Matchday 22: 1860 München – FC Sankt Pauli 2-1

Posted: February 22, 2015 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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No Bottom to mediocrity!!!


This matchday was definitely a special day. First of all it was the game. Had to sum up all positive energy possible to win this cos, every game now is a win situation for us. A tie isn’t an option and of course there’s no place for defeat. The 2 days annual Greek Death Grind scene fest in Thessaloniki was an excellent option for us. 2 bands with scum members were participating so, this was a perfect timing for us. Visiting Salonica were the boys from the SP Salonica crew are running the show was an awesome experience in all. Met Thomas at about  quarter to 4 and then headed to their joint for the game. Rotonda café was more or less like Cargo. Classic old school type café with elders drinking coffee and talking politics and the Salonica crew gathering for the event of the day. Salutations and mutual respect was shared and the whole downhill started…


First minutes were on SP. On 6’ Rzatkowski, sends a  nice pass to Thy but he misses the header. And then the bad demon strikes again. When everything seems hopeful and ripe, Captain Gonther in an attempt to repel a München shot opens the score but not for SP… Bad luck on start and this pretty much showed the vibe that took the game over. Attempts like the one from Nöthe or the one from Thy on 23’ had no luck at all. Our shots seemed to be so predictable that Eicher had no trouble in blocking them. Same luck had the attempt of Rzatkowski on 25’. The next minutes passed with the ball changing feet from side to side and practically nothing important to mention. The Lions felt safe with the score and saw we could do nothing to change it. A final pass from Rzatkowski to Nöthe on 45’ had the same luck as all the others. Straight to the hands of Eicher.


Second half finds SP ascending and trying to find its pace but a thing that proved really difficult. In a rare glimpse of professionalism, Koch passes to Gonther and he slides it to Thy who slightly misses it (AGAIN!!!). A free kick from München takes our attention but the red light fades quickly as the Lions send it a bit away from our pole.  Minutes passed and our moments in the game stayed in effortless headers and predictable. Rzatkowski on 52’ and Nöthe on 60’ made us get off our chairs for a while but the end was as predicted before. The law of football wants the team that misses the most eats the most and so on 72’ Wolf takes advantage of the party going on SP’s defense and scores a second for  1860. Things of course got tougher after that. We kept on pressing but everything ended on the keeper’s hands or out of their poles or even  found defensive feet to stop ep. All except on 77’ when Nöthe took advantage of a distant shot and a couple of headers and shot a nice shot finding its way to the net. And then it was all about pressure. Free shot on 90’ from Rzatkowksi and 3 minutes of extra time, that definitely seemed like ages for München. The game ended with Sankt Pauli on a corner shot repelled. Whistle blew the end of the game and things get really obvious of what’s to come for SP.


Talks were going on all year round about us moving to 3d league but I think this defeat kind of seals the deal. We have passion and sometimes this can be translated to goal in a game, but this is way far from  what a team needs to have to win a game. Mathematically we’re not still condemned, but anyone watching the team knows that all the easy teams we could have won are gone. Now it is all hardships. If we have to say that we’ll fight this we have to keep it on winning mode til the end (Yeah Right!). And of course we have to assume that some of the teams on the lower ranks will lose. Anyway as we all know SP is more than football so all we can do is be there and follow. Next game is Sunday with Aue in Milerntor. Hopes are high as there will be Scum representation in the game. Forza SP.

Match goals: 

1:0 Gonther (10, own goal)

2:0 M. Wolf (72, Header, Adlung)

2:1 Nöthe (77, Right foot shot, Budimir)

Spectators: 25100

Sankt Pauli cards: Daube(2), Halstenberg(1), Nöthe(7)

The only brown white winners yesterday

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