Matchday 23: FC Sankt Pauli – Erzgebirge Aue 0-0

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Entering the Event Horizon…

Smart guys doing physics define “event horizon” “as ‘the point of no return’, i.e., the point at which the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible”. In case you wonder what’s the relation between the maximum-booze-consuming-minimal-brain-results-producing Scum crew and noble sports like Physics, the answer is easier than it looks. If you look anywhere around, you can always find an example of life immitating physics (or vice versa, if you prefer). Such a case we experienced this weekend at the Millerntor with FCSP, after failing once more to get a victory, this time against Erzgebirge Aue, entering the Event Horizon of…Liga 3…


This was a different weekend… Significance of the match on the one hand, (heard the term “last exit Aue” here) and the first, after a lot of years, massive trip to Hamburg with more than 20 people on board, from 4 different areas of Greece, making it to the neighborhood on the other, so better split this thing in two parts:

The match:

Expectations were not very big, the catastrophic February had already taken its toll on the morale. I’m not talking about the will to (and the level of) support here – just lots of people who were already facing relegation as a fact. The fact that even the day before the match a lot of discussions taking place involved next season speaks for itself. In other words, optimistic people were talking about our last chance here and the not so optimistic about the adjustment difficulties the club will face next year…

However the crowd outside the Millerntor Sunday morning (regardless of the classic nerve breaking Hamburg weather 🙂 ) was looking anything but a desperate crowd. The usual party atmosphere (better when our DOM neighbors are out of town 🙂 ), lots of people asking for tickets (there were of course some available but…in the Haupttribune) and some purple “stains” in the brown carpet, representing the Aue population, mixed with the local crowd, having fun and enjoying football the way they know to do up there and we’re almost completely unaware of here 😀

Squad entrance

Match started in a very familiar way with FCSP having complete control of the game in the opening minutes (until the opponent gets used to the field and our game). Pressure from FCSP, ball mostly in the Aue half and the first serious visit at the guest box (6′) with Thy (last recipient of a Kalla cross from the left, missing the target from close range but from a very uncomfortable angle. 10′ later (16′) one of the very few overall FCSP chances with a Koch tricky curvy header hitting the crossbar before it moves away to safety. Somewhere there the small FCSP domination got over and gave it’s place to a quite tight game without much to see… Only exceptions, a Thy shot on 25′ tackled to safety at the very last moment by Vucur and the big moment of the 1st half for Aue with a 7m Mugosa header for the kill which was avoided thanks to the correct position and the very good reflexes of Himmelmann who chose to stay on the line and was vindicated for his choice. Half time 0-0 to nobody’s surprise, considering the overall flow of the game…

Actually, the best thing that 1st half had to offer :-)

Actually, the best thing that 1st half had to offer 🙂

2nd half underway, also at a familiar pace with FCSP trying but can’t do and the opponent getting really dangerous while we’re trying… First good moment ours (49′), with a good Halstenberg inspiration with a 30+m volley that made Männel worried but unfortunately ended some half meter over the crossbar…and a tremendous chance (like the ones that we’re specialized in losing 🙂 ) for Aue with Könnecke (52′) all alone in front of Himmelmann wasting a chance that probably wouldn’t be lost even at a “derby” outside the Jolly on the Budapesterstraße sidewalk…lots of effort from FCSP but to want and to be able to achieve are two quite different things… A creative glimpse for FCSP on 60′ with a good quick combination ending to the legs of Νöthe who managed to get himself into the killing zone but his body position wasn’t good enough resulting to a shot that ended up somewhere in the Südkurve… Same motive and the restitution for Aue (68′) with another Mugosa header, equally dangerous with the one in the 1st half, this time with Himmelmann neutralized and Halstenberg beaten, that ended up only centimeters from our left post…Towards the closing stages, a completely monotonous way of playing for FCSP with the boys in brown throwing long balls into the box, hoping to a good header or a mess, something that brought us twice close to success, even using such an unorthodox way…A good Νöthe header which found Männel ready on 79′ and the unlucky 82′ moment when Big (for real in this occasion) John moved very fast to receive a very clever deep Rzatkowski ball, won both Männel and Fink in the air (slightly left to the penalty spot), but his header bounced once in front of the totally defenseless net before hitting Männel’s left post and goes to fucking Hell… Nothing more and game ended with only 2′ of injury time with an ugly clean sheet draw, which even though is anything but handy to us, looks like a fair result overall…

Apparently nobody's happy here... (source:

Apparently nobody’s happy here… (source:

The awkward silence inside the Millerntor, immediately after the full time whistle says it all…A very difficult moment for everybody…No booos (after all, such reactions are very rare at the Millerntor), no applause, just silence… A somehow quick round in front of Gegengerade (which was already being evacuated by some, also unusual), from Südkurve where nobody left the lower standing level but waited quietly to give the applause, no Haupttribune (these people leave their positions at half time and return around 55′, nobody expected them to stay anyway) and off to the showers with the heads down…

The day after is just tough… Liga 3 is looking closer than ever (for the very first time looks VERY real) and the worst thing is that almost everybody in the neighborhood agrees that we deserve the position we now hold (and is very doubtful if we leave until the end of the season). It’s not the time to discuss what led us here, we have discussed it more or less throughout the entire season for anybody who’s a freuent visitor here. The most positive thing we can find in this pile-of-shit situation is Ewald Lienen’s statement on Mopo the day after the game where he stated his intention of sticking with the Club whatever it happens, we only hope that the new Presidium has the same opinion…

