News: FCSP Annual General Meeting, 16/11/14

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New Presidium, new advisory board, new era

Left to right: Reinher Karl,  Oke Göttlich, Joachim Pawlik, Thomas Happe, Jochen Winand (photo: Stefan Goenveld on Instagram)

Left to right: Reinher Karl, Oke Göttlich, Joachim Pawlik, Thomas Happe, Jochen Winand (photo: Stefan Goenveld on Instagram)

Yesterday’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) could be considered as a milestone. New Presidium and New Advisory board elected and, unlike political elections (especially here in Greece where practically mean very little to nothing), this looks like the foreword of a new era coming for FCSP. Whether the newly elected Presidiium will make it facing up successfully the ethical (stick to the Club values), financial (we’re on a good but “fragile” and risky path) and… football (squad looks and IS SICK, walking another path, the path to Liga 3 Hell!) challenges, remains to be seen in the near future…



What looks somehow strange, at least to us, is the relatively low attendance (this is FCSP, not the fuckin’ parliament 🙂 ) to the AGM. Some 200 people 2 weeks ago at the candidate presentation and around 1200 (1114 with 1075 having the right to vote, reported on 14:00) members appeared to vote yesterday. We got curious and asked after the candidate presentation but we been told that these numbers represent more or less the usual attendance for such events, still doesn’t look quite good here considering the almost 20.000 (don’t know how many of them in active status) FCSP members…

Another question also is the existence of only one candidate for the President post, the same way it happened 4 years ago when outgoing President Stephan Orth was elected. This is not a Club rule, seems more like a common Advisory Board practice. Reasons for this may not be obscure but still are beyond our level of comprehension, some 2500 Km from the center of developments 🙂

The whole thing lasted more than 9 hours. It started with the annual reports (lots of numbers and some more live talking by AFM President, Alex Gunkel 😉 ), the approval and the release of the outgoing Presidium and advisory Board. Short speeches by the Presidium candidates followed and around 15:00 CET, the time for the Presidium election came. As expected (the mood towards the new candidates was quite positive already for some months), Oke Göttlich had no problem winning this, especially without any opponent to compete. 78,1% for the new Presidential team – 831 positive votes, 139 negative and 88 no-votes. All candidates (Göttlich, Karl, Pawlik, Happe, Winand) accepted the nomination and the Presidium election part ended in a standing ovation, honoring the outgoing Presidium for their efforts during the last 4 years…

Last part of the AGM was about the Advisory board. The 16 (not 7) candidates for the 7 chairs of the board made their short (3′ we think) speeches before the electorate proceeds to the (much more interesting) process of voting. The new Advisory Board after the voting is the following:

  • Sandra Schwedler (558 votes)
  • Roger Hasenbein (507)
  • Gerrit Onken (475, we heard he’s coming from the USP – if true, this will be interesting 🙂 )
  • Dr. Kai Scharff (340)
  • Sönke Goldbeck (287, congratulations again mate from the Scum crew 😀 )
  • Marcus Schulz (265)
  • Karsten Meincke (223)
Oke Göttlich speaking to the electorate (photo:

Oke Göttlich speaking to the electorate (photo:

Conclusions/The Day after

Regarding the process:

Much debate has taken place during the last months regarding not only the one candidate choice of the Advisory Board but the release of the previous Presidium without giving these guys the chance for a second nomination. We were from the very beginning in favor of Göttlich but… fair is fair. Orth and his team clearly deserved the chance to compete against the new candidates and probably the fact that this didn’t happen is the source of the negative/present votes yesterday…

Regarding the outcome:

Still early to tell but this looks like good news for the Club. Regardless of the above, the old Presidium didn’t look like the ideal solution for FCSP. They have done some impressive work in financial terms, stabilizing the Club, proceeding with a lot of structures but a lot of “unlucky” decisions regarding various issues (most of them have been discussed here), maybe fit to “regular” clubs but not compliant with the FCSP principles along with a deplorable commercial policy (we hope it’s “bye bye” for Michael Meeske as well) suggested that this Presidium is not in line with the Club fundamentals and, at least according to our opinion, they had to go.Thanks to Stefan Orth, Jens Duve, Dr. Berndt-Georg Spies, Dr. Gernot Stenger (hmmm…) and Tjark Woydt for all their efforts these last for years…

Oke and his bunch at this very moment look more like a promise towards to than guarantors of the future. Yes, they supposed to carry along a new aura, much different that their predecessors’ but this ain’t enough… Being more true to the game is good but it’s only a start. They have not only to fulfill their commitments regarding a policy more in harmony with what FCSP stands for but they have to excel at sectors their predecessors did like the financials and at the same time make sure that the squad gets the boost required in order for the Club to avoid relegation and it’s disastrous consequences as well… It’s in their hands to make the best out of the next four years and keep this Club where it should be, up to par with it’s unique standards…

For now, a warm (not hot, this means something different 🙂 ) welcome to both the members of the Presidium and the Advisory board. Congratulations once more and best wishes for creative, ethical and fruitful work. We’re all together in this, let’s all together make one, two, three…lots of of steps ahead – GOOD LUCK!

Further reading (take a look, these guys were there):


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