Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Vaduz 5-0

Posted: January 23, 2016 by Zouz in 2016
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OK, don’t get excited 😀


Winter reorganization sessions at their peak and 2nd friendly at Belek yesterday against FC Vaduz from Liechtenstein. Not the best possible time for football on 14:00 CET during a working day (after all, these friendlies aren’t taking place for our pleasure 😀 ), however we managed to watch how the kids are doing, thanks to realtively loose schedule and an even looser firewall 🙂


OK, 5-0 sounds like something but things weren’t so exciting as they sound. Final score is more a result of the opponent defensive incompetence than world class football. Opening goal, an excellent Rzatkowski 60m inspiration on 14′ but you need a sleeping keeper to do this. The fact that last year we scored an almost identical one with Julian Koch last year, again at Belek, sounds like some real food for thought 😀 2nd goal, again a gift to Thy (52′) with love from the opponent keeper and the rest result of the complete Vaduz defence disintegraton during the closing 20′ of the game which allowed Big John to score twice within 120″ (!!!) between 74′ and 75′. Cherry on the cake with another Rzatkowski free kick, this time from a normal distance on 83′. A little like a magic picture, we were not so much better than these guys who probably deserved a goal but this is football, they should watch their back a little more 🙂

A positive sum, more new faces tested and squad much more serious than the opponents. An entertaining afternoon overall, we hope to see the Boys in Brown playing equally seriously tomorrow (again 14:00 CET) versus Rapid Wien (BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Guessed right, we don’t like them here at the Scum 😀 ), a squad clearly at least a level higher than Vaduz.

Fair is fair, thumbs up for the Club this time. Perhaps just a good gesture towards the fans or compensation for last Sunday’s fiasco, doesn’t actually mater, fact is that the match, even without having been announced, was broadcasted for free, for everybody to be able to watch. Good one, we hope for a similar approach tomorrow, take a look at our “news” section or at our Twitter account shortly before kickoff for updates 😉

Marc Rzatkowski’s funny but still quite successful 60m idea 😀

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