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OK, no introductory bollockology required here… South End Scum is delighted to present the Man, the Fan, the Keeper and the Absolute H$V Nightmare – boys and girls stand up and give a big round of applause for His Excellency, Benedikt Pliquett 🙂


This was actually easier than we thought as Bene, despite his ongoing loaded schedule, responded almost directly and without any hesitation to our request for a small interview, willing to answer every question we would like to ask. Big thanks to Maik from Der Übersteiger and Ariane for helping us establish contact in the first place (we don’t have Facebook 😀 ) and making this possible – enjoy 🙂

First of all, how are things going at Balearic islands? Looks like the squad is going well, you have established a permanent position at the starting 11 and a life in the much more hospitable, comparing to Hamburg (in terms of weather of course) Mediterranean environment. Are you happy down there?

Yes, it is great to be here! So far, everything fulfilled as I expected, except the weather!! It is muuuuuch better than expected! And Mallorca is such a beautiful island. The squad is really good and we have great chances to promote.

As we speak, Atletico Baleares is lying 5th on the table, flirting with the Top-4 which secures a place in the promotion play-offs. Considering the fact that you have a contract until the end of June 2017, how does the future currently look for Bene in Spain?

I want to be here at least the two years, right now I would love to stay longer! But my aim is to promote, as it is the aim of the owner and the whole club.

You played football at least 12 years in or around your hometown before taking the decision of moving on, first to Austria and Graz (where of course they speak German but the similarities with Hamburg end somewhere there) and then to sunny, quite different in terms of culture and Spanish speaking Balearic islands. How easy it was (or not!) to adjust in a new way of life, away from your usual environment and, of course, your everyday FCSP oriented life? Did your brown white background made things any easier for you?

Austria in the end was quite a shock, because you realize, although it is the same language, the people there are very different and in the end don’t like germans so much (this is what other germans living there also told me). And they have real big problem with nationalists (editor: 🙂 ). Now here on Mallorca it is totally different, because of the language, but the people really appreciate when you try to speak spanish and try to participate in their life. And for me it is a great opportunity to learn a new language. Of course it helped a lot and you always meet people who also support FC St. Pauli and as you know FC St. Pauli is well known everywhere and that opens doors. No matter where I am, I always keep in touch with all my boyz! So I am always up to date.

Spain (along with Greece of course 😀 ) looks (at least to us) like one of the friendliest FCSP areas outside Germany, having at least 3 registered FCSP fan clubs and a quite frequent presence at Millerntor. Do you feel the presence of FCSP fans there or this is our wrong impression, based on social media and the loyals we meet in Hamburg?

Νonoooo it’s really crazy how many FC St. Pauli supporters I meet around our campo and our games, even away games.

You have been a professional football player for at least 10 years but spent the vast majority of them playing for the Club of your heart. It’s easily understandable that when you’re a pro you have to give every week the maximum but does it feel the same, both in AND out of the pitch, when playing “for a living” as when playing for the club you love?

For sure it is different, because for FC St. Pauli I always had around hundred people behind me in the stadium which I knew by name and experienced a lot together. But I always want to win, so that makes it quite even in the end for which club I play.

Entering FCSP section 🙂 Playing during your youth for clubs like H$V or (even shittier maybe) VfB Lübeck, could easily drive you following one of these…clubs 😀 Why FC Sankt Pauli in the first place? What made you turn the other way?

Because I was skating and doing Graffiti in my youth, the peolpe I hung around, if they were interested in football, were only FC St. Pauli supporters. So I there got in touch with it. After I realized that I have kind of a talent and started to focus more on football,  I had a offer to go to H$V. For me at that time was a great oppertunity and the development I did there was great. But after my first half year with the adults, second team of H$V, they told me in a very inmoral way that they need new players to stay in the league and I should leave the club. At that time I was already training from time to time with the pros and. All that happened three days before the end of the transfer period and 5 days before my Abitur exam (editor note: Abitur is the term used in Germany for the High school diploma). Thats why I played at the club and have a reason to not like them. The 6 month in Lübeck were a reason of the short of time I had for the transfer.

The Club has gone through a lot of administrative changes throughout the past years, from Corny to Stefan Orth and now to Oke. Squad at the same time made it all the way to the Bundesliga lounge and almost back to the Hell of Liga 3 from which our ass was saved, as you’re aware of, at the very last moment on May 🙂 Now, with a new administration for a year and Ewald Lienen on the bench, Club looks like it has recovered some of its lost identity both in and out of the field. How optimistic are you on the future of the club, regarding both football and club affairs?

