Matchday 32: FC Kaiserslautern – FC Sankt Pauli 0-2!!!

Posted: May 10, 2015 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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An incredibly gutsy FCSP managed to do the almost inconceivable yesterday, managing to take a completely unexpected victory that could secure us the league, inside one of the historically most “inhospitable” grounds for us, against one of the strongest teams in the league who were playing by the way for their direct promotion to Bundesliga. The final conclusion of this survival battle is still anything but certain but, no matter how this ends up, this was one of the days that will be remembered, thank you Ewald Lienen, thank you Robin Himmelmann, thank you Jan-Philipp Kalla, thank you all you Boys in Brown 🙂


Things were looking really bleak on Friday evening with both Aalen and 1860 having achieved big away victories. My personal pessimism regarding our ability to take anything from Kaiserslautern and Darmstadt (for which I was put back in my place yesterday, shortly after full time by Thomas from the Salonica crew 😀 ) translated immediately to the “now, we’re fucked for good” thought that occupied my head for the rest of the evening… However, the morning after when we all got together in our venue, Cargo (in one of our last presences there, venue closing end of June after 27 years, due to recession…) together with our mates from the Athens Club who joined us for the occasion, mood all around was very relaxed, probably just because no one expected match from the game. A relaxed, on a fingers-crossed basis, mood all around, finally everybody in character, “C’MON FC SANKT PAULI” and off we go 😉

Match on its way with FCK, as everybody expected, properly installed in our half of the pitch. Lots of pressure but, with the slight exception of a Karl deflected shot ending up to a corner that didn’t pay up (3′), nothing more except the imposition of an early agonizing feeling in the venue maybe 🙂 First breath for FCSP, a counter forwarding on 10′ that led to a free kick, directly facing their net, some 30m distance. Halstenberg took over and his execution resulted to the 1st good chance of the game, with Müller diving towards his right corner and saving to a corner! This was just a short break though, action back to our half and probably everything would end up different if Ring’s excellent bicycle kick goal (14′) wasn’t called off (correctly) for offside. Rest of the half was a cat vs mouse game with FCK having the absolute superiority in the pitch und us trying any way we can to live another day 🙂 Balance of terror in our box with Matmour losing ball control after a poisonous assist on 23′, Schulze wasting a free shot, result of our inability to properly clear the ball, sending the ball bouncing just by Himmelmann’s right post on 25′, Karl from a similar position (some 10m) firing a bullet which ended up centimetres over Himmelmann’s crossbar on 32′, Demirbay licking the crossbar from an acute angle on 37′ and Sobiech saving the day on 43′ by stoping Zoller’s 7m stop on the very last moment… However, we survived until the end of the half, final whistle sounded, 0-0 while Aue was already ahead 0-1 in Berlin… A bizarre of feeling of been happy that we are still alive but having no fuckin’ clue how we can keep on until the end of the match. No discussion about winning but this was about to change very soon… 🙂

GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!! 0-1 for FCSP with only 2′ on the clock in the 2nd half (47′), scored by…Kalla who did what he almost did but didn’t last week, taking advantage of an unlucky Demirbay ball deflection and the ball into the box before doing the perfect attacker move, executing Müller at his low right corner! Yeps, Jan Philipp moved indeed, eat your words Scum 😀 Insanity in the venue, impossible once more seems possible and before we even manage to comprehend what has happened…penalty (!!! we don’t get many of them 🙂 ) for FCSP on 54′! Heintz brought down Buchtmann into the box, ref awarded it and 1′ later (55′) Halstenberg converted it to goal! 0-2 for FCSP and the situation looking…unreal 🙂 Of course, nobody was so naive to believe that game was over, so we were all into for some 40 dramatic minutes, knowing well that FCK, a much better squad in results and numbers will not leave such an important game slide away… And they didn’t indeed, Himmelmann said no to Demirbay (60′) from 4-5m distance, Löwe’s shot on the rebound went to Hell… we had a good moment on 65′ with a Rzatkowski header just over Müller’s crossbar and then action back in our half but with FCK having lost concentration and focus, FCSP holding ground good and us believing more and more minute bu minute. Game could dramatically change on 83′ but Robin Himmelmann said again “No!”, twice this time, first to Zimmer and then to Karl, both times one two one from very close distance, in an absolutely chaotic situation inside the brown white box which was somehow finally cleared after his 2nd (excellent) save! FCK squad and crowd couldn’t believe it, we neither but it was all for real 😉 No more fuel in their tank, nothing more to the game and full time whistle with FCSP having acheived an enormous 0-2 victory! At the same time, we got aware of the Aue away 3pter but nobody was giving a single fuck 🙂

This simply wasn’t expected! To be honest, hopes this week were more based in everybody losing or getting a point at most and FCSP MAYBE grabbing a lucky point and stay alive. Staying alive after everybody else having won by winning at Fritz Walter Stadion simply sounded too good to be possible. Thank you Boys in Brown, thank you for giving back hope. Not just because we are still 15th but also a) because a win vs Kaiserslautern makes a good result vs Darmstadt possible as well and b) (the most important) squad proved that they really believe in themselves. This wasn’t supposed to be won, it wasn’t even supposed to be tied and if a few things had gone a slightly different way during the first half, things would end this way – they didn’t. FCSP was not only lucky, was also passionate and focused at the same time (despite a few panic reactions in our box under pressure), determined and also…creative (otherwise, what the fuck Kalla was doing there on 47′??? 😀 ) as well. The kind of squad that, no matter how good they are, they make you proud for supporting them 🙂

Let’s now see where we are standing… If something good occured out of this weekend (except our glorious victory of course!) is the fact that the bottom group approached the rest of the bunch. FSV looks now really close and Fürth, lose they today at Heidenheim, becomes another factor in the equation. Even Bochum (coming to Millerntor next week) can’t consider themselves 100% safe…It will be intensive and close until the very end of the season. We are still keeping our fate in our hands and there is only one thing to do if we want to keep doing so: WIN BOCHUM on Sunday and take our chances vs Darmstadt on the last matchday. There are plenty scenarios that can be made (in fact, you can have fun with them here) but they simply don’t matter. If we win, we’re good, if we don’t, we go down, simple as that…

We have come a long way back to give up now. C’mon you Boys in Brown, you did the unthinkable, now do just what you have to do! C’mon FCSP!!!

Match goals:

0:1 Kalla (47′, Left foot shot)

0:2 Halstenberg (55′, Left foot penalty, Buchtmann)

Spectators: 45035

Sankt Pauli cards: Schachten(7), Thy(2), Alushi(5, misses next), Buballa(3)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Match (slightly shaky!) highlights

Further reading:



As this is almost ready, just got informed that George from the Athens Club, while everybody yesterday was thinking of him at his hometown, was giving (and still gives) a very critical battle from the ones that are bigger than football, in an Athens hospital… Thankfully, everything seems that is going well at the moment, we are right by you comrade, get well soon, get back with us!


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