Matchday 14: RasenBallsport Leipzig – FC St. Pauli 4-1!!

Posted: November 24, 2014 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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What the F… is going on???


 Yeah…So…what’s up there? All good? Yeah …thought so…Cos you know here things suck a bit. Well actually things suck a lot. Yes I know. We are Sankt Pauli maaan. We don’t give a fuck about results maaan. SP means a lot more than football maaan. Well fuck me bros…I know all that. We all know that. So I think I’ll skip the part where I brag about how we don’t care about shit and star from the part where we say that THIS MATCHDAY SUCKED!!!! WE SUCKED!!! It is not the fact that we lost. Losing is one thing. But this???? Come on man. This??? Hands down, pants down and going in with our asses exposed and waiting? No no no…No sir. This won’t go easy!


So first half starts and right from the start, we get the message. Our beloved SP was about to get humiliated by some Red Bull slaves. Early on 3’ Poulsen misses a nice header  after a corner shot gained on Leipzig’s behalf. On 9’, Kaizer and Boyd try some shots but get blocked by our defensives (probably  by accident. We’ll get to that part later) and  the follow up by Frahn goes to the outer side of the nets. A little later of course Poulsen sets things right by mocking our defense. He receives the ball and leaves all our defensives looking at him like statues. He breaks through all of them and opens the score. A little later of course it was Tschauner’s time to blow up (30′) when Boyd shoots a header and Tschauner literally drowns the ball to our nets. 2:0 for the slaves and our answer to all that was…Hold your breath…A soulless shot from Thy on 19’ that probably helped their goalkeeper to stretch his legs a bit, rather than threatened. And it got even worse. Leipzig not only humiliated us on the field, but also beat the shit out of us. Hard tackling and provoking and this resulted in Frahn tackling Rzatkowski awfully on 38’, which of course led to Rzatkowski’s substitution with Verhoek on 44’. Frahn got away with yellow though…Just sayin. This and that led to the end of the first half leaving us dazed from all this ton of bad information we had to process.

Second half breaks in and it looks as if the team found it’s pace. On 46’ Allushi receives a great pass from Maier, controls the ball cleverly leaving the claiming defensive on the side and shots a really nice shot to Leipzig’s nets. This football greatness though was all we had to see as the disaster carried on relentlessly. On 53’ another seminar on how to fuck up defensively by Μr Ziereis and Schachten of Sankt Pauli. The boys seem to love the bloody ball cos they really seemed unable to just kick it out of our box. Bullshit to bullshit and more bullshit, and Boyd takes advantage of this defensive incompetence Sankt Pauli seems to master and scores a 3d one. On 59’ Leipzig seemed to shit their pants, cos Meggle decided it was Budimir’s time to act.(yeah right!!!). On 61’ Verhoek gets caught offside, on  72’ he receives a yellow and on 73’ he scores an own goal. So 4:1 for Leipzig and another SP player gets his name on the scorer’s list. On 81’ Budimir becomes the miracle(NOT!!!!!). Receives the ball and triples enough to take Leipzig’s goalkeeper away from his nets, but instead of shooting or passing he decides to triple a little more…and a little more…and a little more, till the ball was lost. Of course there was no actual help from the rest of the players as the idea of opening up to get the ball hasn’t reached to their ears so far. Anyway with Daube missing a nice shot on 85’ and Maier a free shot on  90(+2)’ the game ended.

So did all the above seem ironical, or mocking or a bit too much? Well you should have seen the game to get the feeling. Sitting in Cargo café watching the game with the aid of our friend Alex thinking that…Hey man how worse can it get? And actually SP proving that …Dudes you have no fucking idea how worse can it get? I mean I would really hate to be in Meggle’s shoes right now. He obviously works with what he was given and no one is expecting miracles out of the guy (Lot of Questions about our scouting abilities). But this is one thing. What SP showed on this match was that there is no motivation. I am tellin ya, those of you who didn’t see the game get the chance to watch it, and then come read again. Two minutes of this game showed the huuuge problem this team faces. 53’ with Ziereis and Schachten entertaining us with their defensive incompetence  and 81’ with Budimir working his magic (NOT!!!!). These two moments are the brightest examples that SP has no connection at all. Defensively or offensively. It is like they have never worked together. I mean a ball flies in your area and all of a sudden you don’t know where you are standing or what to do? We were watching dazed as Schachten and Ziereis tried to repel the ball and on the same time we were wandering to ourselves, what the fuck are those guys doing  there? I mean it is just a ball right? Round and all. Just like any other ball. Why can’t they just throw the bloody ball away? Defensively WE  SUCK. The guys in defense simply don’t follow any line of formation or don’t know how to cover up or anything. It is a brawl fight to them. ‘’Ye-ho let’s get em boys’’ and shit like that. Well such bullshit don’t work here lads. Offensively? Well there’s nothing I can say to make it look worse than it is. Our shots have no luck at all, our line has no aim at all, and of course the lack of tactic goes for the offense as well as defense. I mean…Just look at what happened with Budimir. The guy manages to drive the opponent keeper of his nets and then he just doesn’t know what to do with the fucking ball. Of course the rest of the players had no clue on what we say: OPENING UP FOR THE BALL. No movement at all for the guy with the ball to pass. Everyone on his own in there. Nothing can get out of this.

SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR COACH MEGGLE: Coach here in Greece we have the sayin: ‘’Beating was built in heaven’’.  It seems that the boys haven’t taken you for real. First you are a coach and then you are a friend. They seem to be getting this order, the other way round. I think someone in there (probably most of them) needs some smacking to learn their place. I mean…Jesus man…We support you fully but it seems that you lack a lot on disciplining. Need to start kicking some lazy asses in there bro, in order to keep the ship above the waters or else I see it going down. And it is going to go down HEAD  FIRST. Word!

Next Sunday, we got FC Kaiserslautern coming in Milerntor. Who knows? Maybe we’ll nail that one!

Match goals:

1:0 Poulsen (17′ , Right Foot shot)

2:0 Boyd (30′ , Header, Demme)

2:1 Alushi (46′ , Right Foot shot, Maier)

3:1 Boyd (53′ , Right Foot shot)

4:1 Verhoek (73′ , Own Goal, Sebastian)

Spectators: 38660

Sankt Pauli cards: Rzatkowski(3), Budimir(4),  Schachten(3), Verhoek(3),  Ziereis(6)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Match highlights

Further reading:

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