DFB Pokal, Round 1: FC Sankt Pauli – Borussia Mönchengladbach 1-4

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It’s alright 🙂


The tradition that wants the red DFB Pokal jersey worn about once a year (something not completely unexpected after this year’s draw, result of last season’s table position) still holding well. The Boys in Brown lasted only for 45′ against a clearly much better squad and in the end submitted to Borussia Mönchengladbach and said goodbye from August to the tournament. No sweat, as a tiny Paulianer said, now we can concentrate on the league like H$V (managed to get thrown out one day earlier by  Carl Zeiss Jena), heads up and carry on boys 🙂


Pre-game shituation (shits creek!)

Pauli_Gladbach_1516_02One hour before the game, sitting relaxed at Soridon, having the first whisky of the evening into a state of relative euphoria, admiring like a technology idiot the almost perfect quality of picture and sound that we were about to experience during the match. Game time approaching, people coming in, including our distinguished guests from the Athens Club and the big slap in the back of the neck with 10′ to go, more than 20 FCSP people in the venue and the fuckin’ decoder indicating that our subscription is not valid for DFB Pokal (?!?!?!). Sudden major fuck up, the possibility to lose the first official FCSP game after a lot of years clearly visible but thankfully, thanks to the composure we didn’t lose, the quick reflexes of the venue (Ernesto, you fuckin’ rule 🙂 ) and A LOT of succesful patents in almost no time, we were able to join the game in almost perfect streaming conditions after less than 70″ of play – phew 🙂

The game

To the game, with FCSP having entered the pitch without Sobiech and Halstenberg but looking quite solid in the pitch. Balanced game with FCSP looking slightly more lively in the pitch but the first good opportunity of the match occuring for Gladbach on 7′ with Raffael charging into the box from the right flank and firing a shot from an almost 45 degree angle that found Himmelmann ready – ball deflected to safety. With the opening critical minutes having already passed without anything bad happening and the Boys in Brown showing the will to get something more than a decent performance out of this match the level of expectation started rising, especially after 25′ when we had our first chance of the game with Thy coming a little to slow to catch up with Choi’s poisonous low cross. And it wasn’t long before we become “vindicated”, 33′ in the game, another FCSP counter attack, perfect service from Sobota to incoming Rzatkowski and the rocket just outside the box which ended in helpless Sommer’s right upper corner! GOOOOOOOOOOAAAL for FCSP and the game suddenly seen from a “we have them!” perspective 😀 Gladbach confused, Millerntor roaring, odds on our side but nothing more for the first half except a Buballa solo on Gladbach’s byline which ended in a sidenetting (40′). Half time FCSP 1 – Gladbach 0 with a party atmosphere in both Millerntor and Soridon 🙂



Gladbach regroupped in the dressing rooms and their vengeance for the hard time we gave them in the first half was swift…The warning shot by Stindl on 53′ from killing distance, his equalizer after an excellent Traoré effort and cross from the left on 54′ and the 2nd one for Gladbach on 56′ with Traoré now being served by Stindl and killing Himmelmann with a delicate shot just right out of the box, slightly to the right. From 1-0 to 1-2 within minutes and with everybody trying to realise what the fuck was that that just fell on our heads from the sky….The Boys in Brown didn’t quit the match but the momentum of the game had changed for good. The condemnatory 3rd goal came on 67′ after a fast counter attack, with Himmelmann saving the first shot by Raffael but Stindl coming once more first to get the rebound and execute Skyman from 13m in an occasion that the FCSP defense seemed a little out of order… FCSP still didn’t surrender. A very dangerous Rzatkowski shot saved by Sommer (74′), another Maier 20m shot handled again by Sommer (75′) and a Verhoek shot from 10m deflected to corner (80′) were the evidences of the Brown White struggle to get back into the game, unfortunately without any result. The 4th goal (86′) simply wasn’t necessary – an excellent Raffael forward pass to Hazard behind the back of our defense, who charged all the way into the box, chased by our finished left defensive flank, before he executes Himmelmann once more, despite Ziereis’ late tackle…end of match with Gladbach having showed emphatically who’s the boss in the field but with the home crowd acknowledging the efforts that the Boys in Brown made, honoring them with YNWA even before the full time whistle 🙂

OK, maybe another time :-) (source: www.ndr.de)

OK, maybe another time 🙂 (source: http://www.ndr.de)

OK, another Pokal season is over in an unlucky way but there are no real complaints from the Boys in Brown. A clearly superior opponent as proved in the 2nd half, looks like there was not much we could do except maybe keeping the score a little lower. What we should keep from the game is the 1st half when we stared Gladbach in the eyes and made them understand that if they want to pass from Millerntor they should earn it in the field, something they actually did in the 2nd when they turned the match upside down within minutes… Pokal is over for this season, there will be the red jersey in the fan shop to remind us the occasion, now let’s lift the heads up and proceed with the league which is actually the main target one way or another, something that brings us…

…to Greuther Fürth who’s coming to pay us a visit next weekend. They had also an unlucky Pokal weekend, actually more unlucky than ours, losing away to relegated to Liga 3 Aue. It’s a little early to talk about their condition, still their only win so far is against Karlsruhe who seems to be in a lot of problems (eliminated this weekend by some SSV Reutlingen Fußball) and their 2nd round last season was anything but satisfactory. We both have 4pts after the first 2 matchdays, smells like a good chance here, both in terms of points and morale. Appointment set for Sunday 14:30 CET, Pokal break is over, let’s get back in business and kick some ass!!!


Line Up:


Nehrig Ziereis Gonther Buballa

Alushi Rzatkowski

Sobota Maier (Verhoek 70′) Choi (Litka 79′)


Match goals:

1:0 Rzatkowski (33′, Left foot shot, Sobota)

1:1 Stindl (54′, Right foot shot, Traoré)

1:2 Traoré (56′, Left foot shot, Stindl)

1:3 Stindl (67′, Right foot shot)

1:4 Hazard (86′, Rightt foot shot, Raffael)

Spectators: 28175

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A (thumbs up!)

Entrance and choreo (for those of us who missed it 😀 )

Match goals

Further reading:


…aaand a few words about Armando Cooper

cooper_signingLast Saturday FCSP announced the end of cooperation between FCSP and Armando Cooper as result of his unacceptable behavior towards the Club. To make a long story short, the guy got permission to go and play with the national team of Panama at the Gold Cup 2015. So far so good, the only problem is that Herr Cooper simply forgot to return from the tournament. He disappeared for 12 days (actually he didn’t dissapear completely, he was very active at the social media at the same time, posting pictures of him having a good time or giving St. Pauli jerseys to local friends) without answering any calls or messages from the Club during a championship period. Naturally, his disrespectful attitude towards the Club wasn’t tolerated and, as soon as he returned to Hamburg, he was shown the door. Last thing we heard about him during the weekend was a tweet that he later erased speaking about the need to find a lawyer… Good luck along the course of your life Mr. Cooper, Scum wishes you to find soon a sucker club that can deal with such kind of shit and enjoy the big life maybe with a small dose of football…

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    Wow! This was simply amazing, worth reading twice!

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