Matchday 26: FC Sankt Pauli – SC Paderborn 3-4

Posted: March 12, 2016 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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‘’We are Sankt Pauli damn it’’…’’Nothing can bring us down’’. These phrases kept on going mostly during the match. And this means one thing. Sankt Pauli sucked. Sucked big time. From the time we saw today’s line up, we felt that this wouldn’t go well. It felt so weird to see Choi up front and the team back in this 4 players in one line on defense. Assumptions about what Lienen wanted to achieve and blabbering about this and that (proved to be a last minute solution as Verhoek was injured and Thy was ill) but,…not even the most creative mind could foretell the measure of today’s disaster


First half starts and it gets pretty obvious that something doesn’t work. The center is gone and the team works separately on offence and defense, lacking ball possession. Early on 4’ Paderborn is marching inside our box. Stöger shoots a vicious one, SP defence is unable to repel but luckily the rebound from Bakalorz ends up on Himmelmann’s hands. A little later on 7’, Helenius succeeds in what they failed to do on 4’. He leaves Ziereis behind and with his left, he fires a clever shot that ends up to our nets. 0-1 for Paderborn and our downhill had only just started. Again on 10’ and after a foul of Ziereis on very central position SCP manages to threaten again with a free shot luckily with no luck. A minute after came the first good chance of SP. 11’ and Rzatkowksi opens a nice pass to Dudziak who fails to grab it as he wanted just five meters before Fernandes. On  14’ Choi wants to open the ball to Dudziak but Sobota gets in the middle. While we’re still exploring our bodies, Helenius finds the chance on 16’ to fire a nice one from 20 meters but this time Himmelmann is in place. On 19’ Dudziak is ten meters away from SCP box and shoots. Fernandes is in place. On 22’ Alushi makes us jump from our chairs as he starts a wild march alone  and ends up firing a nice shot that originaly through our anxious eyes looked as if it was in. a little later though we realized that it only licked the outer net. Too bad. Of course couple of minutes later, on 24’ Hartherz finds his was through our defense line and fires a nice one that ends inside our nets. 0-2 and things didn’t look well at all. Mostly because the rest of these first 45’ SP was battling against a clearly inferior team but were unable to form any decent attack against them. Paderborn was taking advantage of our incompetence any chance they got. Koc on 35’ changes ball with Stöger. His shot though ends up on Sobiech’s feet. Corner kick from Stöger on 35’ and a header from Wahl ends up on Himmelmann’s arms.  Next ten minutes proved nothing of importance. Just a desperate will to listen to the reff’s whistle sounding the end of this first shitty half. And the reff was soooo into our heads. No extra time .

Second half underway and all our hopes went on a quick SP recovery. Looked like SP found a pair. Dudziak on 48’ tries to open a header for Rzatkowski but his shot goes way off target. On 50’ Alushi and Choi try to flank each one separately but both attempts have no luck. On 51’ it looked like our luck started to turn. Sebastian grabs Sobiech against regulation inside the box and the reff shows the eleven meters dot. Sobiech executes nicely and…. 1-2. Our smiles though got wiped out pretty quick after Sobiechs’s penalty. On 59’ after several fuck up points on our defence, Helenius finds his chance and shoots. Then what happened cannot be described by words. No words can possibly describe what our eyes witnessed on 59’. Helenius’s ball passed through Himmelmann but he seemed relaxed as the ball was slow and about 15 meters away from the nets while Ziereis was on it. Ziereis was on it. That’s what I said right? Well guess again. We saw Ziereis failing to act while the ball was heading towards our nets and when he decided it was time to cut the crap and drive it away, he tripped and fell, leaving the ball continue its journey to the nets and all the other players/coaches/reffs/attendees/visitors from Mars etc etc, that happened to be watching, wandering WHAT THE FUCK WAS HE DOING. Anyway I can carry on talking about it for days but it simply has no point now. On 72’ again Helenius tries for the 4th but Himmelmann blocks it. And then on 74’ it was Maier’s turn to try his luck but his shot was blocked too. No hope as all our efforts ended up high above the nets or into Fernandes’s hands causing no threat at all. The heave 1-3 became 1-4 on 81’ when Bertels decided it was time he shot. He just passed in front of our defense shot and scored. And then…SP awoke. Better late than never huh? That’s what they say. Well in our case it was too damn late. On 84’ Sobota has to try three times to score (header-rebound shot-rebound goal). Finally his persistence gets awarded. 2-4 and SP kept pushing. On 90+3’ Picault scores a header after a nice high pass from Rzatkowski. And then the final whistle blew.

We only needed one more minute. Fuck just one more minute and I am sure the final result would be 4-4 now. The thing is ….we didn’t have it. Not that we deserved it of course. No way. Today WE SUCKED. Of course the idiot’s crown belongs to Mr Ziereis. He did something today that will earn him a high place on retardness videos on social media. Little Philipp, our defensive, saw a ball heading towards our nets. He kept looking at it, and looking at it, and looking at it, till he finally decided that maaaybe he should do something to prevent it from ending up inside our nets. When he actually decided to act……he tripped. Well done Philipp. You wear the brown-white uniform and we have to back you up here but Jesus man. You are not helping at all brother. Start using your upper head buddy. We still love you though. Horns up for Philipp Ziereis. I still can’t get the moment out of my head but in the end…it’s just a bad moment right?  No more words on this one. A game I am sure our players don’t want to remember and definitely we don’t want either. Next Saturday we play Sandhausen out. Let us leave the bad face behind and focus on how to crush those bastards. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Hornschuh  Sobiech Ziereis Buballa


 Sobota  Buchtmann  Dudziak (Picault 79′)

Choi ( Maier 65′)

Match goals:

0:1 Helenius (7′, Left Foot Shot, Narey)

0:2 Hartherz (24′, Left Foot Shot, Stöger)

1:2 L. Sobiech (51′, Penalty Kick, Right Foot shot, L. Sobiech)

1:3 Helenius (59′, Left Foot Shot, Stoppelkamp)

1:4 Bertels (81′, Left Foot Shot, Hartherz)

2:4 Sobota (84′, Right Foot shot, Picault)

3:4 Picault (90+3′, Header, Rzatkowski)

Spectators: 28815

Sankt Pauli cards: None

Match highlights

Further reading:


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