Matchday 24: FC Sankt Pauli – Eintracht Braunschweig 1-0!

Posted: March 4, 2016 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Hell yeah! The Brown White gang, even with a little help from Gikiewicz and a slight push of luck, punished our repulsive opponents for being the shame-of-a-club they are ( 😀 ) and remains alive on the promotion chase, hunting FCN and waiting for our chance to regain the promotion play off spot in the table. And, to tie up some loose ends, the 40pt safety barrier has been broken 🙂


It’s not a secret that BTSV is a club that we have absolutely no love for. Disgraceful fanbase, an almost absolutely aligned with their fan base management, you don’t need more than that. From this point of view, yesterday’s match was extremely significant, not so much because of the points we needed but mostly due to “sentimental” reasons. This creepy bunch should be “punished” and we shouldn’t allow them in any way to leave the Millerntor victorious…

Off we go and from the very beginning of the game became pretty clear that both squads would prefer to play it safe and careful in order to avoid the fatal mistake that could result to defeat. FCSP had the first half-chance in the game, with a Sobota 18m shot ending up 2-3m from Gikiewicz’s left post (9′) and BTSV responded with a Kumbela volley shot from within the box that could mean real trouble but fortunately ended somewhere in the upper Nordkurve (14′). No serious action until 23′ and a mess in our box after a distant left flank BTSV free kick but Himmelmann managed in the end to clear the situation. Our turn with two consecutive good chances on 26′ and 27′. First a Dudziak 18m free kick, ending up in Gikiewicz’s grasp who was very well positioned and (AAARGH!) a fast counter attack immediately afterwards, ending with an excellent Verhoek chest assist to Thy who directlly fired the shot but ball ended up less than a meter from Gikiewicz’s right post. Another half opportunity for FCSP on 32′ with a Rzatkowski direct shot just outside the box ending about half a meter over the crossbar and this is more or less the story of the 1st half with both squads basically waiting eachother to blew it up and the 0-0 reflecting at a good level what happened.

Big John chest-serving the ball to Thy (27')

Big John chest-serving the ball to Thy (27′)

2nd half underway and one of the same inside the pitch, actually even less. No real chances for the biggest part of the half, just situations that could turn to chances but didn’t happen and, with the clock approaching the final quarter of the game, was looking more like it was going to end with a clean sheet draw and nobody “ashamed” 🙂  Of course we are extremely good in making bollocks predictions and tradition prevailed once more 😀 Big chance on 77′ ,with Dudziak storming in the box from the left but his finish ending up just by Gikiewicz’s right post, almost the shock immediately afterwards (78′) with Himmelmann miscalculating the ball course after a 30m Kumbela shot but finally repelling the ball with his legs and MADNESSSSSSSS on 82′!!! Counter attack by FCSP ball to Big John, 25m shot and what almost happened to Robin Himmelmann actually happened to Gikiewicz! A funny ball bounce in front of him, Gikiewicz on the one side, ball to the other and GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!! No way for BTSV to overcome the shock, no real danger until the end of the match, only the classic last minute occasional crowing in our box but without any serious effect. Full time FCSP 1 – BTSV 0 and a dreamy ending for an anything but dreamy (in terms of football) match 🙂

You know which moment is this, right?

You know which moment is this, right?

Hahaaaaaa, this was really something, the 75′ of football suffering were paid back and with a huge interest rate 🙂 BTSV lying on the canvas, still dizzy, while the Boys in Brown were celebrating, having achieved another victory over a hated (at least for the fans) opponent, what more could someone ask from a Thursday evening? 3 precious pts for the squad, a fine BTSV ass whipping for the fans, yessss, someone could say that weekend is kicking off in the best possible way, we’re impatiently waiting our man Ernesto who followed the squad for the last 2 games along with the St. Pauli Thessaloniki Club crew, to share with us the details! Thanks Ewald, thanks Big John, thank you all you Boys in Brown, now let’s get down to business 🙂

…or FC Heidenheim if you prefer. From now on and until the end of the season everything is nice to have but, if we want indeed something “nice to have”, the road passes from there. Let’s hope that the squad will overcome this obstacle as well and Big John (who unfortunately starts kicking ass on his last FCSP 2nd round) will achieve against his future club the “unthinkable”, scoring 3 games in a row and giving them the best proof of what their money have bought 🙂 Let’s siege the Hillbilly land, let’s all go fuckin mental, C’mon you boys in brown, C’mon you boys in brown, C’mon you boys, C’mon you boys in broooooooooowwwwwwnnnnn!!!

Line Up:


Hornschuh Ziereis Keller Buballa

Alushi Rzatkowski

                             Sobota                                   Dudziak (Deichmann 90+1′)

Thy (Choi 59′) Verhoek (Sobiech 85′)

Match goals:

1-0 Verhoek (82′, Right foot shot, Buballa)

Spectators: 29271

Sankt Pauli cards: Choi(2), Sobota (5, misses next)

Entrance and choreo

Big John’s goal

Further reading:



Just noticed, while checking the USP gallery, that Kleine Pause just celebrated its 30th anniversary!!! Warmest wishes from their most Hardcore Greek customers (us!) for another 30 years of success and Veggie Burger Hell!

Happy birthday Kleine Pause!!!


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