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Lemmy 01

Death is an inevitability, isn’t it? You become more aware of that when you get to my age. I don’t worry about it. I’m ready for it. When I go, I want to go doing what I do best. If I died tomorrow, I couldn’t complain. It’s been good

Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister 24/12/1945 – 28/12/2015…


Lemmy 02

It was early March 1982 and me, at the tender age of thirteen, storming happy into the neighborhood vinyl store in order to spend my tiny teenage pocket fortune buying some Black Sabbath/Iron Maiden stuff, excited enough thanks to my recent acquaintance with what until then I was considering as “Rock”. Inside the store was me and the neighborhood macho tough (even though he didn’t proved himself as such in the years to come 😀 ) and big heavy metal guy. At some point he grabbed something that look bleak from a shelf, gave it to the store owner and asked her to play it on the turntable, according to the customs back then 🙂

That was it, Hell came out of the speakers… Loud, proud, angry, insane, insolent, completely “in your face”, nothing like I had heard so far… This was “Iron Fist” from the homonymous LP, just out in the market… Stood petrified for a while, paid the records (still shocked, went with the initial plan) and went home… Next morning, after school and a lot of begging and sucking to my late Grandma, I returned to the record store. “Iron Fist” became my 7th vinyl for 280 drachmas and a bond that lasts until today (and for sure it will last until my turn comes) was created…

An entire life full of Motörhead…From the very first 3 days of Inferno in Athens in March 1988 (using the prize money from a school essay regarding…world savings day 😀 ) and the numerous others that followed* to the last one, 12th December 2010 in Munich, on our way back from the Allianz Arena ( 🙂 ) and from the insane to suicidal teenage days of the 80s to the edge of 50 with Motörhead being the only constant along the entire way. Why? Simply because they managed to stay consistent throughout the way to what Lemmy beautifuly summarized in 2 words back in 1979: “Stay Clean“. These were the two words that initially came to my mind somewhere in the middle of the 90s when, while passing outside a tattoo studio in Crete, decided that my first ever (supposed to be the only one back then 🙂 ) tattoo will be the Snaggletooth as a reminder of my departing adolescence and the few simple values that I must stick to and not forget for the rest of my life… Lemmy (unlike other fuckin’ pricks that became fuckin’ immoral merchants, licking the dicks of the music industry, and stuck around Lemmy for the past years, sucking his ass in order to gain indirectly the “respect” they don’t deserve, by being friends with the man) stayed true to the game all along…

* will never forget July 2004 when, after a two-day-fiasco festival where the promoter disappeared along with the unpaid bands (except The Haunted from Sweden, thumbs up!), Lem and crew got on stage around 23:10 pm in front of the dissapointed and ready to depart crowd with Lemmy on the mic saying “Hello Athens, we are Motörhead, congratulations on winning the Euro 2004” followed by a sonic chaos that prevailed over the Alimos beach for the next couple of hours 🙂

Nough said, words are really poor here and this is already the first cliche, there’s plenty of time for talking in the future and History has already reserved a big place for Lem. Would be nice if Heaven was for real and all the religious bollockologies that he was defying all his life were true… By now, Phil “Animal” Taylor, who arrived first one and a half month ago, would be already setting up his drum set while Quote (former DSP and FCSP representative since July) was getting the Bushmills along with the Jack out of the shelf for the occasion. Unfortunately such things do not exist, so the only things that remain are his legacy (this is not empty words, just look around the things he has said with time) and the memories of one of the oldest lifetime friends we ever had. Not the best of options, but for sure not too little to start with considering the fact that the legend of Motörhead is simply impossible to fade…After all, everything happened the way he wanted – left standing, probably the last of his kind, 4 days after being 70, having already cheated Death in every possible way…

It has been a Motörheadbanging life, goodbye Uncle Lem 😦

Greg, extremely personal but on behalf of the entire Scum crew at the same time…


PS: For anybody too young to know who exactly Lemmy was, viewing of “Lemmy, the movie” is considered mandatory (ignore Metallica and a few other (known) clowns among the many guests featured inside)


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