Matchday 09: SC Paderborn 07 – FC Sankt Pauli 0-0

Posted: September 27, 2015 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Still Looking Good!!

The clouded weather and the moody-somehow it is going to rain- atmosphere outside, worked perfectly for our projector (at least for the first half). It was mid day (supposed to be sunny which kind of blurs the view, but nooooo sir) and we had a view of Benteler Arena as if the game was held during the night. With the proper big-choco (gigantic croissant) at hand, and the lust for SP spewing through the teeth between the big chunks I was bringing to it, I joined forces with Uncle Zouzounos and Saint John at Soridon for another typical Sankt Pauli mid day.


First half was the ultimate guide on how to play modern football, by Sankt Pauli. SP was on fire on this first half and Paderborn seemed unable to react to it. Direct passes and straight forward game. Everything rolled as it should. Early on 4’ Dudziak passes to Maier and he shoots a dynamite but unfortunately it get’s repelled to a corner by the keeper. In the corner that followed Kruse had to interfere two times to save Paderborn. First on Ziereis’s header and then on the one of Rzatkowski. On 7’ Rzatkowski passes to Thy who gets to shoot but send the ball over the opponent nets. On 13’ Maier again takes a pass from Thy and shoots from 10 meters but Kruse ones again saves the day for Paderborn. Next Sankt Pauli moment was on 19’ when Maier is once again in front of Kruse. This could be our first goal, as Sobota was on his right and free, but Maier took it on him and shot. The ball ended in Kruse’s hands. In between we could see Paderborn truly stunned and unable to do anything other than trying to save their nets. Their offense was a sight to cry for. Nothing. And whenever they attempted something our defense worked as a granite wall, repelling any thoughts they had on goal. On 32’ Rzatkowski dribbles around, passing the ball to Sobota who a bit unstably decides to shoot. The ball has no luck drawn behind Paderborn nets. On 35’ another danger Paderborn was lucky with… Corner shot and the trick there played with Rzatkowski and Buchtmann. The ball ends to Thy’s feet who shoots but the ball just didn’t want to get in the nets. A couple more of our corners had the same luck and with this and that the first half saw its end leaving us standing there watching a Sankt Pauli drawn out of our wildest dreams. Ball down and their eyes always watching the field for open spaces and cracks on Paderborn defense. Champ quality.

Second half underway and unluckily things cooled down on this one. Our relentless pace got slow leaving Paderborn space for opportunities. On 48’ Thy is up and running with the ball towards Kruse. Too bad he opened the ball too much on his last control and got way behind the nets. Tried to turn it back to another player but it was too late as Kruse ended the phase by grabbing it. On 49’ Paderborn answers with Bakalorz. He dribbles in our defense lines and shoots a really nice shot but luckily Himmelmann is in place. No harm done. The point was that though both teams had their chance in these first minutes of the second half, Paderborn seemed to turn the page here and got many times before Himmelmann. Luckily though their aim was terrible. On 58’ a free shot from Sankt Pauli get’s repelled from Kruse once again. On 70’ another shot from Bakalorz from a distance of something like 22 meters, ends high above our nets. With this and that the next 10 minutes passed with Paderborn trying to do something with the space given but with no luck and SP having no more steam to blow. On 77’ Kalla receives the ball and shoots on the move, but his shot goes way beyond Paderborn’s right post. On 83’ Saglik’s shot get’s repelled but he claims the ball again, dribbles around and shoots. The ball  seems to be in the nets and for a moment we froze to death. But luckily the ball went on the outer nets. The last chance of the game, after the direct red card Lakic saw simply for being a douche, was a free shot for us just a couple of meters away from Paderborn’s post. Sobiech fires a dynamite but unluckily away from the nets. Whistle sounds for the last time and the game ends.

Lienen paderborn pauli 2015-16

OK, the way this thing started, we should be celebrating a 0-2 or 0-3 at least. So what went wrong here? Apparently some bad calls we made in the first half. The most loud was the one of Maier when he should pass the ball to the totally free Sobota, but chose to shot instead. But besides that it is our inability to bring a phase through. We reach the opponents nets and all of a sudden we don’t know what to do with the ball. We still need some improvement in the front lines and I want to believe that time will bring this matter through. We’re definitely in a place we fully deserve to be and we’ve played with some of the toughest ones. The team seems to be improving game with the game, and we’d me more than glad to see pour beloved SP perform the way we did in this first half, in another game. The next game is in Millerntor vs Sandhausen and guess what… The Scum is going to be in that one too. South End Scum is going to the next match game and damn it we can’t wait to scream Sankt Pauli louder than ever in there. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Hornschuh L. Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Rzatkowski Buchtmann

Sobota (Choi 74′) Maier (Picault 80′) Dudziak (Kalla 62′)


Match goals:


Spectators: 13102

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann(1)

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