Matchday 16: VfL Bochum – FC Sankt Pauli 3-3

Posted: December 6, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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So, there is life on Mars 🙂


Finally (some say that this is already happening from last week but we have a slight disagreement here 🙂 ), some signs of life from the brown/white squad! Gutsy appearance by FCSP at the Rewirpower Stadion, with 3 goals and 3 times at the lead vs VfL Bochum! Unfortunately, these 3 goals were not enough to secure us the so-hardly-wanted 3 points, leaving us with a draw that doesn’t look really good in combination with the other results but if we keep on fighting this way (and stop of course, collecting 3 goals per match!), there’s probably light at the end of the tunnel 😉


Arrived at the München Bierhaus after some one hour of drive (fuck this city…) with the feeling of the lamb that enters the butchery chamber… Thankfully, a little the beer, a little the pot, a little the chat with the comrades of the Athens Club crew, already there, having started tasting the various beers of the house, all together resulted to an uplifting change of mood and by the time the whistle blew for the first time, we were all good to go 😉

As soon as the game started, with only 4′ on the clock, Bochum came quite close to turn the happy table to a funeral gathering but Himmelmann (getting his chance by Meggle who gave a rest to Big Phil) saved the evening by stopping Terodde’s attempt who took advantage of our defensive mess and was ready to score all alone at the edge of the box. Fortunately this didn’t happen (would be a completely different story trying to come back from behind), FCSP not only survived but managed to scare our hosts for good on 8′ with a Schachten header almost scratching Luthe’s left post junction. After the shaky start game pace decreased at a level allowing even some good talk regarding sticker suppliers ( 😀 )…until 33′ where Verhoek’s missile, coming right out of the box, shook not only Luthe’s net but the entire venue (OK, just the smoking room 🙂 ) up to the ceiling! 0-1 for FCSP and a wave of joy that wasn’t to last for long as the immediate pressure that Bochum applied was rewarded on 38′ thanks to Ziereis‘ unlucky moment who gave no option to Himmelmann and brought the game back to a tie…1-1 and before we even digest the equalizer…1-2 for FCSP on 40′!!! Fast and simple football, Himmelmann, Verhoek, Maier, Daube, Gooooaaalll!!! A pure state of euphoria inside the venue shared even by Erich, the venue owner and…Freiburg fan 🙂 We could repeat this on 43′ but the almost identical FCSP attack was saved this time by Luthe who managed to stop Schachten at the very last moment and further secure the ball after the rebound… Incredible conclusion for the first half with a COBRA FCSP leading 1-2 and leaving promises for a bright victory 🙂

0-1 on 33' and EVERYBODY is going mental :-)

0-1 on 33′ and EVERYBODY is going mental 🙂

2nd half started the exact way the 1st closed with Luthe saving once more Bochum (49′), jumping at his left corner and driving away the ball, shot by Maier at the end of a furious onslaught from the right, bypassing everyone who found on his way! Another good opportunity for FCSP, following the corner immediately afterwards (50′), with Daube winning the header between a lot of bodies but without achieving the trajectory he probably wanted – ball passed almost in parallel in front of Luthe’s posts… Bochum who got lucky more than once, didn’t let their luck go wasted and they got again even on 58′ with Sestak who first beat easily taller Sobiech in the air and then Himmelmann with an excellent header… 2-2, match again even but the Boys in Brown, playing finally like they believe in themselves, had one more thing to say! Good ball control by Thy, good parallel move outside the box and a good parallel ball to Maier who found the space, got into the box and this time beat Luthe! 2-3 FCSP on 69′ and by now we just can’t believe that we’re watching the same FCSP with the squad which acted like a volunteer snack in Leipzig two weeks ago 🙂 Unfortunately, Bochum had also one more word to say in the game and they did it at the point where for the first time this season we started thinking “fuck me, we can’t lose this!”… Quick counter attack by the hosts who took advantage of a BIG gap in our retreating defensive line – ball ended up to Weis (all alone in front of Himmelmann) who didn’t forgive our defensive neglingence and equalized for the third and last time on 81’… We had already scored for a month in a single game, there was no 4th goal in store for FCSP. Both teams tried for victory in the closing stages of the game, we came close achieving it on 92′ but Halstenberg’s volley deflected in a lucky Bochum leg before going out to safety…Full time whistle, Bochum 3 – FCSP 3 and what an evening this was 🙂

Maier 69', 2-3 :-)

Maier 69′, 2-3 🙂

Been left with a bitter taste after a game in which you had 3 times the lead and you still didn’t manage to win it is proably quite normal, however I DON’T think that this is the case here. I personally left the venue happy with the one point despite the fact that after the away wins of Sandhausen and Aalen this puts us in a more difficult spot. If before the game anybody was asking me if I’m OK with a draw, I would certainly respond “yes”. We got the draw, we score 3 (THREE!!!) goals and played good football in general, this sounds like progress. This is one way to say it, another one is by saying that this was the first time after a long time that FCSP made me jump out of my seat witout doing it out of despair 🙂

Still, this is far from good if we want to get out of the shithole we have put ourselves in. First of all, our defensive line is still the weak link in the chain. Let’s face it, a squad that collects an average of more than 2 goals per game is mathematically  screwed unless it scores more than 3 (something that no matter how we work, I don’t think that we will achieve this year 🙂 ). If we really want to make it this season, this has to be changed otherwise we will end up going down proud and for reasons too obvious to be mentioned here, this is something that we want to avoid. Second, WE HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN. We had one or two lucky breaks before this season, we need more than this. Key word here is “consistency”. This squad can’t sweep anybody on our way but we can fight every game and get out ot if it the most possible every time. If we do it we can make it, if not…leave it, today is not suitable for negative thoughts 😉

Next Sunday there is a big strength test coming up. SV Darmstadt 98 is coming to town and they’re looking extremely dangerous, especially after this weekend’s clean sheet draw vs Fürth which costed them somehow on their quest for promotion. The’re so far the big surprise of the league and they have make a lot of way (almost half) towards a goal that not even their most optimistic fans could imagine in the beginning of the season. They are good and confident, the perfect target for anybody looking to gain some confidence for himself 🙂 If we manage not to lose, it will be good. If we manage to win, this game can evolve to a milestone for this season. Come on then you Boys in Brown, gimme some more!!!

Match goals:

0:1 Verhoek (33′, Left foot shot, Buballa)

1:1 Ziereis (38′, Own goal, Hip(!), Terodde)

1:2 Daube (40′, Right foot shot, Maier)

2:2 Sestak (58′,m Heaader, Celozzi)

2:3 Maier (69′, Right foot shot, Thy)

3:3 Weis (81′, Left foot shot, Terodde)

Spectators: 16700

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann(1), Sobiech(6), Schachten(4)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Match highlights

 Further reading:


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