Right now FC St. Pauli is in a very laid back position. On the pitch the boys are doing well and beside this things are also going very well. You never should look too far in the future, but I think they are on a good track and if everybody keeps on working this way the Club will have a chance for great success within the next years.

We have throughout the last years a lot of players come and go. Some of them by the time their time at the squad was over had already completely identified with FCSP and the values that this club stands for, earning a place in brown white history. Others passed, did their time (some of them earned well their money, some didn’t) and at the end just left FCSP back as a good memory, on their way to success. Of course, anybody has the views of his own regarding life but still, a) did the Club affect or changed in any way your views on life or the way you deal with certain situations during all these years at the neighborhood and b) what’s (or should be) the role of the club in “educating”  newcomers?

a) it for sure had a great influence on me!!! I became an antifacist hooltra and did a lot of stupid but great stuff! Thanks for this ;-)))))))))))))))))))))

Serious…the Club and its values had really a great influence on me and some of the players I played together. I don’t know if it changed views on anything, because my parents already educated me in a very liberal way and tought me all humans are equal. I really enjoyed using my popularity to help many social projects to whether raise more money or just help to get more publicity. I realy enjoy giving back a lot, because I have such a great life thru football.

b) nowadays it’s different than it was all the years I played for FC St. Pauli. Almost all the players in the club are normal professionals who are not from Hamburg, so it is up to everybody else how much he wants to identify with the ideology and the fans of FC St. Pauli. It makes no sense to force them to do anything because it is in the end fake.

From all the guys that you played with for FCSP throughout the years, have been any of them who were really standing out from the others in terms of character and served as an example or earned bigger respect than the rest of the crew?

Ohhh that is hard to say…because what made our team so special was, that we stood together as a team and no one was more worth than another. We all did it for the seccuss of the team and the club. If you just look a the history of Boller, it is very special and especially because he works for the police. I just can say that I found some real friends within this years and have incredible memories!!!!!!

The worst opponent that you have ever played against, a guy that has been proven such a bastard that you wouldn’t have any problem saying to him “fuck you” in public? If not, feel free to bypass 🙂

I honestly have to admit, that I don’t like any opponent player on the pitch…but there is no special one 😉

FCSP has 19 Amateur departments where lot of work is going on. Do you stay in touch with what’s happening in the Club except professional football? If yes, do you have any favorite department that  you’re watching closer than the others?

I always try get as much information as possible, but actually have no favourite

Hamburg 2024! Watch out, Olympic games are coming your way! Some speak in favor of the games, arguing that they are the biggest sports event on the planet and will sky rocket development in the area, others say that they’re a fucked up commercial fair that will only worsen the city conditions and further increase gentrification. What do you think?

We should do another Interview just about this topic!!!!!!! Tooooooo complicated! But I am on none of both sides… it might be a great oppertunity for the city, BUT only if all people and specially the poorer people take profit of it!!!

Imagine yourself in 15 years from now, retired from playing. Can the day after be a day without football for you? If yes, do you have anything already in mind? If no, is FCSP included in your plans?

FC St. Pauli will be always stay a part of my life!!!! Right now I really want to play a couple of years and after this a will see…it might be possible to stay in the football business, as a trainer…

Anything we forgot but should ask or you would like to say?

Maaaaany things, heheeeee 😉

Was nice to do the Interview with you guys!

Keep on supporting FC St. Pauli worldwide!!!!

Forza FC St. Pauli!!!!

For the Millerntor Gallery 2013 (image source:, check also the "behind the scenes" video:, lots of fun and flour inside :D )

For the Millerntor Gallery 2013 (image source:, check also the “behind the scenes” video:, lots of fun and flour inside 😀 )

Some “basic” questions were not asked here – the reason behind this is Bene’s interview some 3,5 years ago to our Yorkshire friends which had covered all the basics, you can find it at Weisse Rose #6, April 2012 – highly suggested read 🙂

Thanks a million to Bene for taking the time to deal with all our bullshit with lots of enthusiasm, in a very short time (much shorter than we expected), enlighting us regarding a lot of things and proving once more (in fact he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone) what all of us know for a long time – that he is one of us 🙂 Next interview scheduled for some years from now (unless he gets a transfer to Greece in the meantime – NOT RECOMMENDED!!!), when he becomes a coach, hopefully in one of the FCSP youth departments 🙂

Every luck for the future mate, YNWA, Forza FC SANKT PAULI!!!

…and NO, we didn’t forget this 🙂


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