Matchday 18: Arminia Bielefeld – FC Sankt Pauli 0-0

Posted: December 15, 2015 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Not much

Penultimate stop before the looooong winter break and a clean sheet draw for the Boys in Brown yesterday evening at Bielefeld vs Arminia, after a colorless and ideal for the faint-hearted game, played on a fucked up pitch. For sure not a game to remember, let’s go through the details before dispatching it to oblivion…


For the reduced because of the day Scum and allied population yesterday’s highlight was for sure the brand new hi-tech projector screen we noticed inside as soon as we arrived some one hour before the game to install our white fabric on the wall – I personally almost pissed my pants from joy 😀 Some time to adore our new toy, discussions about FCSP but concentrated more to the next possible trip instead of the game for which nobody was very nervous for some reason, probably related to the fact that FCSP looks safe already from the 1st round and nobody here is obsessed with promotion to the Bundesliga. Finally, squads in the pitch and off we go…inside a packed venue (!) with the majority being incidental visitors, most of them puzzled initially with the fact that  football was playing on the big wall since Soridon is not a football venue and the big screen is turned on only for 2 hrs a week, when FCSP is playing (in case of course that H$V makes it again to the relagation playoffs, we’re planning to make a few exceptions 😉 )

Hell yeah :D

Hell yeah 😀

FCSP more in the mood during the opening stages of the game, dominated slightly ball possession and actually managed to create a couple of situations. First a 7-8m free shot to Hell from Sobota inside the box to the right on 8′ and a 20m Maier shot on 9′ that didn’t caused any problem to Hesl. Arminia handled well the increased FCSP appetite and after 15′ started balancing the game. by 20′ the game had become even (they almost fucked things up on 19′ but Hesl reached the ball faster than Sobota) and on 27′ they almost killed us losing a tremendous double chance, first with Müller from the keeper’s box line and then Hemlein from 7m facing the net – both shots saved thanks to luck and to the excellent reflexes of Robin Himmelmann who averted twice the emerging doom! Game went on with nothing spectacular…until the Bielefeld occasion on 45′ where the hosts asked for a penalty (Alushi handball) but the ref said “play on”, ball temporary cleared but pushed back immediatelly to ex-Paulianer Christopher Nöthe who fortunately lost before Himmelmann a half-goal chance, wasting the ball just by Robin’s left post! Regarding the penalty, is a very marginal decision but after looking again at the replays the course of the ball before and after Alushi falls for the tackle along with Alushi’s body stance I think (of course 😀 ) that it shouln’t be awarded. Half time Arminia 0 – Boys in Brown 0, after a non-game for it’s biggest part which still got us twice in grave danger position, lucky to hit the showers with zero liability…

General Lienen observing the 45' situation in pure terror :-)

General Lienen observing the 45′ situation in pure terror 🙂

2nd half underway with lots of expectations for a game a little more vivid than what we watched during the 1st half. Expectations proved completely in vain as we watched one of the worst halves in terms of spectacle that I can recall throughout the last 5-6 years, we’re talking BIG BOLLOCKS here 😀 The only occasions that could be noted are Klos’ header half a meter by Skyman’s right post (59′), a dangerous cross that Robin proactively repelled to a corner (68′) for Arminia and an 18m shot right in Hesl’s protective grasp by Maier (90+2′) for us. Practically no pace, just lots of hard duels inside the pitch, resulting to almost the entire 2nd half being consumed in chit chat with our man Ernesto in view of his February trip with the St. Pauli Thessaloniki Club lads, proud bollockology about our new screen, local FCSP fan scene gossip and other useful only to help us bear the game topics. Finally, nobody got hurt, full time Arminia 0 – FCSP 0 with both squads leaving the field satisfied with the result.

FCSP Barmy Army present and loud as usual :-)

FCSP Barmy Army present and loud as usual 🙂

It will be quite easy to leave this behind, except Himmelmann’s double save there’s almost nothing worth remembering from yesterday’s match. Maybe it was the condition of the pitch (looked like a Greek Superleague pitch 😀 ), maybe the fact that neither of the opponents wanted to lose this, maybe a combination of factors, the one thing that’s sure is that this wasn’t a game that worth the ticket at the entrance but, don’t forget, we’re FCSP fans, such things are details 🙂 Regarding the Boys in Brown, solid defending and passion where the only things to keep from yesterday’s performance which was still enough to provide us with one away point and keep us inside the top group on the table. Well done to everybody for playing as good as they could inside this farm field, now let’s move…

…to next Friday where we play our last game before the break against the always dangerous Karslruher SC. There are no disaster scenarios here, the worst thing that can happen is…to lose, something that will not be the end of the world as long as it doesn’t happen FCN style 🙂 Of course, the best case scenario is to win this fucker and go for the winter break (relax, indoor tournaments, the melancholy of the weekly FCSP absence, etc, etc) THINKING BIG, C’MON FCSP!!!

Line Up:


Nehrig L. Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Alushi Buchtmann

Maier (Gonther 90+3′, 29 yo today, Happy Birthday Boy!) Sobota (Picault 68′) Kalla (Hornschuh 88′)


Match goals:


Spectators: 19012

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis(5, misses next), Kalla(4)

No highlights (except the 27′ occasion they don’t exist anyway), USP and allied forces in action

Further reading:



U23vsHSVThere was another match yesterday evening, starting 75′ before the men’s game. Our U23 youth stood their ground at the away derby vs H$V, leaving with an 1-1 draw. We actually got ahead with a Denis Rosin goal on 43′ and got in the showers for the half time with the advantage but the enemy had his ways and H$V managed to get even with Daouri on 70′, a score that remained until the end of the game keeping us 1pt in front of them in the table. Well done to Remigious Elert and the boys who are fighting their own struggle, behind the Sky spotlights 🙂


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