Matchday 13: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Heidenheim 0-3…

Posted: November 9, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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The Swiss Cheese Blues…

Swiss cheese

Another week, another torture… New excruciating experience earlier today with the brown white squad being literally a toy in the hands of FC Heidenheim which were doing all allong the game WHATEVER they wanted, pushing throttle or break anytime they liked, scoring at will and most of the time just having comfortable fun with us… If something doesn’t drastically change here (not Meggle!) soon, we’re into serious shit here… Writing this is anything but pleasant, let’s get on, the soonest I’m through with it the better…


Theatre of torment, the Locomotiva Bar at the center where we joined our local pals, the Athens Club guys for some discussion regarding the Dortmund incident. A few absents (but all excused 🙂 ) and some pleasantly surprising appearances at the same time. Warm atmosphere as usual and lots of talk all around (not necessarily relevant!), at a level that we… kind of missed kickoff 🙂 Screen of course open but required one “hey people, game is on” from some corner of the venue in order for silence to prevail and everybody to get suddenly focused in a game which, for some (unexplained) reason, was expected with very positive mood 🙂

OK, let’s do it quick…

1′-25′: Bollocks. FCH comfortably waits while FCSP tries… Mandatory keeper substitution for them after Zimmerman being injured, following a slightly excessive (but unintentional) Budimir challenge.

26′: FCH decides and attemps to attack for the 1st time – goal…

27′-30′: FCSP tries to press – a good Daube opportunity on 29′

31′: FCH decides and attemps to attack for the 2nd time – goal…

32′-42′: FCSP tries… Highlights, a clever 25m Schachten shot ending on the outter crossbar (35′) and a Sobiech header following a corner blocked right on the line by substitute keeper, Sattelmaier (37′)

43′: 3rd FCH attempt – crossbar…

44′-45+5′: FCSP tries…there’s an ambitious direct Rzatkowski shot on 45+1′ just by Sattelmaier’s right junction…

2nd half underway…

46′-51′: Bollocks

52′: FCH gets bored and decides to move once more – goal (you must see this)

53′-90′ (no injury time…): Now FCH looks really bored…gives us all the space we want and need and retreats to chillout (occasionally at rotting and decomposition levels) towards their box. Opportunities occur for FCSP but the Boys in Brown can’t score even the consolation goal no matter how easy the opponent makes it… They didn’t resigned the game at any stage, they just couldn’t… Highlights. Maier’s waste from the somewhere around the penalty spot (64′), the Budimir close call from the upper right edge of the keeper box, just wide of the opposite post  (69′) and the double Budmir/Maier chance on 75’…

Rzatkowski's body language quite descriptive of the situation (source:

Rzatkowski’s body language quite descriptive of the situation (source:

Something has to be quickly or we’re doomed… This defense needs to be completely lobotomised, reorganized from the very beginning and (for fucks sake!) start running. Total lack of inner communication, speed slower than the living dead, this defense can’t keep a clean sheat regardless of  the opponent. Even an elemental opponent can do it, a basically structured opponent can do it easily and a good one can do it whenever he likes… Even if we start constantly scoring, we are probably into for more behind… And (fuck me…) still so much road until the Winter break…

I don’t want to keep anything from today’s game…The only thing worthy for me today was outide the pitch, outside Hamburg, here in Athens. Fans from both local fan clubs including supporters of all shorts of Greek clubs, some of them meeting each other for the first time ( 🙂 ), mixed at a level that you couln’t know that you have two different clubs here, discussing in harmony about the issue, in an atmpsphere of real friendship and true unity, exchanging thoughts while having the Thessaloniki Club friends standing by at the phone for any questions or clarifications some 500Km away. We were always friends but looks to me like the last days have brought all of us a little more closer than before… This is the FCSP way 🙂 Things ended up with an agreement of cosigning the Thessaloniki Club statement, finally published (in Greek) some 2 hours ago and available here.

Now…Thankfully, there’s a national team weekend (!) coming up. We never thought that we would at any point end up yearning for a national team weekend but this one could prove really useful in terms of meditation (at least). After that…Red Bull at Leipzig…Fingers crossed…

Match goals:

0:1 Niederlechner (18′, Right foot shot, Titsch-Rivero)

0:2 Niederlechner (31′, Left foot shot, Schnatteter)

0:3 Leipertz (52′, Right foot shot, Schnatteter)

Spectators: 22884 (sold out – don’t forget Nordkurve is out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Gonther(1), Alushi(4), Nehrig(1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Match highlights (at least, have a look at the 3rd one)

 Further reading:

PS: Welcome home (we mean in Hamburg!) Deniz Naki 🙂


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