Matchday 20: SV Sandhausen – FC Sankt Pauli 0-0

Posted: February 8, 2015 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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Football is back!!!

Wir glauben an euch_e

Of course we’re talking about football in general and the chance to see again FCSP playing because what we watched yesterday, in terms of quality, simply wasn’t a triumph of football 🙂 A fair and square clean sheet draw, leaving both teams dissatisfied, after a match that was interesting only in it’s opening and closing quarters. OK, it’s really good to be back but fasten your seat belts because looks like there’s a hell of a ride coming up…


Aah! A bloody sweet feeling this weekend midday football ride after some 50 days of Liga 2 Slumber, seldomly interrupted with substitute football fixes, coming mainly from Turkey where squad was making the winter break training 😀 Back again, feeling explosively positive and full of expectations in the beginning of a month that will decide in a big part our fate at the end of the season…

In the beginning it was like the squad got in the field to prove us right. Absolute domination for FCSP during the opening stages of the game but unfortunately without any result. 1st big moment already on 2′ with Sobota (officially welcome!) doing some nice manoeuvring, entering the box face to the net and firing a shot just wide by Riemann’s left junction! Good occasion on 9′ with a good Daube cross from the left finding Budimir (in the heart of the box, having back towards the net) who managed a pivot move and a shot which found Riemann ready AND THE COLOSSAL CHANCE on 10′ with Budimir getting an EXCELLENT assist from Thy, getting into the box all alone slightly to the right and, without ANY kind of pressure (except probably the inner pressure he was feeling), aiming and sending the ball…somewhere else… FCSP didn’t manage to catch Sandhausen by surprise and 15′ practically signaled the end of the 1st half in terms of thrill (with the exception of a Thy shot deflected dangerously to corner by Olajengbesi on 25′) as our hosts closed the gaps and gained a few space in the pitch. From this point until the end of the half time passed with FCSP wanting the game, Sandhausen looking happy with the draw and the game at a deadlock. Half time 0-0, after a non-game (for it’s biggest part), still leaving us with the feeling that we deserved more and we can get it in the 2nd half…

10': Coach Lienen registers Budimir's lost chance in the Sin section of his notebook :D

10′: Coach Lienen registers Budimir’s lost chance in the Sin section of his notebook 😀

2nd half not only resumed in the same manner, things got even worse and I sincerely have no recollection of anything from this game before 68′ when the hosts had their first opportunity with a Bouhaddouz 18m shot blocked safely by Himmelmann…At this point of the game seems that SV Sandhausen started feeling a little more safe and progressively moved themselves a little forward in order to get the most out of this…and they came very close on 74′ with a Wooten 9m volley ending just 1m over Himmelmann’s crossbar… This kind of ignited the game and the closing quarter of the game was far more interesting comparing to the Nirvana of the previous 60′ but without anything spectacular going on. We could probably keep Verhoek’s occasion on 75′, who received the ball incoming in the box with defensive pressure and an angle to the net that would require a world class attacker to directly achieve it, before sending the ball quite wide 🙂 Nothing further and the final 0-0 reflects completely the flow and the balance of the game.  A draw quite fair but unfortunately against the best interest of both squads, especially us who we are now sitting at the bottom place of the table, a feeling quite unpleasant…

Game over, Lienen applausing the 3000 fans that made the trip and made Hardtwaldstadion looking like home :-)

Game over, Lienen applausing the 3000 fans that made the trip and made Hardtwaldstadion looking like home 🙂

The good news:

First of all, having back FCSP! It has been a long cold winter and now matter how beatiful, creative, etc, it was still incomplete without FC Sankt Pauli, now everything looks somehow back  in order 🙂

The squad showed also a good mentality today. For the biggest part of the game, we were looking like the home team (the high class FCSP fan support helped a lot!) even though the tactics of our hosts allowed us for the biggest part of the game to do so. The same thing goes for our usual nightmare, our defensive line which looked far more solid during the biggest part of the match even if they didn’t have to face up to strong challenges yesterday. Quite good first impressions from Sobota and Koch on their first official appearance with the club abd a lot of promises for the immediate future 🙂

And let’s not forget, a point (especially one away) is always a point!

The bad news:

We need more…

Aalen managed to get a valuable point at home from Darmstadt and Aue gathered a priceless 3ptr against Red Bull, we have been left last even before the entire matchday is complete. It’ s still up to our hands to make it out of this shithole, WE ALL BELIEVE we can do it – not only the top image banner lads 😀 BUT in order to do so only our very best is enough. We need every chance, every goal, every save, every point against any opponent. This month is the most crucial in the season with 3 6pt games vs direct relegation rivals (yesterday it was the 1st) and we don’t have time for progressive adjustments, we need the results now and from this point of view yesterday was kind of a step back…


We’re back and this is good enough to start with! Now, we just need to find our way through… Next week is Greuther Fürth at Millerntor, a theoretically harder test than Sandhausen. No sufficient conclusions could be made yesterday regarding technical improvement but the vibes were clearly positive. Seems like we have the attitude in the field, let’s keep it that way and, with a little more luck and concentration, results will finally come. We are all behind and we strongly believe that our first BIG trip in Hamburg after a lot of years (more than 20 people, coming from all Greek FCSP fanclubs and not only, fucking Hell 😀 ) for the Aue game on March 1st will be good times. So, C’MON you Boys in Brown, start kicking some ass, we’re coming and we need the party to still exist when we finally arrive 🙂

Match goals:


Spectators: 7364

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Match highlights


USP Pyro show (news from the DFB expected shortly)

 Further reading:


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