Matchday 26: FC Union Berlin – FC Sankt Pauli 1-0

Posted: March 22, 2015 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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When planets conspire against you!

1st Pic

Ok now, how and what can possibly be found to say, that’ll give you the exact picture of our faces after the game? Gathered in Cargo café , my sorry ass, uncle Zouzounos and Saint John (recent sources want his name changed to chubby gentleman), hoping for a miracle as now every game we come upon is ultimatum to us. All went as planned. In fact in this game we witnessed how Lienen has changed the way the team progresses, but we also witnessed the fact that when your luck is off the door, you stand no chance at all, in the worst manner possible.

Game starts with the lovely site of both teams wearing shirts gegen Diskriminierung (in free translations it goes like : Discrimination-Erase prejudice ) and holding plakatas with the same sayin. On the game now and while beforehand we were discussing on how Ewald Lienen solidified our defensive line, early on 2’ Skrzybski takes advantage of the misunderstanding between Gonther and Himmelmann and finds himself alone with the ball and the nets but thank god for us he misses his shot. Taking that aside though, the game was definitely 50-50. Both teams seemed to be struggling for the center and what looked different on our behalf was the way the ball is provided in and out of the center. With a center field knowing it’s job, defense looks better and so does the offense. Rzatkowski often found himself passing cleverly and leaving the opposite defense exposed. Early on 9’ he does that for Thy and a little later serves a better one to Maier who shoots well but the ball licks Haas’s left pole. Same luck has a nice distant shot from Koch on 25’. SP seemed to be working on safe mode for the first time after many games. Passes seemed to be finding the right feet and it seemed that the team had a game plan to follow. Union of course was on the same page with us. Many battles in the center but it all seemed to be in favor of Sankt Pauli. The action on the first half though ends early on 29’ with Union on a corner kick and header from Kreilach , easily repelled by Rzatkowski causing no threat for Himmelmann. Many more offensive attempts followed but all seemed to end on defensive feet. With this and that the first half saw its end and the tie seemed really close.

2nd Pic

Second half starts and Kalla on 49’ receives a yellow for  improper attempt to claim the ball from Kobylanski. A little later, on 53’ Kobylanski finds an opening in SP defensive line and fires a nice shot from 35 meters but easy for Himmelmann which graps the ball to safety. On 58’ it is Polter’s chance to try a shot but he fails to fire a decent one and things get really easy for SP’s keeper. All things showed that Union started to gain ground. Evan Lienen’s answer to that came on 67’ with Cooper and Verhoek taking Koch and Nöethe’s place. On 69’ Maier manages to send a really nice free shot a little out of Haas’s left pole, and then on 71’ the same player sets of a counter attack with the ball ending to Daube’s feet, but his distant shot had the same luck with Maier’s.  Maier got replaced on 80’ with Budimir and we started counting points and possible rank place after this tie that looked like the most definite result. But what happened on 89’ was something even the most daring wouldn’t bet his money on. Himmelmann controls the ball after the pass from Gonther  and in his attempt to open it, the ball hops before he shoots leading to him practically curling the ball. Polter was close and of course took advantage of the gift by sending the ball in our nets. 1-0 for Union and WHAT THE FUUUUUUUCK WAS THAT??????  Anyway, the free shot Halstenberg executed on the 3 minute of extra time had no luck ending a little away from Haas’s pole once again and with this and that the whistle blows for the last time. In this point we have to give a big FUCK OFF sign to Ote tv and his data system that sucks. Anyway back to action. Or let me place it better. Back to our remains on the stools in Cargo.

3d Pic

Ok apparently the tragic figure here is Robin Himmelmann. If it wasn’t for this goal and the game had ended as a tie, we would be speaking on how Lienen has managed in such short notice, to make a team scattered, start looking like a team again. We’d be talking about the good job he’s done in building up the center  and on how this helped our defense (that still isn’t in good shape) to catch a breath and or offense to get more actual opportunities to score and not just high balls and whoever catches it shoots. Of course we’d be talking about him as a person as well. On how his left ideas fit our team and the chance we have with this dude to march.  Our chances of staying in die zweite liga and yada yada… all that went astray after 89’. The taste went bitter as we saw a fresh Sankt Pauli securing the tie and claiming the three points on some occasions, finally losing everything from a mistake-gift from our keeper. And you know what’s worst? IT WAS NOT HIS FAULT. Yep. No one’s to blame here. The ball just hoped before Himmelmann managed to shoot and then it all went bad. Could happen to anyone. The thing is, what we’re paying here is The Aftermath. The previous year we deserved to be demoted and yet due to some weird luck we didn’t. This year we were all certain we’d fail and yet due to some weird luck here we are back in the game counting chances. Well I believe that there’s some point when luck ends and you just have to take the hammering. Let’s hope that this isn’t this point for us and that it all was an unlucky incident. We said it before and we’ll say once again. Every game from now and on is ultimatum for us. Every game must be faced as last of the season if we want to have a chance in die zweite liga. We did it in Braunschweig, we can do it again against Fortuna Düsseldorf in Millerntor. Monday 06/04 is our last game. It is then or never. This is how we must enter the field. Now or never lads. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Match goals:

1:0 Polter (89′, Left Foot shot)

Spectators: 21717

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla(3)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Robin’s tragic moment 

Further Reading


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