Matchday 15: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Kaiserslautern 1-3…

Posted: December 1, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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Hard times…


The fact that it wasn’t unexpected doesn’t make it much easier… The boys in brown, despite the efforts made during the 2nd half, subjugated more or less easily to FCK and now we’re sitting all alone at the bottom of the Liga 2 table. The only problem is that the bottom of the league is not the absolute bottom…right below there’s a lid that, if opened, leads directly to the lower floor… It’s a little like war…Older ones know how it is, we are only been told but there’s one thing for sure – we don’t want to live one to know how is it like…


Back again in the venue for the usual routine, this time a minority in the house and separated into our own space from the big bunch waiting into the main room for a Greek Superleague match…Some biased and stressed to get out optimism, strictly based on the deep love for FCSP around but still the dominant feelings being uncertainty and stress in view of an anything but easy mission lying up ahead…

Match kick off with a somehow known spectacle, FCSP having control of the game without any serious effects and the guest squad just being careful during the opening quarter. What followed was also somehow familiar: first warning shot for FCK on 18′, a Lakic header stopped incorrectly as offside by the assistant and Doom on 22′ with the first organized FCK fast counter attack from the right flank (respective FCSP defense position unoccupied) which ended with the FCK opening goal (Younes)…Some tsipouro to digest the goal, some discussion about feeling that every time we lag behind this year, looks like there’s no turning back and before anybody knows…0-2… World class fuck up by Bahn (thumbs up for the young lad, pure support for our rookies, we don’t hate mistakes, we hate mistaken attitudes), world class exhibition of communication failure for the rest of the FCSP defense and, just like at a training camp, the finish by Zimmer on 30’… This acted like a very late alarm for FCSP which suddenly increased the pressure and started squeezing FCK towards their box. Unfortunately (our success ratio is not very high anyway) the only things that came up from this were a big chance wasted by Schachten on 32′ (bad control before the final strike, alone in the box) and a bollocks Thy shot outside the box, to the left, on 43’… Half time FCSP 0 – FCK 2 with the match considered (at least by us) already almost over…

0-1, 22' (source:

0-1, 22′ (source:

Match resumed in the 2nd half with FCSP trying without being able to achieve and FCK waiting patiently, resting on the 2 goal gap and creating danger in every possible occasion. First chance for them with Karl (47′) aiming at the sky with a direct volley from within the box, to the left and another one on 55′ with Lakic wasting the chance for 0-3 in front of Tschauner FCSP style… Game caught fire on 59′ with the only FCSP goal of the game. Deep cross from the right by Schachten, ball driven away after a Sippel exodus, and the killer on the rebound by Halstenberg with a direct 25m shot! Unfortunately that was about all for the boys in brown… For the remaining time almost nothing more happened. FCSP constantly having possession, constantly pressing the guests but without any serious result. FCK (who retreated inexplicably after 1-2) had no serious trouble retaining the lead and when they got the chance, they finished the game, scoring the 3rd on 87′ with Jacob (starting from a marginally offside position) and putting the final tombstome to any kind of expecations we possibly had on getting something more from the game…..

Some criticism from the USP following full time (source: USP on the Web)

Some criticism from the USP following full time (source: USP on the Web)

This is getting more and more disheartening…Of course we were aware of the fact that this was going to be a very tough game and we are also aware that there is a small Golgotha coming up before the winter break. OK, we all probably agree that the team showed some signs of fighting spirit  but this is still far enough from what we need, taking always under consideration the personal ability of our boys. For fuck’s sake this is a squad that costs almost double the cash of squads like Darmstadt and Heidenheim which are currently flourishing in the league and squads like Aalen which are direct rivals in the survival battle (have a look here). I would personally feel a little better being in the same position, having spent much less in players and much more in structures and initiatives but (excuse me), I can’t be happy (not even satisified) just because FCSP had possession and control for 30′, facing a squad that just provided us with space. Some friends say that they saw passion… I totally agree but we’re forgetting something here… Passion should be OBVIOUS for anyone wearing the unique brown and white t-shirt. Feeling happy just because squad showed the obvious, shows one thing, lack of symbols and mentality – this is nothing that can be repaired right away, needs time and effort but the problem is there. Noticed it last period, towards the end and noticed it again several times this one with certain guys occasionaly walking in the field… The same friends say that Schachten was furious inside the pitch yesterday… I agree again but this unfortunately ain’t enough – we need ELEVEN to FOURTEEN Schachtens in the pitch, EVERY week – anything less is not worthy of my FCSP…

There’s also the strictly technical part here. First of all, FULL and UNCONDITIONAL support for Thomas Meggle who jumped in the fire at the crucial moment, risking his further career development and spoiling his easy going, up to this September, everyday life… Still, if we want to avoid the (clearly visible by now) relegation nightmare, Coach needs help. Help in terms of some squad reinforcements during the winter break, especially in defense (you don’t have to be a guru to notice what’s going on back there) and in the midfield (where Fin Bartel’s gap was never filled). Quite a bunch of people at the front (however, Naki wouldn’t hurt!), some normalization on the way the squad develops itself into the pitch, would help them as well. These things along with a focused RESTART during the winter break could do the trick and save FCSP from the only thing we all want to avoid…

Of course, to do all these, we need to stay in one piece and make it to the break without dissolving along the way. From this point of view, Friday’s away game vs VfL Bochum has already become a Do-or-Die mission. Nobody’s talking about a win at this point but we all expect and demand to see a squad that will fight from the very beginning until the very end of the match. Let’s hope that this will be enough and the other matchday results will help…

Stay calm, support the squad and let’s hope that Oke is right 🙂

Oke shirt

Match goals:

0:1 Younes (22′, Right foot shot, Zimmer)

0:2 Zimmer (30′, Right foot shot)

1:2 Halstenberg (59′, Left foot shot)

1:3 Jacob (87′, Left foot shot, Karl)

Spectators: 23584

Sankt Pauli cards: Bahn(1), Verhoek(4)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Match highlights

 Further reading:


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