Matchday 24: Eintracht Braunschweig – FC Sankt Pauli 0-2!

Posted: March 8, 2015 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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Good! Can we repeat it next week?

Whoooooaaaaaahhh! Right at the moment when it seemed that the situation is getting out of hand, the Boys in Brown gave their answer in the pitch, and what an answer that was! Easy and clear 0-2 victory (1st away this season!) in Eintracht Stadion, in front of the blue-yellow crowd of Eintracht Braunschweig, including their far-right hooligan mob, escaping temporary from the last place in the table, a place that some of us were thinking that we won’t leave until May…We only hope that the squad has some more like this in store because, at the point we are now, we certainly need them…


Early Saturday, Scum crew scattered in all possible directions (most of them working locations) and my sorry ass along with two ladies from the Scum Female Vanguard ( 😀 ) the only ones to take the road towards our local FCSP friendly venue Cargo which…is closing (after 27 years, as we were told) at the end of June, due to the ongoing recession… Bad news even before the match starts, not the best possible way to get in character before the game…

As soon as game kicked off all these went aside for the moment and all focus turned to the pitch where Braunschweig had the starring role in the opening minutes with FCSP waiting in our own half. Lots of possession by the hosts but not real pressure to the brown white defense with a first occasion for them on 10′ when a 6m Berggreen back header found Himmelmann ready – ball easily blocked. The work that Lienen has already done with our defensive line (our permanent weak spot) has started showing results, game went on the same way with the hosts being all around but a tight and well organized in the back (!) FCSP waiting for them. All these until 25′ and the shocking change: Daube corner from the right, Gonther, first to the ball, got the header from 7m and beat Gikiewicz (who reached the ball but couldn’t change it’s course) for the opening goal, gooooaaaaal, gooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaallllll!!! 0-1 for FCSP, a major upset in the game, at least the way it was flowing until then, hosts tried to intensify the pressure but with no big results as the brown white defense didn’t gave them any rights. Things worth mentioning, a Halstenberg attempt to throw away the ball that took a slightly dangerous orbit but ended 2m wide (28′), a chance for FCSP on 38′ with a Thy shot, just into the right edge of the box, that was firmly blocked by Gikiewicz and another shot from similar position but on the other side of the field by Kessel being handled the same way by Himmelmann on 43′. Half time Braunschweig 0 – FCSP 1 with us trying to explain to the others calling about the game that we are really ahead and actually easily 🙂

Back in the 2nd half, with Braunschweig showing their intentions very early with a good opportunity on 47′ when Omladic tried a shot from a tight angle within the box giving a hard time to Himmelmann who managed though to clear the ball to a corner. But not only there were not many more like this in the 2nd half as FCSP defense had yesterday one of their most solid performances this season, FCSP was also looking very comfortable with the ball in the pitch, being actually more of a threat to our opponents than they were to us. Very ambitious Maier low cross with no one to receive the ball for the kill on 54′ and the BIG chance on 55′ with Daube serving (again) to Thy with a deep vertical ball, Thy getting in time, passing the ball over Gikiewicz but with Correia, last man in line, saving the goal at the very last moment! The best thing that the hosts had to offer as response was a 25m Omladic shot just by Himmelmann’s right post on 61′. A little later it was all over for them…A 40m free kick, executed by Daube who served (again!) the perfect pass to Sobiech, who charged in from behind, won everybody in the air and scored with another header from 7m on 65′!!! 0-2 for FCSP and that was it! No reserves in the Braunschweig tank and except a Zuck shot easily blocked by Himmelmann, nothing worth to mention here. It was all along until the end like we’re not the team that struggles to escape the Liga 3 Hell… No further worries in the game, full time Braunschweig 0 – FCSP 2 🙂

Sobiech has just done it again :-)

Sobiech has just done it again 🙂

This makes up for a lot lost! Priceless victory at a ground that wasn’t quite expected, at a very critical moment. If we weren’t desperately gasping for some air down in the bottom of the league, it would be simply an excellent high prestige victory vs an opponent that we at least dislike ( 😀 ), now it’s far more than that…as long as this was not just a glimpse and there’s going to be some consistent continuation…

The boys were REALLY good, facing a theoretically superior opponent that was anyting than indefferent to the game. Holes in the defense were closed, no (obvious at least) panic, focused and solid defending, squad was looking capable even on the counter attack and on top of all these there were also 2 goals at very critical points of the game. Improvement on defense looks permanent, main problem of the squad in the last games was looking more about scoring than keeping our backs safe, now, we only need to be more consistent on scoring 😉

…something that brings us to next Sunday when FSV Frankfurt is coming to Millerntor. These 3pts gained yesterday were good to close the gap but we’re still in deep shit, we just have the eyes and nose out 🙂 If we want to a few more steps out of this we certainly need a win on Sunday, numbers are harsh, glimpses will not take us very far in the end, we need points and we need them now. Moreover, FSV will play quite differently than Braunschweig did. These guys are exactly in the middle of the table, they ‘re not desperate for points, they look much like the kind of the team that will play good football as always but will not risk their backs in order to collect 3 away pts, this means that they will probably sit back and wait the way we did (at least in the opening stages) this weekend. We have to take the initiative and we better have ready some alternative ways except air balls in order to get something out of it 🙂

Really hope that even the psychological boost from yesterday’s victory will play a part as well, regarding the home support, it’s considered guaranteed. Let’s go then you Boys in Brown, you already shown that you know the way, lots at stake, give us some more here!!!

Match goals:

0:1 Gonther (25′, Header, Daube)

0:2 Sobiech (65′, Header, Daube)

Spectators: 23100

Sankt Pauli cards: Daube(3), Koch(2)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Some match highlights from the Braunschweig view

And the Sobiech goal that they forgot to include 😉

 Further reading:



The pauli_h$v_1415u23_01majestic DERBY WIN of our U23 yesterday afternoon at a postponed game vs the eternal rivals H$V, throwing them off the top of the Regionaliga Nord table!!! Score 3-1, we didn’t give them any right or chance to react,  Görlitz (15′) and Kyoung-Rok Choi (30′) made sure already from the 1st half who is the city boss, taking the squad in the dressing rooms with a comfortable 2-0 and when, during the 2nd half, H$V provided some arguments with a goal on 64′, Bergmann restored order in the game on 83′. Big performance from the U23, giving us an extra gift and making this a Super Weekend as U23 coach Remigious Elert commented. You can read more about the match in the official website match report and keep watching the U23, you will see many faces from this squad making their way to the top team, in the years to come 😉

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