Friendly: SK Rapid Wien – FC Sankt Pauli 1-1

Posted: January 25, 2016 by Zouz in 2016
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Belek regroupping: check

Last test for the Boys in Brown in Turkish soil yesterday vs SK Rapid Wien in a game unexpectedly good, considering the circumstances (training mode and again the windy weather). Overall impressions from Belek look good but let’s first see in brief what happened yesterday 😉


This actually was a match more suitable for conclusions comparing to the other matches for two reasons: a) the nature of the match, last one in the preparation camp, with the starting 11 looking much closer to league mode than any other game and b) the level of our opponent, strongest one out of the three we played against during this period. It turned out also to be the most interesting and lively one.

During the 1st half, Rapid had overall the control of the match (especially after 15′) but when coming to moments it was more about FCSP with the Boys in Brown losing some good chances to score with most impressive the double chance on 10′, with Sobiech unleashing first a head rocket that shook Strebinger’s crossbar for good and Maurice Litka trying a shot that was finally blocked amid the box chaos that followed Lasse’s header.

11', Sobiech's header has just hit the crossbar- chaos in the box

11′, Sobiech’s header has just hit the crossbar- chaos in the box

2nd half started in an equally balanced way but more tight way…until 59′ and the opening goal of Rapid, pure result of FCSP defensive magic – you’re welcome to scroll the video below to 1:22:28 and experience the moment yourselves 😀 In a bizarre way this turned out to be…good – it woke the Boys in Brown up and for the rest of the game it was most about FCSP, with Sobota equalizing on 71′ and the Boys in Brown losing a few good chances to actually win the game, with best one, Sobota’s unlucky finish in front of Knoflach, wasted on his left vertical post. Final score 1-1 and everybody left the pitch happy.

This looks with a first view like a quite fruitful period for the squad. A lot of youngsters tested by General Lienen, good signs from most of them, a good overall team behavior in the pitch, of course with unique moments of Brown White defensive artistic perfection to break the boredom ( 😀 ) and a good set of results, with only one goal conceided in three games, something of course that can’t be seriously evaluated in training periods but is especially good for (OUR) moral 🙂

Squad flying back to Hamburg as this is written, next, and final before league restarts, test next Sunday (late edit: SATURDAY YOU IDIOT, SATURDAY!) at Millerntor vs Aalborg BK, the refridgerator head treatment period slowly resumes for the South End Scum, C’MON FCSP!!!

Entire match, courtesy of SK Rapid Wien*

* Allow us to observe here that policy of keeping even the match highlights locked to the public while the entire game is offered for free by Rapid is not considered good, it’s actually not even considered good marketing…

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