Matchday 21: FC Sankt Pauli – SpVgg Greuther Fürth 0-1

Posted: February 17, 2015 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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We’ve seen SP take results and not worth it and we’ve seen the exact opposite. So what we can’t say is that we get mistreated by a ref. But the thing is that every match now to us is being looked upon us an ultimatum, and thinking us such, it is outrageous to see SP playing with passion (finally) and  dominating a game, but losing all three points due to a douchebag ref. There is no place for mistakes now and it seems that Ewald Lienen made that clear to the players. But apparently a team needs more than that to win a game. A first half with SP dominating the game, with the ref blowing the action away on our part with a penalty shot given and taken away, with an offside goal against us that never got whistled and many more falls calls that enlisted him to the ones marked as cesspool of bad sportsmanship and professionalism. Scum gathered about 20:30 in Cargo café in Alimos for the usual stuff like watch SP, drink and analyze the modern viewz, thoughts and aspects of a successful decapage (ladies can’t help it!).


Hell’s Bells sound the end of discussion at the table, and the flaming bunker gets our attention and brings the chills. This is Millerntor and things go this way here. The 8-0 defeat of H$V of course couldn’t be less mentioned, as there were enough placates raised marking the day… The action starts early on 3’ when Dennis Daube fires off a well executed free shot catching Fürth’s defense on sleep, but Koch fails to follow. On  16’ Sobota takes advantage of a through ball from Schachten and manages to win a penalty as Fürth’s defensive clearly repels his flanking pass with the elbow. Apparently this was not good enough for the ref, Mr Petersen from Stuttgart, cos  after  whistling for penalty , he discussed with his colleagues and took it back. Apparently the extended elbow is not considered illegal (NOOOT). On 25’ another free shot from Daube has the same luck with the others, while it breaks in Fürth’s defense but no one’s there to respond. Ref manages to fuck up once again on 27’ when he misses to see Przybylko who is offside , and he takes advantage of a free shot and opens the score. So with the help of Mr Petersen, Przybylko breaks his 537 minutes of non scoring. SP kept pressing and Fürth had to answer through counters as Pauli kept attacking through waves. In one of these counters on 35’ Himmelmann shows his class as he repels an one on one shot from Fürth when most of us thought it would be their second. On 43’ Rzatkowski makes it plain and simple. He is the top player SP possesses and anyone watching the game can get this straight. Mark plays with Fürth’s defense and shoots a really nice shot but a bit unlucky as it finds in Fürth’s feet and ends in corner. Corner executed and Rzatkowski again takes the ball and shoots giving it a really nice curve which ends a little outside of Furth’s right pole.



Early on the second half Himmelmann shows class again by repelling a dangerous shot from Zulj. But these were just small glimpses Fürth had. SP dominated the game. The main course of action took place in the center were it was clear that Fürth had no chance.On 63’ John Verhoek misses a really nice chance to even the score. Sobiech marches through the entire Fürth defense and after a quick one-two with Rzatkowski, he opens the ball nicely in front of Verhoek’s leg. But Jon (Come on Big Jon. You can do better!!) simply wasn’t there. A little later finally the ref sees that there are offsides on Fürth’s behalf as well, and whistles Caligiuri as such, who rushed to celebrate a second goal. On 87’ came the last chance for Pauli.  Nöthe who replaced Daube on 69’ opens the ball nicely aiming for Budimir’s (replaced Verhoek on 78’) head, but his header was weak enough to even cause a threat. With this and that, and after ONLY 3 minutes of extra time the final whistle blew and the players saw their way to the lockers.


Now in every loss there are always personal blames to put. SP is definitely improved in the center. We can hold the ball longer and so our defense doesn’t get so many threats, and our offense get’s more chances to open the score. But defense still needs a lot of work to do and for God’s sake someone must score. Someone, somehow must put the ball into the net. But these finishing lines won’t be about our sections that need improvement. These last lines will all be about Mr Martin Petersen from Stuttgart. The man obviously had no clue what he was doing. And it is even more obvious to anyone who watched the game that his colleagues were same jerks as him. So 4 in a row makes one hell of a combination. No game could be unfolded and as time passed by, Petersen made it even more hard with his faulty calls and lack of clarity. With the penalty he first whistled and then canceled being his top moment, followed by the blindness of his colleagues on the opening goal (it was an offside damn it), and then all hell breaks loose. The tip of the iceberg was the xtra time. He called it 3 minutes while Fürth  players had turned the field into their bed lying down on every breath they felt on the back of their necks. Faulty foul whistles succeeding one another mostly on SP’s behalf but for  Fürth as well (not sure if their second was actually an offside). The man was not picking sides but he was way too incompetent for the game and so were his colleagues and this ended in SP ruling the game, but loosing the three points. In the end of the day I guess we have to suck it up and look for our next three  points away.

This Saturday Scum and the Salonica boys will watch SP against 1860 München together, as we’ll visit the North for the Greek Death Grind Scene fest. Let’s hope that us joining the Thessaloniki fan club will bring luck and the three points to our pockets. No place for mistakes from now and on. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Match goals:

0:1 Przybylko (27′, Right foot shot, Thesker)

Spectators: 23383

Sankt Pauli cards: Koch(1), Sobiech(7)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Squad entrance and the Bunker Pyro Hell!!! (it’s allowed up there gentlemen of the DFB, right?)

…and another version 🙂

 Further reading:


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