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The “FC” in “FC Sankt Pauli” stands for “football club” (very clever guess 😀 ) but there are a lot more going on in the Sankt Pauli Cosmos except football. Seemed to us like a good idea getting to know what happens beyond the surface (football) and today we start our tour with the Darts department. FCSP fans, meet the Dart Pirates!


The department exists since 2011 and they seem quite active with around 80 members and more than one squads, practicing 4 times a week both at the Millerntor and the Domschänke. You can find out more details about this beer-drinking-dart-throwing crew, thanks to Hossa who was kind enough to take some time and deal with our questions:

To begin with, could you provide us with a short story of the Dart Pirates? Squad was non-established on May 30th 2011 but, if we figured it out correct, the story is starting well before this date. Was this an FCSP initiative in which you people responded or did it happened the other way around with you being already an independent squad before getting recognized as an amateur department?

In our St. Pauli-Forum (www.stpauli-forum.de) a guy asked, if there were other people who like playing darts. After a few days we met on 5th January 2011 in an Irish Pub called “Froggys”. After a few words we threw some darts and at the end of this evening, we decide to build up the St. Pauli Dart-Piraten.

We asked FCSP and they were very excited about our plans.

A few months later (30th May 2011) the squad went official.


After having a first look at the Dart Pirates website, seems not only that we have a darts department but we kick ass as well! Would you like to tell us a few words about your achievements in these (almost) 4 years?

After the first season we played in the “Landesliga” (means the 3rd division in Germany) our first team gone straight up to the 2nd division.

Also there are some other Leagues where some players build teams with players from different clubs and play together.

Actually we have three Teams – two in the 3rd and one in the 2nd division.

How do you cover the department running expenses? Support from the mother club, sponsors, some kind of subscription or a little of everything?

Every member pays 10 euro per month to FCSP, 8,50 euros are for the Dart-Piraten, 1,50 goes to the main club.
Also we have found two sponsors, which gave us boards, writing-boards, eddings etc, and paid our jerseys.

We have seen a Kicker table almost in every bar in Hamburg (OK, figure of speech 🙂 ) but not so many dart boards. Still, judging by the attendance at German PDC tournaments and the coverage of German TV to international events, darts seem to be extremely popular up there. Is it the same way when it comes to amateur darts?

Lately, more and more dart boards are available im more and more pubs.

After the world championships many bars installed dartboards – but mostly E-dart (sic!) – we play steel-dart!!! 😉

Darts supposed to be just fun. Does wearing the FCSP jersey (by the way, the outfits are bloody cool!) while doing it make it any different?

I think, everyone of us has “brown-white blood” … certainly infected with the St. Pauli-Virus by football, but it is very cool to wear the FCSP-jersey at the matches. Sometimes we tease the dart-players from HSV with a smile 😉


Is it only darts so far or there’s also an active social side of the Dart Pirates in terms of team activities?

Every year in summertime, there’s a tournament called “St. Pauliade”. Every department shows, what they are doing and every visitor can try to check out the different sports. Mostley there’s a lot of fun, music and beer at this tournament… 😉

Any future plans or expectations for the Dart Pirates?

Not yet! We are now over 80 members – and this is nearly to much. But we try to get more kids into the club.

Any special requirements for anybody wanting to join except love for FCSP, darts & beer ( 🙂 )?

Strictlly antifaschist!  Everybody is welcome!

Any good “technical” advice for beginners that want to start practicing darts?

Learning by doing 😉



Once more thanks to Hossa for the interview, in case you’re interested finding out more about these guys (and you haven’t done already by clicking at any link above), there’s lots of information as well as a big photo gallery on their website. Some key information can be found also on their page in the Amateur section of the official FCSP website.

You’ll never throw darts alone – FORZA Dart Pirates, FORZA FCSP!!!


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