Matchday 19: FC Sankt Pauli – VfR Aalen 3-1!

Posted: December 21, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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Just like good times


YES! YES! YES!!! Phew… FCSP won the most critical game of the season so far (don’t worry, plenty of them coming up after the break), prevailing EASILY over relegation rivals VfR Aalen, inside a Millerntor that looked, after a long time, like the place that eveybody was afraid of back in the good (but no so old) days, allowing everybody to go home for the Winter break and enjoy the new year in a state of piece of mind 🙂 This was desperately needed, thank you!


In a spirit of unity (4th consecutive date with our Athens Club brothers) and pure optimism, result of the very good performance at Ingolstadt, we started moving yesterday morning from almost all corners of the 6m jungle called Athens towards the Northern suburbs and more specifically the München Bierhaus. A good bunch of people (the smoking room became actually exclusive FCSP area), high mood and lots of talk about the future (with the Thessaloniki crew, available online on the phone, when required 🙂 ), in view of the game that would be won – there was no other way…

And looks like we were not the only ones seeing things this way…Millerntor was looking HOT from the very first moments we got picture (of course, nowdays this means Südkurve & Gegengerade, so with Hauptribune visible from the screen, “sounding” would be probably a better term…), sometime before the game and, when squads entered the pitch (in great atmosphere) and game got underway, everybody realized that the squad was tuned at the same frequencies. FCSP took the initiative from the very first moments and didn’t lose it until the closing moments of the game. First visit towards Aalen’s box for Lennart Thy on 6′, with a shot going…wide (not a chance really) and another one on 14′ with his header (following a Rzatkowki free kick in the heart of the box) sending the ball banging on Bernhardt’s crossbar this time! Of course, we’re still talking FCSP here, Aalen’s first attempt (20′) could be 0-1 and game could turn towards a completely different path if Ludwig, coming in, full speed from 13m, was targeting a little more to the right instead of right in the arms of Himmelmann who secured the ball with excellent reflexes, a situation in which FCSP responded almost immediately afterwards with a Daube 18m shot at Bernhardt’s (petrified observer here) right post! FCSP pushing, everybody waiting patiently and patience was rewarded on 35′ when, after a Daube deep free kick, and incomplete clearance, some mess and a Sobiech assist (!), Verhoek got the (lucky) shot who penetrated all the crowd, ended up in Bernhardt’s left corner and sky rocketed Millerntor, Athens, London, Barcelona, Yorkshire, Glasgow and any place where FCSP fans exist! GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL FCSP, 1-0 Verhoek 35′, the half goal we all asked for and game on with FCSP, instead of retreating backwards, keep pressing for another one and being for once the really dominant team in the field. Another good header by Daube on 40′ just by Bernhardt’s right post and full time whistle for the 1st half with almost everything in the game being about FCSP, and the Millerntor, standing entirely on it’s feet, applausing the squad for the really hard work done…



2nd half underway and before we have any time to think or worry about what’s in store for the 2nd half, Barth’s unlucky moment made it all easier! 2nd goal for FCSP, with Barth, following a Daube corner, sending with a header the ball inside his own net (50′) and everybody out of order!!! This can’t be lost now…but it has happened again and again as some calmer than the others suggest and now everybody’s back on earth in the venue but with the relaxation now can be easily identified on everybody’s face 😀 Meanwhile, FCSP now in even better control of the match, with support pushing even further but with Aalen refusing to completely quit the game. Their efforts resulted to a good Gjasula header, right by Himmelmann’s right posts (60′) but nothing further as they were facing an opponent capable of handling the game. Substitutions also played a role in the game slowdown and nothing really much until Görlitz’s weak shot from a good spot (78′) and…the 3rd goal on 81′ with FCSP exposing the Aalen defense the way we have been exposed the entire season so far and Thy getting the goal he deserved as the last recipient of the ball inside the box! GOOOOOAAALLLLL!!!! AGAIN!!!! 3-0 and seems almost…incomprehensible!!! Aalen’s (cheap as usual) consolation goal by Kaufmann (83′) though, reminded us that game was still not over and their gutsy behavior during the closing minutes, forcing us back without any reason  and pressing hard for more, enforced some order in the venue, order that turned to silence on 89′ when Gjasula’s shot, after a second of suffering, ended up centimeters by Himmelmann’s opposite post… Gjasula had another very dangerous shot (90′, right corner sidenetting) but fortunately time was too short and there was nothing more for them in the game… Full time whistle, FCSP 3 – VfR Aalen 1, with everybody high in the sky and the squad, despite the rain, celebrating with the Südkurve, still 45′ after the end of the match 😀

It's over!

It’s over!

Don’t want to imagine how it would be otherwise…This was our first 6ptr, coming at the most critical moment, right before the Winter break. Congratulations to everybody and we mean everybody, starting from the Presidium, passing through Meggle, Lienen, squad and going all the way to the Hardcore Südkurve Loyals, for doing their small or bigger share in order for the squad to be the way it was yesterday and win this life or death match. From now on, it’s the long break ’til Febuary. A lot of time, to relax, regroup, think, organize, get reinforced and do anything required so that we will be ready on February. Ready to fight back, save the squad from the Hell of Liga 3 and start building towards a more stable future 🙂

Break also for us the fans – yesterday was too good to call end of season (there’s also a discussion about a February trip left unfinished 🙂 ), so the Winter break will be officially declared tomorrow night by both South End Scum and Athens Club boys and girls, in some tavern, hopefully with some of the friends that missed yesterday, one of the coolest occasions of the season so far 🙂

No more football for a while, now wishes, wishes for the new year. Wishes that next year we still be still here, on the same spot, discussing about things we want to create instead of things we’trying to save. The Club, while making progress in a lot of sections (especially the social side of the Club), stays still or even is moving backwards in a few others. However, this period could be considered as a milestone. It’s not only about what happened last Tuesday, it’s also about what happened last November. Let’s hope, for a more strong and stable, while even more connected to the fans and even more commited to the values, Club in 2015!

Forza FCSP!!!

Match goals:

1:0 Verhoek (35′, Right foot shot, Sobiech)

2:0 Barth (50′, Own goal, Header, Daube)

3:0 Thy (81′, Right foot shot, Trybull)

3:1 Kaufmann (83′, Right foot shot, Gjasula)

Spectators: 21712

Sankt Pauli cards: Nehrig(2), Startsev(1), Buballa(1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Match highlights

Entrance & choreo

 Further reading:

Still 0-0, no party yet, all quiet both in and out of the frame :-)

Still 0-0, no party yet, all quiet both in and out of the frame 🙂

Game is over and monkey business taking place over the new Athens Club t-shirts

Game is over and monkey business taking place over the new Athens Club t-shirts

Post game show, late evening, at a never known before bar :-)

Post game show, late evening, at a never known before bar 🙂

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