Matchday 17: FC Sankt Pauli – SV Darmstadt 98 0-1…

Posted: December 14, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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Fucked up on 86′, after a non-game from which, the way it shaped up, we should at least leave with a draw… This sums up the overall picture of the 0-1 Darmstadt defeat, another step back following a step forward (usual story for this season’s FCSP), winter-break boxing week didn’t start on the best possible way, thankfully this report expected somehow short…


Arrived at the Locomotiva quite early, pushed by expectation mixed with the slightly stressful feeling fed by the need to avoid any possible traffic trap and be to the venue on time, to find (to my pleasure) already a good mix of Scum and Athens Club boys and girls already there, some 30′ before the game. Relaxed mood, down to earth expectations (in plain words, a draw), the issual pre-game mess regarding the equipment (picture on time but required some 15′ for the global venue sound, much useful comparing to the one coming from the laptop 🙂 ), a few Hamburg guests (quite usual lately) in the house, everybody ready and willing to enjoy one more FCSP afternoon and compromise with the minimum standard 🙂

1st half: When talking balance, somehow balanced ( 😀 ) with FCSP somehow hidden in the pitch with a tactic like “we’re going for the draw but we will appreciate anything extra”. When talking football, ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS from both sides! Darmstadt in a slighter better shape but lacking confidence (like almost everybody they didn’t had an away win to be proud of before they visit us), FCSP as described above, and nothing more in the game. If something has to be mentioned here, let’s keep 1) Behrens‘ header, completely free of any surveillance (as usual, following a corner), just over Himmelmann’s crossbar on 30′ and a Budimir attempt (normally, it wouldn’t count 🙂 ), from within the box, having back to the net (35′). Full time whistle 0-0, with both squads afraid of each other and the sense that maybe we can steal it without getting caught in the act 🙂

1st half highlight: "Nothing is over yet, solidarity to the political prisoners". A decent banner in Greek in Südkurve after a long time :-) Thanx: Kleiner Tod

1st half highlight: “Nothing is over yet, solidarity to the political prisoners”. A decent banner in Greek in Südkurve after a long time 🙂 Thanx: Kleiner Tod

2nd half: Imagine the most boring 33rpm vinyl you’ve ever heard, playing accidentaly on 45 but still not quite fast to make it interesting and get your attention…until the needle jumps for some reason towards the end of the 2nd side… Almost the same overall picture, with Darmstadt having 1-2 chances to score, us having one shot and doom arriving at the point that everybody was looking happy with the draw, changing dramatically the final outcome… A really good chance for Darmstadt (52′) with Sulu trying a direct technical finish from the heart of our box and ball ending up just by Himmelmann’s left post, a BIGGER one on 68′ with scenes of Apocalypse inside our box starting with a gap the size of a big black hole (not the renegade ones, the HUGE bastards sitting and getting fatter in the center of almost every galaxy), inside from the left (when defending) and with almost everybody involved before ball gets the fuck out, the OBLIGATORY (in a good match report there would be no space for this as well) FCSP highlight (75′ – just a Halstenberg long shot – no problem for Mathenia) AND THE SUCCESSFUL SUICIDE ATTEMPT on 86′  with a lot of small mistakes making a big one, allowing Holland to execute Himmelmann from killing distance… Final whistle FCSP 0 – SV Darmstadt 1 and the Athens fans are still watching petrified…

0-1 (86'), another move inside the moving sand...

0-1 (86′), another move inside the moving sand…

The way the game went, this should be certainly considered as a wasted valuable point… Darmstadt played the way we hoped (not so daring, they showed their weak, away from home side), we had the morale, support was there, we came close but still, we got fucked up… These are the really worst moments, not the ones that you deserved what you got but the ones that you did well (according to the circumstances), got close but got screwed up in the last moment…

We weren’t good today but we were at least realistic… We tried for the draw, we almost got it but ended after all at the very bottom of the table. Needs strength recovering from situations like these and we hope that Meggle and the boys still got some… Haven’t made an extensive search (please correct at the comment section, if so) but I think that no squad has made it during the reacent seasons after finishing with 13 pts at the end of the first round… We need guts, soul, REINFORCEMENT  and LUCK to made it, plus…being positive to begin with… Can we get anything positive in a shitty situation like today’s?

Yes, we can extract a few… These (along with the forthcoming Wednesday’s) are not points counted in the survival plan. We didn’t get any but at least managed to preserve a decent overall image of the squad). Additionally, it was a big pleasure watching Rzatkowski back in the pitch, far earlier than expected (at least by us). Third one? (omfg, what more do I have to do to be positive???). Game ahead, is a good opportunity to turn the tables 🙂

Yes, we re expected at Ingolstadt by Ralle’s FC Ingolstadt. Seems at a tremendous shape, already with the one foot in the Bundesliga (6pts clear from Karlsruher SC, 7 from…Darmstadt), ready to give our ass a color more red than the H$V shorts :-). The absolute favorite vs the absolute underdog…Nobody’s expecting nothing out of this, stress here is not justified… Just get in and try your best…If defeat, nothing happened, nobody’s hurt…If anything else (a draw maybe???), it’s more than nice to have, is the exact boost we need before we go for the Last & Ultimate battle for 2014, the match vs VfR Aalen next Sunday!

Wake up, wash the dirt from the faces, we have work to do – C’MON you bloody FCSP!!!

Match goals:

0:1 Holland (86′, Right foot shot)

Spectators: 22500

Sankt Pauli cards: Budimir(5, misses next match…and a tooth next to Sulu)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Post too quick this time, no videos yet, enjoy (?!?) the 86′ funeral in sound…

 Further reading:


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