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Winter break maybe horrible for the obvious reasons, however represents also a chance to break the weekend2weekend routine and take a look at some of the ongoing Club issues. Such an issue is the Fanshop, a subject that we have dealt with in the past here…There have been a lot of developments towards the end of the year, let’s take a look at them in detail…


To noone’s surprise ( 🙂 ), there’s not intensive Scum work here (alright, the web links are ours 😀 ). The entire piece consists of 2 articles from the German press, kindly translated in English and sent to us by FCSP comrades Walter (despite his residence up there, one of the more active guys in the Athens FCSP fan scene 🙂 ) & Carlos from Berlin. Thanks to both for taking the time and putting effort on this, if you’re interested in Club administration details (you should), better start reading –  if you think that is too much for you (it shouldn’t), skip directly to part II 😉

Part I

Translated from Junge Welt’s article “Schlucken statt klagen“, 26/11/15

Take over instead of going to court

After years of going to court, FC St. Pauli reclaim the rights of selling their memorabilia – and tooked over the marketing group.

Last saturday 1. FC Union Berlin celebrated its opening of the new fan – shop (Carlos: 50th birthday of founding 2016) with signing autographs from the players and a big meet and greet with their supporters.. At this time they didn´t know, that sometimes a ownership of pennants, scarfs and jerseys change very quickly. From the 1. of january, FC St. Pauli will be the owner of the red and white merchandising. St. Pauli announce that they will merchandise their supporters – stuff in future themselves and that they have bought the agency “Upsolut”, which earns in the last years 90% of the profit.

St. Pauli paid nearly 1,3 million euros to the “Upsolut” – shareholders, the french multi – industry company “Legardière” and to the textil – firm “Miles” in Norderstedt, which is owned by the chinese trade – giant “Li & Fung“.

St. Pauli’s president Oke Göttlich (Carlos: in englisch “godly”, “sent by god” 😉 ) name it one the FC homepage an “important landmark”. Target of the club has to become all the different business segments in own hands, to act sovereign in future.

That means for Union Berlin, whose merhandsing – rights are in hands of “Upsolut” went into new dependence. The media-spokesman from Union, Christian Arbeit, named the new constellation in “SID – Sportinformationsdienst” – “unique”. In future FC st. Pauli will earn money from the selling of Union memorabilia.

Union Berlin declared at the same day in internet, that they will quit the contract with “Upsolut” directly. The specialist – magazine “Sponsors” notifies that there is an opting – out – clause, end of 2016. But Union declared, with no further statements, that they will take their rights immediatly in their own hands, cause of changings in the holding.

While Union will have some problems with the christmas – merchandising, a long odyssey for St. pauli will have an end.

St. pauli sold their merchandising – rights in 2004 for 30 years to “Upsolut”, in a time when the club was playing in the 3. league Nord and was nearly bankrupt.

FC St. Pauli went at 2009 to the court, naming the contract an “unconscionable contract”. St. pauli lost at the first and second court – instance, but win in 2013 at the higher regional court of Hamburg. “Upsolut” lodge an appeal against this at the federal surpreme court. St. Paulis vice president, Joachim Pawlik, explained this will cost the club another two or three years. But the Hamburger thougt, time is money, and so they decided to buy the opponent.

Also the 80 workers of “Upsolut” like this decision. They will work in future in one of the rare professionel clubs with an employee – organization. When the workers  planed in 2011 to have such a organization in “Upsolut”, “Upsolut” dismissed five workers. “Upsolut” explained it with the relegation into the 2. league, whilst they planed to open a second shop at the Reeperbahn. They workers published this and the precarious employment circumstances. 2013 in a flame (letter).

In this time FC St. Pauli was powerless against the behaviour of “Upsolut”, now the FC explains to give contracts to all the workers. Only the future of the “Upsolut” – manager is unwritten, like “Hamburger Abendblatt” says. (Ruben Gato/ Junge Welt)

Free translation/ not word by word: Carlos

Part two on Friday. Newest developments

Regards to all the friends


Fanshop 2

Part II

Translated from Hamburger Abendblatt’s article “Wechsel vollzogen: St. Pauli verdient jetzt an Fanartikeln“, 21/1/16 (don’t bother to hit the link, locked for the public)

Break done – St. Pauli earns now money with merchandising

The former “Upsolut” – manager Toetzke has gone, co – partner von Geldern is working as an advisor for St. Pauli now.

If you enter the fan – shop of FC St. Pauli at the south terraces of Millerntor or at Reeperbahn in last days, you won´t realise any changes. The articles didn´t change, the design of the shops didn´t, even the stuff is the same.

But since beginning of the year the surpluses of merchandising are going complete to the accounts of the FC.

Its normal at a lot of clubs, but at St. Pauli it is notable, cause after 12 years the merchandising – rights are back in the hands of St. Pauli again. This is possible since the rebuy of “Upsolut – merchandising GMBH and Co KG” from the majority owners “Legardière” (51%) and “Miles” (39%). 11% was owned bei St. Pauli before.

The first rate of 1,26 million euros was been payed at Dec. 2015, the second part will be payed at Aug. 2016.

The deal included the overtaking of the 80 workers of the company. Not included was the overtaking of manager Oliver Hinze. He is gone. The future of the both other managers, Christian Troetzke and Bernd von Geldern, was open. Also this is history now. Toetzke, one of the founders of “Upsolut – Cyclassics/ Triathlon”, is gone now. The executive stuff from former owner “Miles“, von Geldern, is now consultant on fee basis at St. Pauli. The contract is confirmed on three month, to help to organize a trouble – free tansition…

“Upsolutearned 8,5 millions sales…

At least “Upsolut” earns a sales result from 8,5 million euros, means a profit from 500 000 euros. 20% was profit from the merchandising of 1. FC Union Berlin. Berlin has left the contract now.

….(Carlos: now some history, I translated in part one)….

The prices of merchandising haven´t change. A jersey for adults is 69,95 euros, for kids 54,95 euro. For comparision only, at HSV: 79,95 adults and 59,95 for kids. Still in the offering is the “Weltpokalsiegerbesieger” T – shirt for about 19,95 euros and the black captain’s armband with the skull for about 5 euro.

FC St. Pauli has now a partnership with the Audiostreaming – company “Deezer“. The global player “Deezer” will offer the club a digital platform for the exclusive contents of the club.

Translated by Carlos

Best brown – white wishes to all.

A look in the past, when business consultants weren't a part of the fanshop...

A look in the past, when business consultants weren’t a part of the fanshop…

Our position regarding the fanshop and the way business was conducted until recently has already been expressed some 14 months ago but, as you can read for yourselves, a lot has happened since then. So far the changes don’t reflect our expectations (our own expectations don’t worth much on their own but seem to be inline with the majority of the fanbase, at least the way we see it) but seems that we all should get back and wait until next season where all developments will have been completed and we will have a solid picture of the situation. Really looking forward to the expected improvements on these sector, Under Armour is coming next season, we already have enough commercial (and not only) shit to deal with 😀

Thanks again to our Berlin friends for their work, FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!


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