Matchday 30: FC Heidenheim – FC Sankt Pauli 2-1…

Posted: April 27, 2015 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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No time for grief

This post supposed to be out late yesterday but it didn’t… It wasn’t the “exhaustion” due to alcohol or weed, this is business as usual, it was the feeling of sentimental fatigue or to put it a little simpler, the kind of emotion you have when you have been beaten big time and you just can’t stand anymore punches… Of course, this was yesterday and was just bollocks, we don’t have the luxury or time for fainting, one evening of sorrow is enough… FCH 2 – FCSP 1, let’s lift the chin up and see were are we going from here…


Sunday, screwed by OTE TV who prefered Union vs Ingolstadt but with Spring having made already it’s presence really felt, common decision made with the Athens Club comrades to take the long way to the other end of the city, visit Erich at (the familiar and Sky Bundesliga capable) München Bierhaus, watch the match all together and probably enjoy a major upset like an away win down there, a win not very likely according to normal predictions but so desperately wanted by all of us… Very positive mood, at an excessive level someone could say, beer, smoke, friendship, hope and off to the game 😉

15-20' before the game, bunch already gathering, good beer already flowing

15-20′ before the game, bunch already gathering, good beer already flowing

Game began in a very promising way with the Boys In Brown, having already felt the significance of the game, entering the game like we were playing in our own ground. Clear superiority for FCSP, expressed with lot of possesion and frequent visits to the Heidenheim end, still without the very big chance. Mentionable occasions, Verhoek’s 9m header right into Zimmermann’s grasp (2′), a Maier unlucky free 18m shot after a personal charge (5′), a shot (Sobota, 11′) and a header (Sobiech, 16′) from within the box aiming to the sky and something between shot and pass by Kalla (24′) which ended safely again into Zimmermann’s arms. FCH, having choosed to play it safe in the beginning started progressively earning gaining some ground an occasion, resulting to their first good occasion (33′) in the form of a Titsch-Rivero very dangerous 16m shot, result of good teamwork, just over Himmelmann’s crossbar. They actually went a little further than that, starting getting advantage of the FCSP defensive gaps, left by the Boys in Brown (BAD, BAD, BAD!) while they were trying to achieve something at the front, gaps we paid big time later in the 2nd half even without getting caught by surprise… Such an effort was the 37′ counter attack ending at Schnatterer’s legs all alone in the left side of our box, in front of Himmelmann, who was waiting ready and thankfully saved the goal. Last notable moment of the first half, Halstenberg’s 13m direct volley, following a litte mess in the host box, unfortunately directly towards Zimmermann who blocked firmly the ball. Half time, FCH 0 – FCSP 0 and the overall feeling that if we stay focused (we actually didn’t) we can get at least 1 precious point out of this…

Back into the game for the 2nd half with the biggest chance of FCSP until then – a clever penetration by Kalla, the powerful shot for 11m (a liitle right to the penalty spot) but Zimmermann denied the goal, depriving Jan-Philipp from own of the most important goals of his career (they aren’t so many after all 🙂 ). Balanced game for the following 10′, Coach Lienen’s injury on 58′ (fractured arm, needs operation, GET WELL SOON COACH 😀 ), a small delay due to cards and substitutions and DOOM on 62’… Deep Schnatterer cross from the left to Niederlechner at the other side, parallel to our goal header-assist right in the heart of our where Leipertz, COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN BY EVERYBODY, charged in and tackled for the opening goal…1-0 for the hosts and now a competely different ballgame with FCSP in need to turn the match completely upside-down with half an hour to go. Things could turn out different if Zimmermann wasn’t ready on 68′ and didn’t block Halstenberg’s killing header but he did…FCSP tried for the payback but everything now was far more difficult against a host team already ahead on the score. Cooper‘s silly penalty on Leipertz (81′) which was converted to goal by Schnatterer (82′) killed any ambition left. Still the boys in brown didn’t quit. Νöthe approached 2-1 on 85′ with a header, winning Zimmermann this time but losing to the crossbar, Himmelmann saved us from the 3rd (and disgrace) on 87′ and again Νöthe on 93′ got the consolation goal, killing the disorganized FCH defense from 8m, knowing even himself that everything was over… FT, FCH 2 – FCSP 1 and now future looks real grim…

Coach Lienen's unlucky moment after trying a ball control (like the thousands done during the glorious 70's) that costed him an arm fracture - GET WELL SOON COACH! (image source:

Coach Lienen’s unlucky moment after trying a ball control (like the thousands done during the glorious 70’s) that costed him an arm fracture – GET WELL SOON COACH! (image source:

Let’s set things a little straight here… FCSP was not bad yesterday, lost to a better team (according to hard facts – check league table) after playing an away gutsy game, losing chances to win it and losing it in the details – anybody who disagrees and thinks that we were supposed to get the win there maybe should take a look at the 1st round match report…The problem is that even if we weren’t supposed to win, we had to do it… We lost all the points we should normally get, we now need to reclaim them from squads that are, performance and point wise, better than us. We have no choice but winning, regardless if we play Aalen (didn’t win them anyway) or Bayern München, it’s simple as that…4 matchdays left, Ingolstadt already promoted, 4 squads fighting for promotion…we’re playing against 3 of them…

Does this mean that we’re fucked? Common sense says “YES”, we say “NOT YET”…4 battles to go, we have by far the toughest schedule but others play as well, one victory or even one point could make a difference. It’s clearly not completely in our hands anymore, we need luck and the competition to help, starting with tonight’s Eintracht Braunschweig vs Erzgebirge Aue – I never thought that I would ever support the fuckin’ Braunschweig for any reason but, as we all know, life sometimes plays funny games 😀

Still, regardless of whatever happens tonight or the following matchdays with all the others, we should and WE HAVE to play every game like the last…Starting with Red Bull, a team quite competitive, representing a club that it’s concept is a bloody disgrace for football, at least the way we understand it… Squad should focus on the 1st part (don’t expect them to focus on the 2nd as well, probably some of our youngsters would happily accept a contract there), home support should focus on the 2nd ( 🙂 ) and all of us on the common denominator: the desperate need for a victory in order to survive…SO, IT’S (almost) NOW OR NEVER, COME ON YOU BOYZ IN BROWN, KICK SOME RED BULL ASS!!!


Match goals:

1:0 Leipertz (62′, Right foot shot, Niederlechner)

2:0 Schnatterer (82′, Right foot penalty, Leipertz)

2:1 Νöthe (90+3′, Right foot shot, Gonther)

Spectators: 15000 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla(4), Koch(3), Halstenberg(2), Verhoek(5, misses next)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Further reading:


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