Matchday 28: Karlsruher SC – FC Sankt Pauli 3-0

Posted: April 11, 2015 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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What’s done is done. Choke on it and move on!

Forgetting your cell phone, realizing it while your train is arriving and having to go back home to pick it up and wait for the next train, makes you lose the first 3-4 minutes of the game. And under other circumstances that could be as important as tits on a bull. But this time it was different. Cargo café was the host for this game, and most of the Scum were there to bring their aura to this difficult match. But this just wasn’t enough. Even the kiddo…little Thanos (1-2 year old grandson of Cargo owner mr Panagiotis), which usually is our lucky charm when facing hard obstacles, couldn’t  turn the page here.

Acting stupid, I missed the first whistle, and apparently missed Kalla fucking up. Well ok let’s not put the blame totally on Kalla, but a big amount definitely goes on to him too. Karlsruher was definitely a motivated team that has worked a lot this year and just needs half a chance to turn it into a goal. So on 3’ Kalla trying to repel an incoming, instead of sending it forward, he sends it backwards (Jesus f….. Christ Jan Philipp. They teach that in first grade football school). Our former striker,  Hennings receives and does not hesitate to open the score for Karlsruher.  A little later, on 11’ Yabo misses a chance to double the goals for KSC and on 12’ it is Sankt Pauli’s first chance in the game. Choi receives ball and fires a nice shot  that slightly goes a little off Orlishausen’s poles. Nevertheless the game showed constantly that KSC was 4th in the ranks for a reason. The players knew where to find one another and obviously had worked several offensive maneuvers. On 19’ Hennings once again, after receiving a really nice high pass from Valentini, executes Himmelmann and doubles the goals for KSC. SP finds itself trapped under the organized midfielders of KSC. Yamada on 22’ tries another time but this is Himmelmann’s turn to say no. On 28’ another nice chance goes to waste on SP’s behalf. Daube set’s Sobiech for header but the second misses it as his header is really weak. Same phase but in reverse on 32’. Yabo opens for Yamada but he misses the header as well. On 35’ another classic for SP. Corner shot and Sobiech this time sends the ball straight to the nets, but Gordon clears it away just before it enters. On 37’ Nazarov misses a nice corner rebound. His shot lands a little off Himmelmann’s poles. Mostly midfield battles til the end of the 45’ which of course proved KSC in a higher level as they had they easily won the midfield battle almost every time. Whistle blew and half time was on. 

Second half starts and finds Kalla on 50’ trying to mend things he broke. Fires off a really distant shot but unfortunately it ends in Orlishausen’s arms. On 59’ Himmelmann repels a shot from Hennings. The corner gets executed quickly and Gordon slightly misses the chance for the third. SP seems to find a pace though in the game. Either that, or KSC decided it was time for power reserve. Ewald chooses 2 early substitutions this time. On 60’ and 63’ Maier takes Choi’s place and Cooper get’s in for Sobota. On 68’ Sobiech fires another header but worries KSC not, as it is weak and way above the poles. While SP seemed to be opening up and trying to achieve a goal to trim the difference, KSC based its game in point. On 69’ Gulde takes advantage of his good position in the heart of SP’s defense and after a nice free shot from Valentini, he scores the third for KSC, ending our hope to gaining a point out of this one. All was for honor now. On 75’ Koch fires a nice distant shot but this as well ends in KSC keep’s hands. On 77’ Lienen played his final card. Thy for Verhoek hoping for something but what could possibly be done? On 79’ another corner won for SP, another header from Sobiech and again no worries for KSC. The action stops on 83’ with Valentini firing off a free shot a little above Himmelmann. Final whistle blew and this was pretty much what happened.

This game was damn hard. We knew it. Even when the triumph over Fotuna could have blinded us, leading us to bullshit lines as how we would fuck up everyone in the division, we knew that Karlsruher was no Düsseldorf. The guys are a well trained team that know how and when they should open up, that know their ways in the field and have worked on several defensive and offensive systems. Breaking up a team like that takes a lot more than courage and several ye-hos and lines like “let’s get em boys”. KSC had another motive. They are 4th and needed the three points to stay in the pursuit of the 3d place. That alone explains that we couldn’t be expecting to win this one even in our wildest dream. Our best guess and greatest hope would be a tie. Maybe if the first early goal didn’t break our spirit things would be different but then again almost definitely KSC would one way or another find its way to the three points. FC Nürnberg next Friday, seems like a more feasible goal. Til then let’s hope that Aue and Aalen will fuck up as well. Cheerio and forza SP.

Match goals:

1:0 Hennings (3′, Left Foot shot, Yamada)

2:0 Hennings (19′, Right Foot shot, Valentini)

3:0 Gulde (69′, Header, Valentini)

Spectators: 20000 (or 23359 according to Jon Marten’s Crew)

Sankt Pauli cards: Sobota(1), L.Sobiech(8)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

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