Scum news: Statement of Unity from all Greek organized FCSP fans

Posted: November 8, 2014 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in News
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Common statement from the 3 Greek FCSP fan clubs regarding the Dortmund incident


There’s have been already a statement from us regarding the incident. However, during the course of this week (where a lot of things have happened) after some discussion with the other two clubs (communication was established almost immediately) we ended up with the conclusion that a common statement should be posted from all 3 Greek fan clubs on the issue. Aim, to pass a message of unity along with our position. It was quite easy, there was from the first moment almost 1905% agreement from everybody. The plan was to write a common one but after some discussion between us and the Athens Club earlier during the traumatic today’s game (match report…later) we agreed to both adopt and cosign the Thessaloniki Club statement, mainly for two reasons: a) these guys have the biggest problem (actually there’s no BIG problem in Athens at the moment except the blow to FCSP’s reputation, just the usual web bollockology) and b) because despite (a) they have made a very sober and mature statement – it can be found HERE. Since the main target is the Greek audience, it’s written in Greek but there’s no slang language inside, a translator will probably do the job just fine.

Also, thanks for the solidarity and greetings to the boys and girls of Apeitharhos Ioannina (the uprising glory of Greek football 😀 ), a club with a big sentimental (and not only) connection to the Greek FCSP fan scene 🙂




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