Matchday 03: FC Sankt Pauli – SpVgg Greuther Fürth 3-2

Posted: August 17, 2015 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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A typical Sunday afternoon starts with us hanging at Soridon waiting for Sankt Pauli to swipe away the fools that thought they could walk in Millerntor just like that. Most of the S.E.S gang attended, creating a really warm atmosphere. Beers for some, frappe for others and the whistle blew for the first time.


Match starts with something like really cold water on our shoulders, as Ziereis on an attempt to send the ball back, misses Himmelmann and almost scores an own goal but luckily Himelmann was quick enough to repel that. All that on 1’. The action was relentless. On 5’ and in a corner from Fürth , Zulj opens to Gießelmann and he attempts a really distant shot but no worries for SP. The truth is that in the first 10-15 minutes, Fürth had us kind of nailed to our box. Our defense though seemed to be working well. The fresh starting Deichmann seemed to be blending in well repelling effectively Berisha’s attempts on breaking our lines. On 13’ was our first attempt with Sobota who crossed the field entering the opponent nets but his shot was way beyond Fürth’s upper pole. Fürth’s attempts were mostly based on high game and distant shots. On 16’ Stiepermann attempts a really tricky pass in our defense but gets repelled. The solidity of our defense led to our control of the field and when the moment seemed right, Maier, opened the ball nicely to Buballa and he opened again for Rzatkowski who was forgotten alone before Fürth’s keep. Rzatkowski couldn’t miss that one and opened the score for Sankt Pauli. Fürth seemed stunned. Zulj’s distant shot on 25’ had no luck at all. Sankt Pauli was relentless. Maier on 28’ fires a really nice shot that gets repelled and then Sobota on the rebound tries something but with no luck at all. SP controls the game so far with direct passes and clever ball distribution from back to forth and middle, and on 34’ comes the second one. Halstenberg takes it on him and after clearing away the opponent defensives and a pass from Alushi, sees Mielitz dispositioned and fires a really nice distant shot to stun Fürth even more. 2-0 and things couldn’t be better. And then we became greedy. SP seemed to control the game and stated leaving gaps on defense. These gaps of course could not be left unnoticed from Fürth.On 42’ Thesker sends a high flanking ball to where Ziereis was sleeping and Freis with the header sets the score to 2-0. Fürth caught us sleeping again in the 1st minute of xtra time with Zulj this time but without the same luck as before.

Second half starts as the first one did. Fürth pushing the drill to our nets hoping for a quick goal to even the score but this time our defensives were rightly awake. On 56’ though it is Halstenberg’s time to pull them all behind. A free shoot from something like 25 meters. The ball takes a nice curve leaving the nets exposed with Mielitz standing way over the other side, but a little before crossing the line it slams the ground and looses speed giving the time to Mielitz to freeze off and rush to save it. On 57’ Rzatkowski starts off a crazy march to the opponent nets but gets stopped a little before the shot. On 63’ it was time for SP to get lucky. Free shot for Fürth and Freis has the chance to score just 4 meters away from our nets. Himmelmann is positioned well though and the ball just slams his hand and saves the day. On 68’ Verhoek takes the place of Thy and a little later he manages to claim the ball and leave Mielitz behind him. He is not left alone though as defensive stands before the nets. His attempt to curve the ball ends in exaggeration as the curve get’s almost parallel to the box. 73’-74’ was payback from what SP endured from Fürth some years back.(13/12/2009, injury time, our goal got cancelled for no reason, and they countered immediately, scored and equalized the match right on xtra time). On 73’ Zulj gets caught offside and his goal is cancelled, but Himmelmann quickly sends the ball in Fürth’s box. SpVgg was literally sleeping at the time. Sobota’s shot was repelled and then came Rzatkowski who originally mixed up his legs and missed the shot but on second hand he sent the ball into the net for a glorious 3-1. But even then we couldn’t feel safe. SP did the mistake to try to maintain the score and got closed behind. This led to Zulj on 79’ receiving the ball inside our defense and scoring a goal out of nowhere. 3-2 and the game looked like it had a long way to go. On 81’ Zulj goes for a nice shot but away from our nets. Tension on our defensive lines as Kumbela attempts a break in on 83’ but gets stopped.  Same minute and Rzatkowski sees Mielitz way out of his position. Attempts a really distant (45 meters) shot but with no luck. Back and forth the last ten minutes looked like they would never end. On 87’ Verhoek leaves couple of defensives behind him and makes us stand almost certain for the 4th goal but Mielitz stand his ground and blocks his shot. On 89’ Kumbela sends the ball really high above our nets after a nice march from right and the same luck has Zulj’s shot on 90’. The action stops with a shot of Halstenberg on the second minute of xtra time being repelled from Mielitz.

Can you feel it? No seriously now. Can you feel it? Cos I certainly can. Damn it I feel the change this team has endured game by game. This year looks like we’re going to witness some major successes standing by our beloved SP. Sunday-Matchday, walking in Soridon for the game with a big smile and walking out of it a couple of hours later with an even bigger. We have to start getting used to that. Most of us were there. Most of the S.E.S crew attended the match at Soridon creating a really warm carpet for gossip, nagging , beer and frappe but mostly , for the damn game. Most of us were at the joint but ALL of us stood mentally with the team one way or another. And we’re so proud we did that. Things that we need to improve? Hmm..Well ,victory smells so good now that I don’t want to nag about anything  But if you twist my arm hard enough I can say that with a more skeptical approach to the game, our defensives need to work a bit more on the security they have between them and with the keeper, and on the way each one covers for another, but definitely progress is made. Fürth played well and if they were more lucky they could be the ones celebrating now but you know what? It is our time to be on this side for once. Ewald Lienen has achieved the impossible. Took us almost dead and is slowly turning us into a fully loaded and lethal trenchgun. Next target: Sunday against Red Bull. Let’s get those bastards.

Line Up:


Nehrig  Deichmann Ziereis Halstenberg

Alushi Rzatkowski

Sobota (Buchtmann 78′) Maier (Choi 85′) Buballa

Thy (Verhoek 68′)

Match goals:

1:0 Rzatkowski (19, Left foot shot, Buballa)

2:0 Halstenberg (34, Right foot Shot, Alushi)

2:1 Freis (42, Header, Thesker)

3:1 Rzatkowski (74, Left foot shot)

3:2 Zulj (79, Left foot shot, J. Gjasula)

Spectators: 28421

Sankt Pauli cards: Deichmann(1), Rzatkowski(1)

Choreo & entrance

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