Matchday 34: SV Darmstadt 98 – FC Sankt Pauli 1-0

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Finally home 🙂

The sweetest defeat we can recall from the last years… The boys in Brown went to Darmstadt to play for all or nothing vs local SV Darmstadt 98 (the pleasant surprise of the season) which needed desperately the win in order to achieve something that nobody expected at the beginning of the season: direct promotion to the Bundesliga at their first season in Liga 2, after 33 years…In the end, the Boys in Brown lost the match in the details but this, in combination with the other results, turned into a double celebration after the full time whistle (and a lot of agony) with them celebrating promotion and us celebrating salvation. This must have been an incredible Sonderzug return trip… 🙂


This was one of the most intense weekends that I can personally remember…A season full of contradictory feelings, with despair exchanging places with hope, week by week, throught the entire 2nd round, led to us to the final act with everything (even the future of the club in my humble opinion) being at stake and this has certainly taken its toll to some of us. Sunday morning, with the head buzzing not due to some hangover but due to the upcoming final test, the only way was towards the other edge of the city (Μünchen bierhaus) where we have arranged to meet with some of our Athens Club colleagues to watch all together the game. Of course, overall mood was positive, despite the significance of the  game, since the Boys in Brown in theory were holding their (our) fate into their hands but, having already learned by Freiburg’s (owner’s club by the way, condolencies were offered upon arrival) example one day earlier, nobody was feeling over enthusiastic…

Hot pre-Summer Sunday afternoon, no one around except the FCSP wackos :-)

Hot pre-Summer Sunday afternoon, no one around except the FCSP wackos 🙂

Game on, with half of the attention to the screen and the other half to the other results of the day. Nervous game with the first chance of the game for FCSP, a Sobiech clean header who jumped higher than everyone after Buchtmann’s corner kick but ball ending up over Mathenia’s crossbar (6′). Balanced game, with a gutsy FCSP holding its ground while goals had already started being scored on the other games, with Fortuna tied 2-2 with FSV and 1860 already losing 1-0 to Karlsruhe. Good Darmstadt opportunity at this point with Sobiech clearing at the very last moment a very dangerous Heller sharp cross. Half an hour into a game dominated by efforts via deep long balls, good news from Leipzig with Red Bull leading 1-0 over Fürth and another good chance for FCSP with a Thy attempt ending up not far by Mathenia’s right post. 33′ in the game and another good one for FCSP with a Halstenberg header, coming again after a Buchtmann corner kick from the left, again over Mathenia’s crossbar. Closing stages of the half belonged to Darmstadt with two good opportunities, a Kempe sidenetting shot from an acunte angle into the box (40′) and a König header from close range, fortunately directly into Himmelmann’s grasp (45′). HT Darmstadt 0 – FCSP 0 with everything going our way at the moment and optimism slowly but surely spreading over the air 🙂

Young Paulianerin enjoys the safety of the situation :-)

Young Paulianerin enjoys the safety of the situation 🙂

Game on for the 2nd half with FCSP remaining solid and Darmstadt becoming more and more nervous with every tick of the clock, especially after the news from the other matches arrived, with both Karslruhe and Kaiserslautern ahead at the moment, something that meant that the hosts needed only a victory to stay in the promotion race, while the news about Heidenheim opening the score vs Aue boosted even more our survival chances. Game started getting a little more lively after 60, first with a long (about 27m) Buchtmann shot, safely into the grasp of Mathenia (63′) and a quite dangerous Sulu 7m header, coming from a corner, only 1m over Himmelmann’s crossbar (65′). Game and entire situation turned around on 71′. 28m free kick for Darmstadt (who had started in the meantime looking somehow desperate, trying to achieve their target, anyway they could, including some diving into our box). The almost perfect Kempe execution, who beat Himmelmann only for a few centimeters before the ball end up resting into the net, caused a true explosion inside Merck Stadion with local squad and fans going mental with the most crucial goal of the season while sky started becoming cloudy for FCSP…1-0 for Darmstadt and now an entire new ball game with agony escalating minute by minute, and most of us checking the other results, tormenting our phones like new minded gadget junkies… Last quarter of the game was sheer suffering…FCSP tried to comeback but the only thing we managed was a good Thy opportunity (77′), with a 10m shot that ended up just wide Mathenia’s left post. After the clock marked the 80th minute things started to get really messy, with BAD news coming from the other games…First, condemned minutes ago Aue, scored on 80′ and got back into the game vs Heidenheim, almost immediately afterwards FSV scored the 3rd (and Liga 2 saving) goal vs Fortuna and the easy up to then afternoon converted to an afternoon of agony and horror when Aue equalized the game on 88′, needing only one goal to send us to the relegation play-out phase. The only thing that was separating us from a state of Hysteria was the fact that the Karlsruhe vs 1860 game was staying at a firm 2-0, keeping us away from the direct relegation nightmare…Full time whistle was a weird situation with Darmstadt fans making a peaceful mass pitch invasion to celebrate promotion while all of us (pitch, terraces, venues, everywhere!) were hanging on desperately, waiting in agony for the Aue game to finish… When the other match, thankfully finally finished, there were no wild screams of joy at the venue – just people laying back to their chairs exhaling like they have just survived from a disaster, trying to comprehend what  just happened and how the fuck they’re still alive…fortunately not for long 🙂

