Happy 2015!!!

Posted: December 31, 2014 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in All the rest...

Our last year’s wishes, both utopic and realistic went directly to the waste bucket. Nevertheless, we don’t give a fuck – we’re Scum, we’re fighters and we will keep doing this until all our wishes accidentally come true and we stand down in glory 🙂

Wishes for a happy, prosperous and creative year. May all of us be around here in one year from now happier, wiser and, above all, better people. A better world for everybody, better cities to live in unity and harmony and a better understanding between us, humans, freaks of nature 🙂 A glorious 2nd round for FCSP, salvation on May and a sky rocketing 1st round next season, bringing us home in comfort in exactly one year, making jokes about our 2016 Bundesliga away trips!  Stay strong, stay united FCSP fans, from Athens to Hamburg, from Barcelona to Oslo, from Istanbul to Yorkshire and from Australia to Brazil and Argentina!

Aye, and a Good Fairy with a Magic Stick that automatically turns Nazis to Emos!

Best times always ahead,  Happy 2015 😀

Sincerely Yours

The Scum Crew

  1. evoulino says:

    happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!

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