And now? Now, having already entered the Event Horizon, we’re looking for the force that will sky rocket us out of there and sends us away to safety, religious people (we have very few in the Scum) call such things miracles… It’s a miracle hunt then, starting this Saturday at Braunschweig vs the unlikable Eintracht and their hated far right fan mob. The FCSP fan base will be there (unfortunately not us, unless some relegation playoffs occur, that was it for the season) supporting, we just hope that the squad will be present as well, with body and mind, to try to gain anything that we can get. It doesn’t look good but there are no other visible options, especially with the remaining schedule whick looks quite grim…

Match goals:


Spectators: 22590

Sankt Pauli cards: Gonther(3), Kalla(1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

End of match (with squads showing the score as someone noticed 🙂 )

 Further reading:



The Trip:

There’s no place like Sankt Pauli, regardless if it’s your 1st, your 2nd or your nth time here. I suppose that to the eye of  a first timer looks magic and exciting the exact same way it looked to me when I made my first ever trip to Hamburg and promised myself that I will soon be back: a magic and different place, full of passion, color and positive vibes, the place where people from all around the globe meet here, all pushed by their love, passion and dedication for FCSP. To me it feels just like coming back home, some 2500 Km from the place I live…But is ever more than that…always something new that you haven’t seen, some new interesting people (like some Sankt Pauli Mafia wackos 😀 ) or even people that you communicate with them, share opinions sometimes but have never met like e.g. the Irish Hardcore FCSP fellow Shane that spotted me Saturday night at the Jolly or Die Pauliane who had the pleasure to meet outside the Domschänke (respect to both!)

This time the trip was somehow shorter, so it was more about sticking with friends than exploring new stuff, probably the Salonica crew will have more to say on their blog. Still, there are a few highlights like the match of the Handball squad, Saturday evening in the Budapesterstraße hall with FCSP facing HG Hamburg-Barmbek. Full house, good support (including over 15 Greek fans, a few of them having their first ever handball experience 🙂 ), positive vibes and lots of effort from the Boys in Brown but unfortunately all these wasn’t enough as our guests, being constantly in front and hunted all along the game, managed to establish a safety gap towards the end of the game and finally won the match with a final score 28-33. We really don’t give a fuck about the defeat, team position secured and it’s always a pleasure being there watching (and partying with) the Handball guys. Thanks guys for the effort and for offering us, despite the result, a really pleasant evening!

Note: if you are interested learning more about the Handball department, stay tuned – a short interview with Sven, the department communication guy, is already in the process of implementation (sic!) and will be published in the “Other Sports” section in the very near future 🙂

Warming up with Thin Lizzy 😀

Game kickoff

We love Sankt Pauli, we do (not so loud boyz and girlz 😀 )

Guests won and in civilized places like Sankt Pauli they are allowed to do this!

… and of course, the constant pleasure of paying a visit to the USP room, extremely colorful on the eve of the match, with a mix of USP, the frequent visitors of Schickeria Μünchen, Rayo Vallecano fans and lots of Greek FCSP fans, the Sunday afternoon whisky galore at the Shamrock with friends from Desorganisierte and SPM and (of course!) the late night feeling at the Jolly (business as usual!), the crucible of FCSP fans from all around the world, with the somehow puzzled head, puzzled from booze, weed, good rock’n’ roll and the variety of different languages, all together in a spirit of friendship, loose mood and clean fun, in a few words, football culture at it’s finest 😀

Personal thanks and hello to: the entire USP crew, the entire Jolly staff, Kleiner Tod (also for the excellent in-depth technical analysis regarding the whisky maturation process) and Desorganisierte, Yiannis and Ruben from the Skinheads, Jan (Lunatic Handball Supporter and always a good friend), Bjeff (the mad Bastard from Ultras Inferno!), Sambu (the Bja Titan from Ultras Hapoel Tel Aviv!), the Irish Comrade Shane, the Sankt Pauli Mafia whisky colleagues,  and of course all the Greek fellow Sankt Pauli fans who made the trip and shared the experience, coming from all possible locations: Sankt Pauli Athens Club, St. Pauli Thessaloniki Club, the Martino (!!!) crew and the boys and girls from Euboea (the only ones that didn’t have enough time to chat, exchange opinions, etc, hopefully see you next season!).

The Sunday prize - the limited edition Desorganizierte scarf!

The Sunday prize – the limited edition Desorganizierte scarf!

Next trip (in case that surprising relegation playoffs will not alter the plan) is already scheduled. The first massive South End Scum trip (we have never made it more than two of us so far) coming up next September, hopefully with some extra participation from this weekend’s fellow travellers 🙂 Regardless of the league, regardless of the situation we’re coming back, through thick and thin, through lose and win, there’s only one way, the way to Hamburg 🙂 Until then, lots of courage, patience and strength, they will all be needed…


  1. Tröööt says:

    Hey, thanks für your regards 🙂 I think, it must have been a nice evening, wish I could remember 😀 Kisses from the “Whisky-Colleagues” ;)))

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