Matchday 11: FC Union Berlin – FC Sankt Pauli 3-3!

Posted: October 18, 2015 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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This is football…

This is the “WTF?” face that almost everyone in Soridon wore as the ball laid back in Himmelmann’s net with the clock saying something like 92′:45″ and me the idiot having hands on the fuckin’ keypad, composing the tweet of victory…Shocking upset and a last moment extremely bitter equalizer by Union, in a match though that the draw wouldn’t be considered as a bad result before kickoff… 2 valuable pts lost but what the hell, this is football, we’re not trophy hunters and the squad gave 1910% in the field, fighting both Union and our bad side at the same time – well done (in general) you Boys in Brown 🙂


Increased levels of curiosity before the game, wondering if the league break was enough for the squad to recover after both the Sandhausen slap in the ear and another one (with the same score, friendly this time 🙂 ) from…NTSV Strand 08 just 3 days later. Still, no time to discuss before the game as, due to venue renovation (finished just the previous day) we had to setup things from the beginning. Fortunately, everything went smooth and 10′ before kickoff we were all set to go 😉

Game finally on it’s way with Union taking the initiative but being unable to covert it to chances thanks to the solid FCSP defending. First situation was indeed for the hosts, a Kreilach shot on 13′, ending easily inito Himmelmann’s grasp but it was about FCSP afterwards – first, the triple chance on 20′, with Sobiech twice and then Thy failing to push the ball inside, from close distance but with a lot of red shirts involved, and then, on 22′, BAAAM!!! Deep Buballa cross from the left, involuntarily head assist by Puncec to Sobota, the shot for 10m and GOAAALLL!!! 0-1 for FCSP, the squad has recovered just fine 😀 And it wasn’t only handling the opening pressure and getting ahead, FCSP was even after the goal in full control of the game, having no problem stopping the opponent and being more dangerous than them in the counter attack…until the COMPLETE BLACKOUT at the end of the half… 42′: Zejnullahu 40+m cross, nobody involved with the ball…including Robin Himmelmann who watched the ball bouncing (maybe in an unexpected manner) in front of him and then passing under his grasp before ends up in the net, leaving him and everybody else stunned…1-1 for Union…(seems like the Alte Försterei curse for Robin, since his last top-level fuck up happened at this exact ground, earlier this March – shit happens, heads up!) 45′: Supposedly lost forward ball collected by Parensen, winning Picault on the duel – immediate pass to incoming Thiel who made the 2-1 from 7m among 3 stunned FCSP defenders. Critical detail the fact that Parensen got the ball out of bounds, very poor decision from the assistant referee… Half time Union 2 – FCSP 1 with the Boys in Brown having demolished in the last 3′ everything they built in the previous 42’…

The disputed 45' ball...

The disputed 45′ ball…

2nd half underway with FCSP getting furious in the pitch in order to reclaim what was ours until 42′ having the first BIG chance on 47′! Good football from FCSP, Hornschuh, Rzatkowski and again Hornschuh at the lower edge of the box from the right, making the cross to incoming Maier (replaced Picault in half time) who shooked from 7m Haas’ left post, AAAAAAHHHH!!! Thankfully, what didn’t happened on 47, happened on 54′ 🙂 Left flank cross (again) from Buballa (good job), ball deflecting to some heads and heading towards the edge of the box facing the net towards incoming full speed Hornschuh (with the entire Scum crew present having jumped shouting from the seats, seeing what’s coming 😀 ) – Hornschuh didn’t miss and killed Haas from the edge of the box, achieving his 1st ever FCSP goal, 2-2 for FCSP!!! The FCSP equalizer triggered a new situation in the pitch, nobody seemed satisfied with the situation and both sides decided to play all in, resulting to a really wild game! 64′ in the game, free kick for FCSP at the perfect spot for Seb Maier, some 25+m facing the net. Absolute silence in the venue and a massive scream seconds later when the ball hit the same bloody post that hit on 47′ while Haas was watching penetrated 🙂 Ball up and down, new BIG chance, this time for Union on 67′ with Robin Himmelmann stretching at the max to deflect a Kreilach shot (from within the box, to the right facing the net) inches over the crossbar. Non stop pace and the big comeback for FCSP on 72′! Rzatkowski corner from the right, bad move by Haas and goal (with the back of the head 🙂 ) by Dudziak, his 1st ever in Liga 2 – GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!! MADNESS!!! 2-3 for FCSP and now it was about Union pushing FCSP back and pressing with everything they had for the equalizer. Their top moments were a head volley on 80′ inside our box with the 3rd header from Wood licking our crossbar and another excellent Himmelmann response to a 22m Kreilach shot on 88’…all these until the very last moment of the game when Kessel, lucky enough to be at the perfect spot when ball after Kreilach’s shot deflected on Sobiech, killed Robin Himmelmann, FCSP and all of us from 3m, in one of the very few occasions that our defence didn’t work as supposed to…

The Kessel 90+3' brutal kill... (image source:

The Kessel 90+3′ brutal kill… (image source:

Aaah, it’s always really bitter being screwed up like this… The best team for 75′, in a tough ground, scoring 3 and still losing victory at the absolute end…What the Hell, we have been there (and worse actually) before 🙂 Today the team really made us proud, you don’t need a win to do this. Passion, determination and good football occasionally, this team was even focused for the biggest part of the game even if the blackouts at the end of each half tell another story. Looks like what betrayed the squad today is the lack of experience, the kind of experience that doesn’t allow you to get carried away when you think that you have made it and you’re there like we did at the end of each half. And maaaaybe some special psychological training for the Skyman before the next visit to the Alte Försterei 😀 By the way, this was a really entertaining game of football 🙂

Next week, back home but this time we’re talking really hardcore shit. SC Freiburg which got relegated last season and, judging by their performance so far in the league, didn’t like it at all is coming to Millerntor full speed ahead, having just won Fürth with 5-2…Fields of glory lie vast ahead but at the same time the risk of our existence being tortured in a an even worse and brutal than Sandhausen way is equally big. This means that blackouts like the ones we had in the last 2 matches and have costed as at least 3pts better not happen, they will probably be hardly punished. So team, heads up, let’s work hard and do the job, we’re sending over Charlie this time, give him a better game than the one that almost blinded me some 2 weeks ago 🙂 Forza Sankt Pauli!!!

Line Up:


Hornschuh L. Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Buchtmann Rzatkowski

Picault (Maier 46′) Sobota (Kalla 79′) Dudziak

Thy (Verhoek 86′)

Match goals:

0:1 Sobota (22′, Left foot shot)

1:1 Zejnullahu (42′, Right foot shot)

2:1 Thiel (45′, Left foot shot, Parensen)

2:2 Hornschuh (54′, Left foot shot, Buballa)

2:3 Dudziak (72′, Back!, Rzatkowski)

3:3 Kessel (90+3′, Right foot shot)

Spectators: 22012

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis(2)

Match highlights

Further reading:

PS: There have been some issues found out this week regarding our next clothing provider Under Armour who seems to have an excellent partnership with the US Army and companies like…Blackwater… There will be more regarding this sometime along the way…

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