Matchday 27: FC Sankt Pauli – Fortuna Düsseldorf 4-0!!!!!!

Posted: April 7, 2015 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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Ok now, I have to find the proper words to describe last night’s majestic moments? Even the best author can’t do that. It is simple. Some things just need to be seen. I mean. How can someone take the moments we lived  yesterday, put them to paper through words and make someone understand what we witnessed for 90 minutes? In a futile attempt to make you realize what you’ve lost (those who did), I’d say that SP probably played the best game since many years. To the old ones it reminded a lot of Stani’s team. And not in a coaching manner because in this sector everything goes to Ewald. It is just that SP was once again and after maaaaany years the hunter and not the hunted. What myself, Konstantina, Bill, Marousa, Saint John  and Uncle Zouzounos witnessed yesterday was a beast jumping on prey and tearing its flesh apart until there was no more. SP was hungry. But…ok enough with the foreplay. The action holds the truth for my exaggerations. Read below and tell me if I am wrong.

Game starts and Sankt Pauli sets foot in the field with another twist in the rotation from Ewald Lienen. Instead of ThyMaier and Nöethe, Lienen started with VerhoekSobota and Choi. Oooo yes ladies, remember him? The little dude from U23? Only one game with SP so far and this was a friendly so officially it was his first game. And what a debut it was…The first moment of the game belongs to Fortuna. On 5’ Bebou flanks our right side leaving most of our defensives behind him until he finally get’s stopped and wins a free kick. And that was all from Fortuna on this first half. On 9’ after a clever low ball game from Koch, Daube receives the ball and brilliantly opens it to Choi who makes us get of our chairs and the rest of Cargo café with us. Damn it it was sooo long till I remember ourselves screaming this loud. Fucking Goooooooaaaaaal!! We needed it , the team needed it and Choi delivered. 1-0 for SP and the fun did not stop there. Fortuna seemed irritated and confused. On 14’ Silva da Pinto receives a yellow and then on 16’ once again we get of our chairs again. Gooooooaaaaalll! Buballa opens the ball from Fortuna’s right wing and creates a little chaos. Choi is there and takes advantage of it and there it is. 2-0 for SP and we still can’t believe it. SP spreads offensively in a manner we had missed for sooo long. Clever passes and total center field control. The defense was awesome and flawless. No tricky shots inside our area and no bullshit. SP on 16’ seemed relentless and the beating had just started. On 18’ Sobiech send a header a little over Rensing’s pole. On 21’ Fink receives another  yellow on Fortuna’s behalf which at the moment was the definition of helpless. Their center was completely taken and any attempt they started to unfold ended on SP defensive feet. On 34’ another yellow for F.D and this time with Schmitz. Aksoy in order to change this drama he saw coming brought Liendl in Pohjanpalo. But this did no good. On 38’ it was Kalla with Sobota messing up with Fortuna’s defense, with no actual result, but then on 40’ Sobota after a right flank from Buballa and a nice shot from Verhoek takes the rebound and……Goooooooaaaaaaall. 3-0 for SP. Total domination defensively and offensively and all this time Fortuna stayed with the attempt of Bebou on 5’. Nothing more and all was Pauli. First half ends with Verhoek trying for 4-0 but slightly missing (Jon, we love you man but you gotta do it sometime) the shot on the second minute of xtra time. The first half ends and I am sure most of Fortuna’s players would want that final whistle to be the end game whistle. 3-0 und Halbzeit.

Choi 1-0!!! (source:

Choi 1-0!!! (source:

Second half starts and the nightmare for Fortuna seems to have no end. Tradition wanted Fortuna to start the action and this time it was Benschop on 46’ who fires a sloppy shoot to test Himmelmann’s skills but the shot had no luck at all and Himmelmann had no worries at all. Some ball exchanges for SP in the center and there it was again. On 51’ Daube and Choi messing around and leaving Buballa exposed with the ball. Buballa fires off a nice one and…Gooooooaaaaaaallll. 4-0 and this looked like a dream. Such was the hammering we gave them that almost and in some occasions when the camera passed through Fortuna’s fans made us kind of feeling sorry for the poor bastards. I mean traveling 400 km just to see your team get beaten? Just like St John declared: A goal for each hundred. And the pressure carried on. 60’ and Daube fires off a nice corner with Sobiech just missing the header. On 64’ Verhoek might do it but gets caught offside. On 66’ Verhoek once more. Koch to Sobota and he passes to Verhoek. Big John slightly misses it. On 70’ and between two substitutions for SP (69’ Thy for Choi and 73’ Alushi for Daube) was Fortuna’s third opportunity to this whole game. Liendl sees Bellinghausen left alone in the penalty area. Opens to him nicely but his shot is so sloppy it gets a little away from Himmelmann’s poles without any further worry. Fortuna had its last. All was for Pauli after that. SP though seemed to have its share of glory. Some efforts from Alushi but what SP had left in the game was a corpse ruthlessly ravaged that they had no will on tormenting no more. On 87’ the first yellow for SP on Gonther and with this and that a little after 90’ the whistle blows for the last time.

4-0 by Buballa and there's no turning back now!

4-0 by Buballa and there’s no turning back now!

Glory glory Hallelujah. At last damn it. This is what our team should look like when it enters the field. Ewald Lienen’s work seems to bring fruit. The man managed in such short notice to make the team look awfully pretty. It all started from the center and this explains his continuous pursuit of rotation with players able to play center. He knew that defense and offense would perform better if the team had a solid center. And this is what happened. SP yesterday was flawless. Circulation of the ball was exquisite and the low game our players achieved was out of this world. They acted as a team for the first time after a looong period of nothing. This is something we wanted to see but under no oath could expect. Of course, an extra place in this last paragraph should be made to our newbie. Kyoung Rok Choi. The kid has potential. We witnessed that on his first appearance in a friendly macth where he scored again. So with this one it is a 2/2 record. Two game and both times he scored. It was about damn time someone took him for serious and we are so fucking glad Herr Ewald did it. What brighter way there is for someone to open his career in professional football than this one. Way to go kid. ChoiSobotaBuballa where the three scorers but of course let’s not forget Koch for the brilliant assists and Daube for rulling in center and front. This game was proof of what we’ve been saying for soooo long. What other coaches did not understand was that the team needs a center. A massive center to have a nice circulation. This way both the offense and defense would work properly. This is what made the difference yesterday. The team had a center to rely upon. The ball had continuous movement and the passes were dead right. This is what made Fortuna look helpless who apparently was expecting a SP captive of her own lack of tolerance to the game, and what they found was a beast that stalked them and tore them apart. The first hint was confusion and the second was total devastation. Maybe Fortuna would have it lighter if they hadn’t suffered this early goal, but one way or the other they had it coming. Yesterday we witnessed a crime ladies and gentlemen. SP BULLIED Fortuna Düsseldorf. Slaped them in the face. Pulled their pants above her head, pushed her to the wall and gave them a savage beating. This Friday we visit Karlsruher SC. A team that really has a motive in winning (4th on the ranks and wants this damn third), but let’s not forget our motive as well. The pursuit of the second league. Judging from what we saw yesterday, this is something totally achievable. Hell….what do we care. Just bring it. Choi is aaaaaangryy!!!!!

Match goals:

1:0 Choi (9, Right foot shot, Daube)

2:0 Choi (16, Left foot shot)

3:0 Sobota (40, Right foot shot, Verhoek)

4:0 Buballa (51, Left foot shot, Choi)

Spectators: 23584 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Gonther(4)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

 First half (full)

2nd half (full, including Lienen interview at the end)

Further Reading


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