Friendly: Austria Lustenau – FC Sankt Pauli 0-1

Posted: July 10, 2015 by Zouz in 2015
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Been a while 🙂


Somewhere at the borders between Austria, Swizerland and Germany, in the middle of a beautiful countryside where the town of Lustenau lies just by the Rhine, we had yesterday the opportunity to have a first look (via TV of course) at the new (and improved we hope) 2015-16 FCSP, facing the local Austria. Conclusions? Are you kidding, absolutely none 🙂


Summer afternoon in the Reichshofstadion in front of 2000 spectators (it can hold 8800) with lots of positive energy coming both from the host (and somehow organized) host crowd and from various FCSP fans who travelled mostly from the nearby areas but also from the North (the known Kiel “Stani’s Army” banner was spotted for example 🙂 ).

Of course, the match can’t stand any kind of serious criticism, at this point it’s to early discussing anything about a squad that is currently built again. In a few words, FCSP played in this match missing a lot of supposedly key players like BuchtmannSobiechMiyaichiThy, Ziereis, Maier and Himmelmann against a squad that seemed before the match and actually proved much better than the average Bierhaus squad we’re facing usually at this point of the season, scoring usually 12-15 goals 😀 (they play after all in an equivalent league). Game was overall balanced with both squads wasting chances to score and Austria looking overall better in the field, at least until 75′ when Lienen’s fivefold substitution changed the balance slightly in our favor, with FCSP, refreshed at 50%, gaining the initiative, something that led to Halstenberg’s winning goal on 83′.

Halstenberg has just done it, 0-1 83' (source:

Halstenberg has just done it, 0-1 83′ (source:

If we want to keep something from the match, this is Philipp Heerwagen’s performance. Man of the match, he was ready every time he was required to do his part and saved FCSP more than once from the appetite of the hungry Lustenau players like Dossou and Da Silva. Extremely encouraging watching Philipp in such a shape, especially after Tschauni’s departure which left a big gap to fill (hopefully, the new kid Svend Brodersen will do his part as well) . From all the rest, we recall the usual defensive gaps, Big John’s usual jinx ( 🙂 ) and the first appearance of Yannick Deichmann, coming straight from the U23 🙂 Bad thing, Maurice Litka’s injury (if we got it right, his eardrum was slightly screwed up), hope he will get well and back with everybody else as soon as possible!

For us the FCSP lunatics (especially abroad), regardless of performance, score or anything else, it was just sweet watching the Boys in Brown again after almost 1,5 month in action. For most people it’s almost vacation time, for us it’s time to start warming the engines – new season is around the corner, C’MON FCSP!!!

For a more detailed description of what happened within the 4 lines of the field you can always refer to the official website match report, including an extensive photo gallery.

(Late edit) Lots of additional pictures can be found here.

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