Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli – Lechia Gdańsk 1-0

Posted: January 18, 2016 by Zouz in 2016
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Finally action!

Yeah, yeah, holidays are fun. Chillout, loved ones, breaking the working routine, etc, etc… Scum says “Bollocks”!!! Holidays are just a period where some of us (FCSP junkies) just try to hold on and work things out during the absence of FCSP and football, using replacements like…the Flensburg indoor tournament 😀 In this respect, torture ended yesterday, with the Boys in Brown stepping again into the pitch for a game vs Lechia Gdańsk and us nailed on the couch, impatiently waiting. What happened? Read on… 🙂


The match

Not much, more or less a typical January-in-Belek test friendly with the addition of an insane wind, fit more to the surface of Mars than to a football field 🙂 More football played in the 1st half, where the Boys in Brown managed to score the only goal of the game with Jeremy Dudziak (close execution after taking the rebound from the keeper, following a Buballa shot on 30′), having actually the wind against them, and most of the notable moments of the game took place. During the 2nd half, pace dropped somehow and most of the chances created were for FCSP (not many of them), mainly thanks to the wind who was converting every Maier long shot to a deadly threat for Lechia 🙂 Overall, in case it’s of any significance, FCSP won the match in details, being slightly better than the opponent but when having a game played under such weaather conditions, all these have a limited value.

Conclusions to extract (if applicable yesterday): the squad tendency towards organized football (good), the encouranging attempt of General Lienen to integrate new faces in the squad (goood), Heerwagen’s very good shape (equally good) and Verhoek’s ability to lose goals that need effort to get lost (bad but we’ve been used to it, this is Big John 🙂 )

Match highlights, courtesy of Lechia Gdańsk

Further reading: at kickoff time... at kickoff time…


It simply never happened…Broadcast announced on Saturday and game was supposed to be offered only to for subscribers. However, nothing on the website was suggesting that there’s a transmission coming up for the entire Sunday and naturally this didn’t change with kickoff…The Club didn’t provide any kind of announcement (or answer to our questions on social media) regarding broadcast status…until 7th minute of the game…Of course, we couldn’t stand waiting as idiots and, by the time announcement came out, we have already managed to find (and distribute to anyone paying attention) an alternative working stream and we were able to catch up with the action from 5′. Finally, the Club (or, to be more precise, the person handling the account) offered a solution in the form of another alternative stream after…56′ of gameplay…

Today, we expected at least an apology announcement on (kind reminder that this is an outsourced paid service) or at least the match highlights available to everybody as a good gesture (because we’re not any ordinary club but we’re FCSP…). We found instead a business-as-usual situation, with the match along with the highlights available only to subscribers while the same material (highlights) is provided free for everybody from the Lechia Website… Details regarding Club’s commercial policy (not the only ones, don’t forget the Fanshop) that make you sometimes think that the Club you support for life is just the closest it can get to what you think it is… (or you would love it to be…)

Next steps

If nothing changes along the way (remember, these are test friendlies, subject to change at anytime), next one is on Friday (17:00 CET), again at Belek, vs FC Vaduz. Stay tuned for…broadcasting details ( 😀 ), coming up towards the end of the working week 😉 Enough moaning for now (c’mon Greg, is the 1st fuckin’ post of the year!), let’s get ready (with or without, c’mon you Boys in Brown!!!


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