Matchday 22: FC Sankt Pauli – FSV Frankfurt 1-3

Posted: February 20, 2016 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Oooh shit!

image by: Bongarts/Getty images

image by: Bongarts/Getty images

First class slap in the ear from FSV to the Boys in Brown and first class Scottish shower for all the rest of us (following last week’s glorious victory), watching yesterday evening the gutsiest squad that set foot in Millerntor so far this season destroying FCSP in style and leaving everyone in the end wondering what the fuck happened here…nothing really extraordinary ladies and gentlemen, just good football 😉


Of course, none of us had any illusions that this will be like a walk in the park or something. Chatting before the game, we agreed that this would be tough and dangerous, FSV supposed to fortify back, waiting for FCSP who had to take the initiative and get creative here, with all the dangers that this holds on the counter attack for the team that has the dominates the game. Good old South End Scum bollockology 😀 😀 😀

:-) (image by: Bongarts/Getty images)

🙂 (image by: Bongarts/Getty images)

Kickoff and, already on 2′, PANIC in the Brown White penalty box! First the Ballas header on Himmelmann’s right post and then two consecutive failed reverse kick attempts by Yann and Awoniyi, all in between a petrified FCSP defense. After the initial surprise, the Boys in Brown took over control as expected and actually found a way to break through the FSV defense. Goal for FCSP on 10′, Rzatkowski again the scorer, again with a pivot-like move and again wonderful execution. 1-0 for FCSP and someone could think that things would now become easier, the only problem is that there was no time for thinking as FSV repaid the favor after less than 60″(!). Schahin and Yann ruined with a beautiful cooperation the entire FCSP defense before Yann finishes and wins Himmelmann with a fine finishing touch, 1-1 on 11′ and back where we started. The Boys in Brown, really motivated despite the shock, took again directly the stage and they almost reached a 2nd goal on 13′ with Thy but Weis managed to touch the ball just enough to change its course and send it bounce on his right post before it escapes to the safety of the corner. Furious game, FCSP again on the attack and a new FCSP opportunity, with Sobiech’s header from a killing position being simply not the one required 🙂 Finally some sense in the game ( 😀 ) after an insane opening quarter, with FCSP still having the initiative and another good chance on 23′ when Alushi didn’t manage to do what Yann did earlier from a simiilar position and got beaten by Weis, last man standing before the goal – somehere around here the 20′ nightmare is about to begin… 32′ in the game and a Perdedaj 30m bomb shook Himmelmann’s inner right crossbar, ball bounced just in front of the finishing line but Schahin made it first on the rebound and finished the job from 6m in front of helpless Himmelmann… That was it, FCSP, shocked by the upset, reacted spasmodically, moving directly ahead while leaving huge gaps in the back, gaps that FSV tried to take advantage of to the max and if wasn’t Robin Himmelmann in the back doing what everybody else couldn’t do, match would be over before 40′. Tremendous FSV chance on 36′ with Robin first winning Awoniyi on 1-1, clearing while on the ground the ball to safety and, in 2nd phase, repelling another FSV shot, this time from Haji Safi this time, just outside the box! 38′, Ziereis loses balance and falls while last man on defensive line, Awoniyi storms all alone in front of Himmelmann, in a hockey-penalty manner but Robin beats again the FSV youngster and clears another certain goal – AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! And while everyone was experiencing Pure Horror, almost the equalizer for FCSP! Alushi cross from the right, Sobota chest assist to Thy, pivot move and shot right from the penalty spot – shit, Weis fell right and saved the shot – madness… The same run-and-gun game until the end of the half even though there weren’t any more deadly opportunities and finally FCSP 1 – FSV 2, after one of the craziest halves I can recall during the past seasons…

Half time at Millerntor :-)

Half time at Millerntor 🙂

Game on for the 2nd half in a more “normal” pace and…practically game over in 53′ with Sobiech’s unlucky moment (Scum chic term for “own goal”) following an FSV corner… OK really unlucky but Lasse PLEASE, try ALWAYS to keep an eye on the ball 🙂 1-3 for FSV and that was all about it. Herr Lienen tried to reverse the odds by making his substitutions really fast but something was missing from the Boys in Brown, probably in terms of moral, the momentum simply was not there… and like this wasn’t enough, FSV started playing EXACTLY as we predicted…only with 60′ delay and having scored already 3 goals 😀 Seriously, this was looking like too much for the Boys in Brown who kept trying until the very end, pushed by a shouting Millerntor (aaahhh, the crowd was EXCELLENT yesterday, supporting the team full volume while 1-3 behind 🙂 ), but didn’t achieve much. For the record here are the remaining worthy of mention opportunities. A Dudziak attempt from similar position und under similar conditions as Thy on 40′ –  Weis took again care of business – on 68′ for FCSP, a magnificent Himmelmann save, responding to a Yann shot on 85′ and another Thy shot (good one), repelled again by Weis on 93′. FT FCSP 1 – FSV 3, not what we expected you could say, but a clear and well deserved win for FSV


Rzatkowski, probably wondering the same things wo do… (image by: dpa/Daniel Reinhardt)

Hmmm…wish AndyChristos was writing this (far more a “football expert” than me 😀 ) but unfortunately he (along with a few others) was still working while match was taking place. The reason? I’m not really in a position to tell with certainty if we were so bad or these were so good… I THINK that, with our defense not in its best possible day lending them a small hand, the FSV guys were exceptionally good yesterday. I don’t think that we actually were the only ones expecting them sitting in the back, playing for the draw and whatever they can steal. They got to the pitch full throttle instead, surprising everybody, especially the squad, were more dangerous probably even than Red Bull and ended up enjoying a pleasant evening, actually their first ever victorious here. Thumbs up for these guys, they played much better than their place at the table would let anyone suspect, if they keep playing like this they deserve for sure to stick around Liga 2.

And what about us? Simply lift the heads up and move on 🙂 Just like last weekend when everything worked in our favor, this one simply things turned the other way, this is football, squad already safe, everything from this point until the end of the season (Scum will be there) is about the joy of the journey 😉 So, next one please, in our case the long trip to Duisburg for the game vs the local MSV. These guys make look finished but still they managed to grab an away point from Fürth, we got already caught by surprise yesterday, we don’t want to allow this to happen twice in a row. Fortunately for the Club ( 😀 ) a loud and proud Greek bunch of approx. 10 St. Pauli Thessaloniki Club guys (featuring our Scum ambassador, Ernesto 🙂 ), will support the squad both down there as well as on Thursday afterwards vs the Braunschweig bastards. Long trip from Greece to Germany and then to Duisburg, please don’t fuck up you Boys in Brown 😀

Line Up:


Hornschuh L. Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Nehrig (Verhoek 57′) Rzatkowski

Sobota (Choi 69′) Alushi Buchtmann (Dudziak 57′)


Match goals:

1-0 Rzatkowski (10′, Left foot shot, Sobiech)

1-1 Yann (11′, Left foot shot, Schahin)

1-2 Schahin (32′, Left foot shot, Perdedaj)

1-3 Sobiech (53′, Own goal (Back, ffs 🙂 )

Spectators: 29342

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis(6)

Entrance and choreo

Match highlights

Further reading:


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