Matchday 23: MSV Duisburg – FC Sankt Pauli 0-2

Posted: February 29, 2016 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Zebras aren’t fast enough for lions!

Victory leaves a sweat aftertaste no one can resist. We were discussing it Saturday night. We had to return to victories. This team has bonded its name to victory and the latest results weren’t so fitting. This Sunday afternoon was the perfect match to regain confidence. Duisburg would barricade itself on defense and we were the ones called to break their granite wall. Something that proved to be really difficult but in the end our will prevailed.


First half started and it was the dullest 45’ ever. Word. Period. Duisburg’s eleven were all behind trying to keep it even. On 9’ Dudziak with a free shot tries to open up MSV defense with no luck. Same luck has Thy’s attempt on 17’ when he opens up a nice high ball but finds no one to claim it. On 24’ Janjic fires a free shot from something like 30 meters but Himmelmann has no problem blocking it. 26’ the answer from Sankt Pauli with a header from Keller (1st official appearance, good luck lad!) a little above MSV top post. Time passed by and the action stayed in basics. Sankt Pauli had control over the ball and Duisburg barricaded defensively blocking almost every attack we tried. First time MSV actually threatened comes on 40’ when Feltscher opens a nice high ball to Albutat but he get’s sloppy. On 41’ Choi tries something from distance but nothing changes. Powerful shot but a little too far from MSV right post. Nothing more to this first half other than SP attacking and MSV defending their post successfully at the moment but providing no show.

Second half starts with early action from Sankt Pauli. Alushi fires of a fierce shot from distance and we really got up from our chairs as this looked like the first one. But nope. Ratajczak blocks it. On 51’ Dudziak passes light and MSV has a shot but luckily for us their reflexes are weak and can’t get fruit out of it. On 59’ they try something with Tomané. A nice shot that could be more dangerous if it was stronger but this one is just so predictable for Himmelmann to miss. With this and that the time flies and here we come to 64’ when Buchtmann passes to Dudziak and he cleverly slides the ball to Rzatkowski. He finds a slight opening in MSV defense and fires of a shot, Ratajczak was unable to block. 0-1 for the boys in brown and the tables turned. MSV having nothing to lose go offensive but no quality in that. They just managed to open up their lines leaving more space for SP to go through. MSV goes through some effort that always ended up blocked by Sankt Pauli. The worst possible game closure for Duisburg came from the feet of John Verhoek on 90’+4’  when he claimed the ball from Wolze and sealed Duisburg’s tomb just before the referee whistled for the last time.

When pointing to the sky means more than the usual Christian gestures...

When pointing to the sky means more than the usual Christian gestures…

A really emotional John Verhoek in this game in a really tough period for him as his pregnant wife miscarried on her 7th month of labor. Our hearts are with BIG John and his family… On with the game now. Not much to say here. Sankt Pauli sealed off a really decisive win  in a critical moment to this second round. Not much action to it but this is the result of 11 players guarding their box and SP simply trying to break this. In the end of the day, Lienen’s eleven came through victorious. Next game is on Thursday with Eintracht Braunschweig in Millerntor. Sic ’em boys.

Line Up:


Dudziak Hornschuh Keller Buballa

 Alushi Rzatkowski 

Choi (Sobota 72′)                         Buchtmann

Verhoek Thy

Match goals:

0:1 Rzatkowski (64′ , Left foot shot, Dudziak)

 0:2 Verhoek (90+4′ , Right foot shot)

Spectators: 20790

Sankt Pauli cards: Rzatkowski(3), Dudziak(2), Verhoek(2), Buchtmann(5, misses next match), Keller(1)

Match goals


Guest block during Big John’s 2nd

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