Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli – Rayo Vallecano 4-2

Posted: July 20, 2015 by AndyChristos in 2015
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Majestic and promising

After the mediocre win over Austria Lustenau, another friendly stood in our way before the season opening. Rayo Vallecano, all the way from Spain and Primera Division, into Millerntor. Hell’s Bells sounded and off we went for a game to set our minds to the right place, erasing any second thoughts on how the team would perform etc etc.


The fun started on 7’ when after a great ball trip from Alushi to Halstenberg and then to Rzatkowski, the last one passes cleverly to Maier which scores the first goal of the game for Sankt Pauli. SP seemed to dominate the game as Rayo could find no breaking points behind our defense line. At last after so many years we see a defense that knows how to stand and what to do. Each one covering for each other, knowing their places and working effectively gave no hope to Vallecano who at the moment seemed stunned. On 25’ a nice shot from Buballa ends bad but on 26’ Sobiech comes to sets thing right with a header into Rayo’s nets. 2-0 for SP and the party had a long way ahead. Rayo seemed desperate as there was no way to break SP at the moment and SP seemed thirsty for more. On 31’ though it was the first serious chance for Rayo which of course ended in Himmelmann’s hands. 35’ was the end of the first half practically. Alushi on the corner shot and Gonther’s header that followed ends in Rayo’s nets again. Like a walk in the park. 3-0 and things looked incredibly hopeful.

Second half starts and while things tend to look the same, Rayo seems desperate to react. On 47’ a corner from Vallecano gets blocked by Himmelmann.A minute after that, Thy after dribling through the opposite keeper and defensive scores the 4th goal for SP. Rayo still couldn’t find a way with the ball down, but took advantage of a free shot. Executed high,a header and the first one for Rayo. On 63’ Sobota and Ziereis enter the game . Rayo kind of took the head on advancing forward now but that happened mostly because we had 4 goals on our behalf. Keeping a result is also a great matter we need to improve as while we are winning we get sloppy. On 67’ Himmelmann blocks a dangerous header, and on 74’ he comes to prove the sloppiness line I wrote above. Himmelmann has two opponents in front of him.He decides to dribble (??????????????) and of course loses the ball from Llorente who scores a second for Rayo Vallecano. Nice gift to our guests from Robin and on 79’ Rzatkowski tries to make things up with a nice shot, repelled to a corner. On 82’ he manages to win a penalty (kind of looked like it wasn’t but still I am not so sure as the camera view was shitty enough). Halstenberg executes and sends it a bit away. The action pretty much stayed there. On 84’ Rayo’s Lass, disrespected the ref on a yellow he pulled. This results to a second yellow. So red for Lass and that was pretty much it.

What we say in this match is what we want to see in every match from SP. Total domination over the game and we definitely were the hunters here. Rayo seemed desperate in most of it, and this was not only a result of our offensive success. It was the first time our defense line worked so cohesively. No gaps there and no mistakes. Leaving the bad moment of Robin aside, what we showed is that if we work seriously, we have a chance of great things this season. Let’s see. Forza Sankt Pauli damn it.

Rayo fans (clear winners on the terraces) practicing with pyros 🙂

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