Game has just finished. Mass invasion and celebration while our guest block waits the final whistle from Aue...

Game has just finished. Mass invasion and celebration while our guest block waits the final whistle from Aue

There’s not much to say in moments like this exept probably applausing with hands and toes General Lienen and the brown white squad who fought as equal to equal, away from home, against a team thirsty for promotion, a promotion that, without being our target, we kept hidden away from them for the biggest part of the game, the same way we actually succesfully did vs Kaiserslautern, a victory that thanks to it, we’re still today in Liga 2 and FCK (sorry ’bout that) still with us… This squad would deserve everybody’s applause yesterday, even after a completely different outcome, if for no other reason, for their collosal effort to try and return back from the dead (our spot on early March). They made it, no more pitch talk for now, these are moments of joy and celebrations 🙂

…celebrations that shouldn’t last for Eternity…there are a lot of things that need to be done to make sure that something like this will not happen again, at least in the near future…This unpleasant (chic!) adventure wasn’t just a product of some cosmic coincidence, was a pure result of the entire situation that the Club has been into for the past 4 years or so… Destruction of the FCSP squad backbone, almost in the blink of an eye, turn to a more commercial way of thinking at the expense of our values (whoever thinks that this is irreleveant with the shape squad has taken the last years and its occasional behavior in the pitch, better think again), power struggles at the expense of the whole Club were the main reasons that a team that lost Bundesliga promotion in the details on 2012 found itself fighting for survival in Liga 2 only 3 years later…

We have a new Club administration since November…1st and most urgent target achieved. Now it’s time for thinking about the future and start building a squad that will think, feel, sleep, breath FCSP, a squad based neither on players on loan nor players that will just be useful for a season before making the next steps to their careers just by putting a little more cash in the Club deposits. It’s also time to start reexamining certain functionalities within the organization and reimplement them in a way that will be closer to our Club values – the entire commercial/marketing policy of the club for example probably needs to be rebuilt from the beginning, at least at the level that it’s possible. What’s really important for now is that all of these (and more) can be done without the nightmare of Liga 3 in the picture 🙂

Of course, no discussion about Ewald Lienen, we all (not only as Scum, this looks to be a global belief) consider obvious that he will continue being in charge of FCSP in the pitch and we hope that he will keep on doing it, at least as long as he feels that he still can – THANK YOU Ewald for the present, we’re longing for greater moments in the future!

We should also honor a few heroes that are currently not under the main spotlight but fought unconditionally and with all their strength for FCSP. Honors for Thomas Meggle who stepped ahead in the critical moment and carried the almost unbearable load of the situation, risking his future career as a coach for FCSP, we all want him to keep playing his role within the Club, we need more Paulianers than technocrats… Honors also for people like “Big” Phil Tschauner (YNWA), Dennis Daube (Thanks for 11 years, time actually more than some of us are involved with FCSP), Florian Kringe and everybody else* (picture is not clear yet – late edit: just read something about Seb Schachten, ooooh man…) that will part ways with the Club after having served it passionately and consistently…

Time to exhale once more and enjoy the moments. Decompressing time, both for squad and fans, happy  holidays to the squad (not very long, new year preparation supposed to start towards the end of June), a creative Summer break (it’s not a bloody Summer break actually, new season starts around mid July) to everybody else and if anything happens that require attention we will be around 😉

It was an exciting season you Boys in Brown, just don’t repeat it next year 😀

Match goals:

1:0 Kempe (71′, Right foot free kick)

Spectators: 16150 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla(5, misses next game…next season 🙂 )

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Darmstadt’s promotion moments – end of match, pitch invasion 🙂

Further reading:


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