Matchday 21: FC Sankt Pauli – Red Bull 1-0!!!

Posted: February 13, 2016 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Aaaaaarrrghhh!!! (Howls are over, welcome to human integration Homo Sapiens 😀 ) An excellent FC Sankt Pauli prevailed over Red Bull, putting an end to their winning streak (6 in a row, unbeatable since last November and until yesterday undefeated away from home), managing to stay in close distance from FCN and offering to all enemies of corporate football ( 😀 ) an evening to remember…


Doesn’t need to say how impatiently this one was expected. Appetite increased after Fürth, an opponent we REALLY DON’T like and an extremely challenging game due to the strength of RB, in a few words, a recipe for a quite lively evening 🙂 Extremely positive mood before the game (the visit of 8 HH USP friends played a vital part), still nobody carried away talking about kicking their ass etc etc, just excited and ready to see the Boys In Brown giving their best against the theoretical RB suppremacy. Hell’s Bells, squads on pitch with our boys wearing the “special” Antifascist jersey (a few more words on this, towards the end of the post) and off we go!

…and what a Hell of a start!!! 8′ in the game, excellent counter attack play by FCSP, 6 passes from our to the opposite penalty area where Rzatkowski, last recipient of the ball executed with a pivot move Gulacsi and RB, rocketing the entire Millerntor to the sky and the entire Soridon to the ceiling!!! That was it, FCSP already 1-0 ahead and now everything could happen! RB’s reaction was immediate, they intensified the pressure that they were already trying to exercise before the shocking goal, creating a lot of work for the brown white defense and Himmelmann who, after a couple of easier saves, made the first BIG one on 20′ , saving the goal just before the line with a tackle (!) and stealing it from incoming Orban. More pressure from RB and another big one on 22′ – chaos in the box, 1st shot blocked by Sobiech, damage almost done after the 2nd consecutive shot but Forsberg’s heroic attempt to push the ball as it was going slightly by Himmelmann’s right post, fortunately resulted just to a sidenetting. More and more RB pressure and another big chance for them on 29′ with Poulsen all alone (immpresive RB play here) wasting his equalizing chance just over the crossbar. Situation had become slightly frightening, constant pressure and lots of work for our entire defence and our last man, Robin Himmelmann who made his last immpressive save on 38′, saving a Sabitzer close range header, following a corner that Robin had conceided with another save. RB ongoing efforts went on until the very end of the half, thankfully with no fruitful results, half time FCSP 1 – RB 0, with everybody floating in seas of happiness and getting ready for a 2nd half of PURE HORROR 😀


Tooooooooooooooooooooooooor!!!!!! (image by: PIXATHLON/PIXATHLON/SID-IMAGES/Stefan Groenveld)

Surpisingly enough, 2nd half didn’t start in the Living Hell manner we expected it to. RB may got in the pitch as determined to get something out of this match as they were at the end of the 1st half but a much more solid FCSP shut down all paths leading to our end, resulting to a still intensive but much more balanced game, with the 1st really good chance of the game occuring on 60’…for FCSP. FCSP corner from the left and alomost the 2nd one, with RB keeper Gulacsi stretching and saving Nehrig’s header which had already slightly changed course, deflecting to an RB defender – Alushi’s rebound shot ended somewhere in the standing section of Südkurve 🙂 This actually worked kind of like a wake up call for RB who immediately responded on 63′ but Himmelmann was again there and literally grabbed Forsberg’s powerful shot from the penalty spot. Wasn’t Forsberg’s day yesterday, missed another one on the very next minute (64′), wasting a ball that got on the rear post following another RB corner kick.  FCSP survived the short outbreak and managed to keep the match in more or less even terms. Another header, following another corner, from Ziereis time right in the arms of Gulacsi on 70′, a good but from an account angle and without success Poulsen shot on 73′ and off to the final quarter of the game with the Boys in Brown becoming more and more dangerous for the guests – tremendous 16m, facing directly the net, Nehrig shot on 77′ with ball ending up right on Gulacsi’s left junction – ACKKKK!!! No answers for RB which looked like they don’t believe thay can do something during the closing stages of the game while FCSP was becoming more and more aggressive on the counter attack! COLOSSAL chance for a 2nd goal on 88′ but Fafa Picault (in from 84′) who dribbled Gulacsi, instead of finishing directly with the left, lost time trying to bring the ball and finish with the right – ball ended on (completely neutralized) Gulacsi’s (already guarded by a RB defender) right post. Nothing more to give in the game which ended jublilantly after 4′ of injury time, inside a flaming Millerntor 🙂

