DFB Pokal 2015-16 draw: Merciless fate for Mönchengladbach :-)

Posted: June 11, 2015 by Zouz in 2015-16
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Here we go again 🙂 Only 3 weeks or so after the heartbreaking season finale and the new one is already here, knocking on the door. DFB Pokal draw yesterday late evening and the first candidate victim is…Borussia Mönchengladbach, coming at Millerntor sometime between the 7th and the 10th of August for a clash that, no matter who wins it, expected to be a lot of fun. Fasten your seat belts boys and girls and let’s start moving, Glory impatiently waiting around the corner 🙂


Oke_GladbachThis is expected to be not only exciting but also sentimental, at least for some. Borussia Mönchengladbach is a Club where Ewald Lienen flourished as a footballer, playing for them a total of 8 years (1977-81, 1983-87) and being part of the squad that won the UEFA cup for the 2nd (and last time) on May 1979. It’s also home to one of the most beloved youngsters of the late FCSP History, Max Kruse who will return (if we’re not mistaken) for the first time to Millerntor after 3 years (LateEdit: No he won’t – check comment section) and is needless to say that FCSP fans who don’t forget will welcome him the way he deserves. We only hope that the timing (peak of the holiday season) will not affect the fan turnout and  the stadium will be full and colorful (OK, maybe not the Haupttribune 😀 ), the way the occasion commands 🙂

To the football part: Leaving aside the author bollockology on the post header, this smells trouble 🙂 Borussia have managed to earn themselves a Champions League group stage ticket something that suggests that they belong to a different league than us (they actually do 😀 ) and, if the Boys in Brown aren’t 1910% focused and ready on matchday, this can turn to a really painful experience… However, taking under consideration the timing of the match, we’re not dead yet, there’s an opportunity here. If we have a chance to surprise them, the time to do it is exactly then, at a point that both squads (especially them) are still shaping up and are still far from their best possible shape. To give a more positive tone, even a defeat, especially if we fight hard and give them a rough time can be good, at least for the Squad morale. For sure, such a defeat (knock on wood!), even at home, is much better than an “unlucky” away trip vs FSV Salmrohr for example – summer excursions have been proven really dangerous for FCSP during the last years 🙂

Seems like a good challenge, an occasion that we have much more to win than lose, so come on you Boys in Brown let’s show these Southerners who should really play in the Champions League this season 🙂

For anybody interested in the full draw, all pairs can be found here.

…aaand to get a little more in character, you may want to watch this for warm up 😀


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