek FCSP fans but unfortunately we don’t represent anyone except ourselves, so we expect and we wait for the people who did this to correct the problem in the most appropriate way. After all, taking responsibility and accepting our mistakes, is one of the things that separate the men from the boys…

To everybody involved: PLEASE, RESPECT FCSP

Sincerely yours

The South End Scum Crew

PS: The irony of some of us, exporting our deficiencies to a place of better football, instead of using it as a model to build something better, is considered too extended to be discussed here…

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  2. Mike says:

    Totally agree.

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  4. Baptista Silanes says:

    Totally agree my friends. I know what is this 😦

  5. kokos says:

    Πρώτα αποφασίστε αν είστε σκουλήκια ή Sankt Pauli, ας αποφασίσουν τα σκουλήκια αν είναι με Dortmund ή Sankt Pauli και μετά παίξτε το γνήσιοι οπαδοί… Ενα δάκρυ κύλισε για το πανό. Κρίμα να πληγώνονται οι οπαδοί με τα καροτσάκια στο Ξηροκώστα.

    • Zouz says:

      Κοκό, δεν μας ενδιαφέρει το ποδόσφαιρο σου αρχηγέ, διάβασε λίγο καλύτερα…

    • xanoum mpourek says:

      εσυ ρε χανουμοβλακα θα μας πεις τι εισαι???

      ιδεολογοι της δεκαρας ειστε, μια αντιφα, αναρχια κλπ. και την αλλη βαρατε ατομα σε καταληψης για τα κεφια του αφεντικου…

      • Zouz says:

        Δε γουστάρουμε να κόβουμε σχόλια, γιατί δεν πάτε να τα βρείτε σε κάποιο πιο ταιριαστό χώρο ρε λεβέντες?

  6. G9 says:

    I think that this banner is at USP place in the curva. So do you as Scums talk also as USP?

  7. evoulino says:

    Πες τα βρε Zouz

  8. georgie3 says:

    θα πεπιμενω και μια πιο επισημη ανακοινωση απο τους ιδιους τους USP…οπως λες και εσυ υποτιθεται οτι η ομαδα αυτη ενωνει ολους τους συντροφους και δεν τους χωριζει…απο χθες αισθανομαι πολυ περιεργα με αυτο που ειδα…ενας οπαδος του Aρη και της ST.Pauli…

    • Zouz says:

      Φίλε, δεν είμαστε βέβαιοι πως αυτό θα διευθετηθεί τελικά, αυτό όμως που είμαστε υπεύθυνα σε θέση να σε διαβεβαιώσουμε είναι ότι κάτι τέτοιο (το οποίο ήταν “πρωτοβουλία” συγκεκριμένων ανθρώπων και όχι απόφαση των USP) ΔΕΝ θα ξανασυμβεί…

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  10. […] ich jetzt noch was nach, hatte ich dort auch schon verlinkt, aber nicht alle haben das mitbekommen: – bitte zumindest lesen. Betrifft schließlich unsere […]

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