Matchday 18: FC Ingolstadt 04 – FC Sankt Pauli 2-1

Posted: December 18, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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Promising start for Ewald Lienen (don’t ask why he’s wearing a cap looking like…Azzouzi’s in the picture, we don’t know 🙂 ) on the FCSP bench. Honorable defeat from the absolute favorite and already with the one foot in Bundesliga, FC Ingolstadt 04 after a game in which we stood as equals and played the very best that this squad is currently capable of. Nevertheless, success didn’t come and with 13 pts after 18 games, Coach and squad have a mountain to climb and lots of luck will be needed here and, judging by FCI’s opening goal, Lady Luck is not only not with us but she’s not even fair towards FCSP… So, welcome once more Herr Lienen and good luck to you and the boys in brown, starting from Saturday!


In the beginning…desperation! Match having already started, a good bunch already in the Locomotiva (despite the almost forbidding date/time) and…no internet connection… Really bad mood until Mike (brother!) appeared, straight from San Francisco, followed by Labis, straight from…Martino 🙂 Both of them good FCSP comrades, both of them fellow FCSP travellers, both of them haven’t been seen for a long time 🙂 Finally, solution (and salvation!) came in the form of a sudden idea to try to turn an internet capable smartphone to a mobile hotspot and then connect it with the laptop (connected with the projector) – the fucker worked and suddenly, out of nothing, we ended up with the best bunch gathered for sometime AND the FCSP game 😀

…just in time for the opening Ingolstadt goal, a cheap goal like most of the times… 1-0 for FCI on 22′, on their first attack of the game (how surprising 😀 ), following an opening period of FCSP superiority (!) in the pitch (as we were told on the phone yesterday, something that FCSP TV highlights today seem to confirm), with Leckie approaching like he’s alone into our box from the left and getting lucky in the end, when ball deflected to Sobiech’s leg, to end up at a spot where Himmelman, who was already moving towards the other side, couldn’t do shit… Thankfully (don’t forget, the absolute favorite vs the underdog here), the squad instead of singing the Downhill Blues, continued fighting for the game – this, in combination with Ingolstadt’s…not very best evening, drove the game towards a dead end, with very few things happening in fron of both posts… Towards the end of the half, pace decreased to sleeping levels, something that didn’t seem bothering nobody in the venue, having FCSP still alive in the game and a good bunch of friends around 😉 Half time whistle, FCI 1 – FCSP 0 and a feeling that MAYBE we can take some advantage of Ingolstadt’s sleepiness 🙂

1-0 22' and the absolute Scottish shower, seconds after getting finally connected :-) (image source:

1-0 22′ and the absolute Scottish shower, seconds after getting finally connected 🙂 (image source:

2nd half underway, with high moral in the venue (nobody’s expected anything from this game, after all) and…FCSP entering the pitch somehow hungry, having a first good opportunity on 50′ with Schachten taking a very good shot, just right to the semicircle outside the box and ball ending up JUST over Özcan’s crossbar. Another good opportunity for FCSP, from exactly the same spot and Daube this time sending the ball, with an intermediate involuntary intervention from Hübner, JUST by Özcan’s left post – ack! Game on, FCI not very willing to push the throttle and go for the 2nd while FCSP was gaining progressively more and more ground, a little at a time, something that without much fuzz led to the warning shot by Rzatkowski on 77′ (from close distance but not completely alone and a little to the left, saved by Özcan to corner) and…the equalizer immediately afterwards (78′) with Schachten receiving the assist from Özcan’s left vertical post (following an FCSP style mess in the FCI box, after a corner) and pushing the ball in, almost from zero distance! 1-1 for FCSP, HEAVEN!!!

…AND HELL on 80′ with Ingolstadt taking immediately again the lead, making it looking impessively easy as Groß dribbled the entire FCSP defense like he was playing against an U13 squad, before the equally easy finish, deep into Himmelmann’s opposite corner. It was just like saying to us “come on, we have treated you with such kindness and respect so far, don’t pull shit on us now by trying to get points”… There was nothing more in the game, hosts weren’t willing to leave their 12 consecutive home win slip out of their hands and they just didn’t allow it… Final score 2-1 but with the bunch feeling like we just got a draw even if we never got REALLY close to it 🙂

Athens Club, South End Scum, USP, there is a little of everything here :-) The (not so) few that made it Wednesday evening, all united by the pride we feel every time the boys try their best, regardless of the result...

Athens Club, South End Scum, USP, there is a little of everything here 🙂 The (not so) few that made it Wednesday evening, all united by the pride we feel every time the boys try their best, regardless of the result…

This was better than expected. Of course, we should put also in the equation the lower than expected (or feared, if you prefer) FC Ingolstadt overall performance (these guys can easily nail ANY Liga 2 opponent at home) but the overall picture is still really encouraging. It was obvious all along the way which is the team with the overall higher qualities BUT being at the bottom and behaving like you want to mess with the champ is for sure a step forward, we should invest on this in view of Saturday 🙂

Regarding Ingolstadt: Good luck to them in their forthcoming Bundesliga magic ride and best whishes to RALLE (YNWA!) for the quickest possible comeback and his share of the joy 🙂

Regarding FCSP, the moment of truth is here… It would be probably a blessing if we could trasfer the Saturday game right after the break so that Lienen can take all his time to work with the squad but circumstances brought things completely the other way. There’s is one more to go and this one is really of life and death… Opponent is Aalen, look at the table, there’s nothing more to be told about the importance of the game…

Can Lienen’s arrival provide the momentum to win this? Can the Boys take it on their backs, if required? Can the Infernal support make the difference? We don’t know…BUT WE BELIEVE! So, we’re going once more (we would go anyway, FCSP through thick and thin!), all together again this Saturday (check venue info at the top of the sidebar tomorrow) to scream and shout for FCSP , laugh or suffer together with everybody else for the Club even if we’re some 2500 Km away from the Millerntor. C’mon Coach, c’mon you Boyz in Brown, we deserve some, give us at last something to take home for the break!


Match goals:

1:0 Leckie (22′, Right foot shot, Morales)

1:1 Schachten (78′, Right foot shot, Gonther (hmmm))

2:1 Groß (80′, Right foot shot)

Spectators: 9550

Sankt Pauli cards: Thy(1), Daube(1), Gonther(2), Schachten(5, misses next – AAAAAARRRGHHH!)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Match highlights (excuse the soundtrack)

 Further reading:


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