News: Athens Antifa League Season III kickoff on Sunday!

Posted: November 19, 2014 by Zouz in News
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Seems that the experiment is turning to an institution 🙂 Athens Antifa League season III starts this Sunday with increased expectations, thanks to the success of season II, which confirmed that the tournament is here to stay and that season I was not just a spontaneous initiative doomed, to fade after the Summer. Have your (sporting or not) gear ready, the time has come once more 😀

Our Antifa League friends must been quite busy or quite lasy (we’ll risk to vote for the first 😀 ), so there’s currently no information regarding the participants on their blog BUT we must assume that there must be a significant rise in the participation, judging by the fact that this time (according always to the poster) the tournament will be played in more than one groups. This weekend we have matchday 1 of group A and the neighborhood that will have the honor to host the tournament premiere this year, is Kypseli… Exact location map can be found here, event is taking place at Prwtomagias square (doesn’t exist as a spot in the map!), exactly next to the suggested location 🙂

Once more time for football, beer, fun, friends, solidarity, <add aything you like>, not necessarily in that order 😉 We wish every success to the guys of the Antifa League crew and lots of fun to everybody that will participate all along the season, in and out of the pitch!

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Antifa League

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