Guardian Angel once more, Robin Himmelmann :-) (image by: TayDucLam / WITTERS)

Guardian Angel once more, Robin Himmelmann 🙂 (image by: TayDucLam / WITTERS)

No commentary on any kind regarding the match today. Only a Big “Thank You” to Ewald Lienen and all the Boys in Brown for a) a very passionate and well played football game, b) for contributing vitally to our probably best evening in our new venue so far and c) FOR PROVING TO RED BULL, FOR THE 2ND TIME THIS SEASON, THAT MONEY DON’T PLAY FOOTBALL 😀

For anybody interested in promotion, there’s an extra bonus here. These unexpected 3pts are keeping us in close distance (how close depends on Monday’s game vs Bochum) from the squad we’re currently after, FCN. This makes next Friday’s 2nd consecutive home game vs FSV Frankfurt a first class opportunity for getting back in business for good. This game though requires a lot of attention, we will have to take the initiative this time, perhaps we’re talking about a completely different kind of play. Let’s hope that the Brown White gang will do what it takes once more, c’moooooooooooooon FCSP!!!

Line Up:


Hornschuh L. Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Nehrig (Eden 90+1′) Rzatkowski

Sobota (Picault 84′) Alushi (Dudziak 78′) Buchtmann


Match goals:

1-0 Rzatkowski (8′, Left foot shot, Buballa)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann(4)

Entrance and choreo

Rzatkowski’s golden goal 🙂

A few words about the shirt…

Sondertrikot20160212Club’s action to issue a special “Kein Fussball den Faschisten” jersey for the game or watching Ewald Lienen talking against Fascism and extreme commercialisation last week are things that makes you proud about being an FC Sankt Pauli dedicated fan. Organizing a special 70€ sale for the antifascist t-shirt is not… It’s actually an excellent weapon to the arsenal of all idiots who claim that our Club is nothing more than a business that sells an alternative image…Maybe we are the ones in a different universe but, for fuck’s sake, doesn’t anybody else see any contradiction in talking against extreme commercialization and selling the special antifascist t-shirt in such an outrageous price at the same time? If the money from these shirts were to go for some special social purpose (tried hard to find something on it but nothing, neither in the Club nor in the Fanladen announcement) there could be a good base for discussion but, even in such a case, 70 euros are way too much, especially when talking about such an action. Under these circumstances the idea of selling THESE shirts in such a price is in our opinion at least sad – ideas are not priced tagged, financing the means to spread them is one thing, making money out of them is another…

Our opinion (even if nobody’s giving a fuck about it, as long as getting things out of our system helps balance, we will go on doing so 🙂 ) on the brown white commercial sector (still up to this day Club’s Achilles’ heel) has been expressed back in June 2014. Of course a lot of things have changed since then and most of them for good, unfortunately some others haven’t changed a bit…

Further reading:

PS: A loud and brave “Fuck off!!!” to the HH Police for forbidding the Diffidati Con Noi march after the match with all possible means 😉

  1. svenbrux says:

    You should ask before publishing! The shirts are the same price as the usual team-shirts. And: All the money goes to Fanladen. So where´s the problem?

    • Zouz says:

      Hello Sven,

      If you read a little more carefully and follow the link to our June 2014 post towards the end, you will find all the arguments on why we consider even the actual 70 euro price provocative enough.

      Regarding the money, really glad to hear that they are going to the Fanladen. Still, if you read again more carefully, you will find this in the text.

      “…If the money from these shirts were to go for some special social purpose (tried hard to find something on it but nothing, neither in the Club nor in the Fanladen announcement) there could be a good base for discussion…”.

      Both links are still there. If you find anything that says anything more except that there will be an exclusive sale at the Fanladen before the match, then accept my apologies for my poor German 🙂



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