Matchday 08: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Heidenheim 1-0

Posted: September 24, 2015 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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As easy as the score says

The Boys in Brown managed one way or another to jump over the FC Heidenheim obstacle and remain in the upper levels of the Liga 2 table. 1-0 victory after probably the most mediocre game that we have watched so far in the season, the kind of a half a goal victory that someone wishes for, knowing that the game will be tough but a fair one overall at the same time. Seems that the time when the ambition bar will be lifted is around the corner 😉


Fuckin’ midweek afternoon football…premature escape from work and off to the venue for a game that I had the feeling that I will be probably the only Scum person to watch, something that looked true with kick-off  (good thing in such occasions that the venue is very FCSP friendly, Fotis the barman on duty was proved quite a good company to watch FCSP with) but fortunately was disproved a little later with a few more comrades making it to the place, one after another 😉

Hell’s Bells and kickoff for a game that was considered tough one way or another as our short head-to-head history prior to yesterday’s match included only losses (two of them) with FCSP having the initiative and FCH waiting patiently but the early pressure of FCSP had nothing to offer, except a Sobota 20m shot, a few meters over Zimmermann’s crossbar on 7′, and, by the time we had our first (obligatory) substitution (20′, Alushi out due to muscular (?) problem, Dudziak in), the game had become completely even and with an excitement level comparable to the heartbeat of a dead guy 🙂 Actually, everything that the 1st half had to offer happened within 5′ (30′-34′). 31′: Distant (slightly to the right) Buchtmann free kick, header-assist by Sobiech parallel to the posts, the shot by Verhoek (under pressure and from a difficult angle) on Zimmermann’s right post and the Sobiech rebound shot deflected on some red uniforms. 32′: counter attack, smart cooperation and goal for FCH which was immediatelly called off (correctly) by the ref as Leipertz, final recipient of the ball, was just a few inches exposed ahead of Griesbeck. 34: GOOOOOOAAALLL for FCSP with Sebastian Maier’s 20m shot, right between the eye of the needle, ending up in Zimmermann’s right corner!!! 1-0 for FCSP with the Gordian knot having been cut and a new perspective to the game which had nothing more to offer until the half time whistle 🙂

Score has opened, party has started (photo: Daniel Bockwoldt/dpa)

Score has opened, party has started (photo: Daniel Bockwoldt/dpa)

2nd half underway with…nothing really happening, except some tough duells, until 67′ when the balance of power drastically changed in favor of FCSP. This was the moment where FCH was left down to 10 men with Wittek being sent off by the ref as result of his 2nd yellow card in the game. They never recovered out of this and the rest of the match became a relatively easy job for FCSP to undertake. The only notable occasion in the remaining part of the game was for FCSP (79′) with a Sobiech rocket header, following a Rzatkowski corner from the left, which found Zimmermann at the best possible spot, the FCH keeper saved the goal and allowed FCH to stay alive in the game. They couldn’t do anything to change the flow though, their best moment in the game was a Voglsammer distant shot during the dying moments of the game, easily into Himmelmann’s grasp. Full time FCSP 1 – Heidenheim 0, another one out of the way and the 3rd consecutive victory in Millerntor after the matchday 1 draw 🙂

Zimmermann has just repelled the ball upwards, everybody's looking towards the sky :-)

Zimmermann has just repelled the ball upwards, everybody’s looking towards the sky 🙂

A classic case of “professional” win. FCSP did exactly what was required in order to win the game, nothing more nothing less. Of course, we didn’t play high class football but anyone who lived the terrifying experience of last season can live just fine with the 3 points, especially when victory is coming over a tough opponent like Heidenheim. Moreover, a positive conclusion can be extracted from yesterday’s game. This squad seems like having a quality that was missing for a lot of time – stability. This can be translated in something that sounds almost from another world when we talking FCSP. In case you dear reader haven’t noticed, FCSP holds currently the best defensive record in Liga 2, with 4 goals after 8 matchdays! The time, when every time that the opponent was passing the centre of the pitch with relative velocity or was about to shoot a corner kick we were touching our lucky charms or turning our faces towards another direction, may not be forgotten but looks gone at the moment. The only thing remains to be seen is is FCSP is capable going this way all the way, regardless of possible losses due to injuries (knock on wood!) along the course of the season.

Saturday’s trip for the game vs SC Paderborn 07 represents an excellent opportunity to test the exact conclusion extracted above. In my humble opinion, nobody should make the fatal mistake of underestimating these guys just because of their currently weak harvest of points, they’re capable for everything and if we don’t pay the proper attention we may pay it big time. So, let’s stay focused, let’s go to do what we have to do and get back at least with one point in our bags (Scum pretentious low profile 😀 ), C’MOOOOOON FCSP!!!

Line Up:


Hornschuh L. Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Alushi (Dudziak 25′) Rzatkowski

Sobota Maier (Kalla 78′) Buchtmann

Verhoek (Thy 70′)

Match goals:

1:0 Maier (34′, Right foot shot, Rzatkowski)

Spectators: 29154

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

Maier’s goal

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