Matchday 29: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Nürnberg 1-0!

Posted: April 18, 2015 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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Still alive!

I personally don’t believe in miracles as I consider them nothing more than weapons in the arsenals of the various religious shops around, all of them on the quest for our belief and cash. However, IF I wasn’t such an irreligious bastard and had watched yesterday’s game approaching his closing stages, praying for a miracle, I think that I would end up in bed late yesterday with the pink thought that “yes, god finally really exists!” 😀 Extremely significant victory for FCSP, thanks to a last moment, out of nowhere, diving header by Sobiech, keeping us alive in the race for survival, however don’t start screaming “Hallelujah” yet brothers and sisters, still a long and hard way to salvation…


Friday, workday, no coverage from the local pay TV provider, all together right after work in the center and more particularly at Locomotiva, home of the Athens Club. Increased tention (not between us 😀 ) while waiting for a game that we knew that his outcome could play a decisive role in the relegation fight, so much that equipment (hey, the “replace lamp” led on the projector has become orange for some reason, you’ll have to deal with this soon mates 😉 ) was set up and running, already 30′ before kickoff 🙂 Finally 19:30, Hell’s Bells, bullshit is over – game time…

From the very early stages of the game became clear to everybody that this was going to be tough shit. Unlike the usual Millerntor opening routine, a very serious FCN took control of the game and transferred the action into the brown and white half of the field. FCSP back and waiting, nothing spectacular except maybe a Burgstaller diagonal tricky shot, some 2m wide off Himmelmann’s left post on 15′. The boys in Brown, having already handled well the opening pressure from the guests, started coyly moving slightly forward and after 25′, they managed a few visits to the FCN box like a Schachten 10m header safely into the arms of Schäfer (26′) and a Daube ball to Verhoek who came just a little too late giving the chance to Schäfer to get to the ball first (28′) but when coming to overall balance, it was still FCN. More possession for them, frequent visits and corner kicks and some good occasions like the Schöpf 17m shot, blocked well by Himmelmann at his left corner (33′) and their BIG chance on 44′ when, after some excellent groupwork, ball ended up to Mlapa’s legs into the upper left area of the box – Mlapa skillfully avoided both Gonther and Sobiech before taking the venomous low shot that was saved only thanks to Himmellmann’s right leg (or skills if you prefer 🙂 ). Half time whistle, FCSP 0 – FCN 0, leaving almost everybody in the venue with a feeling of slight distress and the thought that we will need a lot more if we want to win this…

The slight feeling at the end of the 1st half became annoyingly present with the start of the 2nd, result of Schöpf’s shot (edge of the box, facing the net) on 46′ which licked Himmelmann’s right outer post before ending up out to safety and Burgstaller’s on 49′ (into the box from their left flank) which was firmly blocked by our keeper, however, after the opening 5′, situation returned back to “normal” with the game becoming somehow more balanced. Nothing spectacular, something that would sound nice if we were after the draw but not under the present circumstances… Notable occasions, Verhoek’s shot from within the box, following a Buballa cross and ending a little by Schäfer’s right junction and a Blum tricky shot from the right edge of the box, ending up a few centimeteres over Himmelmann’s crossbar. Things started becoming a little more difficult on 74′ with Burgstaller charging in from the left side of the box but Robin Himmelmann had again the proper answer, saving to a corner. Robin, probably man of the match yesterday was present again on 82′ and blocked another Blum shot and immediately afterwards (83′) we had a good moment on 83′ with Lennart Thy sending the ball from a good position, just in the box, sky high towards the Süd. With this and that, match reached it’s closing stages going for a draw that would be quite unfortunate (especially after today’s results), we had been almost been compromised with it but the best was yet to come… Last minute of regular time, Daube corner kick (“cheated” a little, assistants usually consider it insignificant but shouldn’t be allowed), ball into the heart of the FCN box, diving (!) header by Sobiech, right post and GOOOOOOOOAAAAALLL!!!!!!! REDEMPTION, MADNESS inside Millerntor and a small happy chaos inside Locomotiva chilling to a total state of euphoria minutes later with the finall whistle 🙂

Redemption :-) (source:

Redemption 🙂 (source:

Yesterday, following the match was total bliss, however the day after and with Saturday’s matches already over (both 1860 and Aalen managed important victories) it’s time to get back down to Earth. We achieved to stay alive, now we must find our way out of this. Yesterday was extremely emotional but victory is at the same time a flattering result for FCSP. And as long as our relegation rivals gather points as well, we will need far more than what we played yesterday in order to get results against opponents like Heidenheim (away), Red Bull (home) or Bochum (home) and we don’t even have to mention FCK and Darmstadt (both away)

Of course, this is a big moral boost for the Boys in Brown, results have started coming – if this was FCSP for the entire reason we would be by now safe somewhere in the middle of the table. Unfortunately, we’re not, still this squad has shown signs that we can make it and let’s hope that victories like this will help the squad boost and do what they have to do in the remaining part of the season. Lienen believes, the squad believes, WE ALL believe, let’s see if we have the guts to do it…

Next Sunday is Heidenheim away. Godspeed, FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Match goals:

1:0 Sobiech (90′, Header, Daube)

Spectators: 23854 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Schachten(6), Daube(5)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Daube, Sobiech, goal, chaos

 Further reading:


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